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Day 203: After Death Communication – Part 51

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A History with Life After Death - Part 35



The Demon and the Caveman

The Caveman is the current Human, trapped in the Mind, where there is Darkness - and the Thoughts that come up is little ‘Lights’ that ‘brighten up’ Man’s life. With the Shadows that the Light cast, being the things Man Fear. It’s like the Shadows being the ‘Negative’ and the Thoughts being the ‘Positive’, this is the extreme to which the Human has taken Thought.
Thought, in itself, then being the Creator of the Personality so that there is no Real Person, but only Personality, in most cases, many Personalities, that are aligned according to the different ‘Lights’ that come up, the different Thoughts, which are one’s Relationships with your world and the people in your world – a Personality for each Relationship.

Now – the Demon, in a way, are the Ones that become trapped in the Shadows of the Thoughts. And they start to Perceive the Thoughts to be ‘Evil’, and thus – is looking for ways to Expose these Thoughts for what they are, and therefore they would seem to be extremely Negative.
In terms of the Demon, specifically, as it existed – the Demon would Die in the ‘Experience’ of this ‘Shadow’. Realising, strange enough, that: the very Shadow they Feared - is not to be Feared. And they then step into it, all in a Quantum Moment, and Become It - So Completely, that what we Found, is that: the Demon would Repeat the same Thought, as a little bit of a play, like in a series on Television, a very Real Play-Out, where they are Part of it - where they repeat the same thing, over and over. As an example: we Found Piet Retief, whom is a War Hero from the History of the Afrikaner, a long time ago – we found him repeating the same battles, over and over, between the Boers and the Zulus at the time, where they keep on shooting each-other. Although, in the Demon Dimension: nobody Dies, so – they would just End-up doing the same thing over and over, and not Realise, even, that: the Very images, beings – because, in a way, it was Strange, if one look at it - you’re not actually in the Demon Dimension chasing your own Images, you are chasing other Beings that are Part of your Delusion, and they would keep on shooting each other, over and over and over again, Completely in a Separate Dimension.

So, what was Extremely Fascinating - in an Experience that one can barely describe, was: when Piet Retief came through the Portal the First Time – it was Quite an Experience. Because, being Trapped for some amount of time, hundreds of years, in a Demon Dimension - without seeing the progress that took place on Earth, coming from the Age of the Front Loader Gun and the Horse, with no Technology: Suddenly ‘Waking Up’, so to speak, through the Portal, in the Reality that Now exist, and to Observe this Absolute Surprise, the Absolute Innocence of suddenly being faced by things you’ve Never seen before – was quite an Amazing Experience. Because – suddenly, there was this Being, he has just been supported by some of the people/beings we have already Helped and here, the next moment, he’s looking at a New Reality. There was a Cell-Phone in front of him, and he looked at it and said: “What’s this?” - he’s Never seen it before. So it’s not only looking at the Words he was using, but HOW he Responded to it. Outside there were Cars standing, and he says: “What’s that? Where’s the Horses? How can that Move without Horses?” Not realising, obviously, from Horses we’ve moved to ‘horse-power’.

The same Experience was with Beings in the Portal taking a sip of Sparkling Juice. To them, it was a ‘frightening’ experience in a way, because suddenly they had ‘bubbles on the Tongue’. And as they take the sip, to watch how quickly they take the glass/the tin away from the mouth and sit back, Astonished to what they suddenly experience in their Mouth, is quite fascinating - because it Shows how much we take for Granted.

We had multiple experiences with Beings that has been Lost in other Dimensions, because that’s what happens - is when you leave Earth at Death: you become who you are. If it is Trapped in a particular ‘Negative Shadow’, you become a Demon. If you are Trapped in a particular ‘Positive Light’, you become Trapped in Heaven and you have No Clue, what is Actually going on Here on Earth: Nothing whatsoever.

All the Messages that gets Channelled from Heaven would Deliberately, Specifically, be Planned according to a Long-Term Programme - from the beginning of Time, to keep the Human within a Very Specific Mind-Set, that Produce a very Specific Range of Frequencies and Energy, which were Very Specifically Harvested to Create the Multi-Dimensions of Heaven – which was called the ‘many Mansions’. And, that is where those would go that were Proven ‘Loyal’, that stuck to the Program, that did not allow themselves to be side-tracked by ‘What’s Best for All’, but rather Stuck to the Self-Interest of their Program. Those, were Rewarded, you know – just like the Reward Systems operate in our Economic System, in our Education System, in our Family System, the same thing repeating itself: As Above = So Below. They were Rewarded, with a special little place in Heaven - as the Energy became available, it was Created for them, and in a Quantum Time Reality like Heaven: it is Instantaneous.

But, there was a Particular Difficulty: things could not move faster than the Amount of Energy that was available and therefore, Constantly, life on earth, the Program, as the Organic Robot – were Tweaked and Fine-Tuned to Produce particular Energies, to be able to House the many that would Benefit from this Energy that is being Harvested on Earth, so that they could have a place to go.

Placing, obviously, something that nobody Realised in Heaven: Heaven, at the TOTAL MERCY of the Physical World. If the Physical World would END, for instance = Heaven would End. The Beings would still exist, but everything they’ve Created would be Gone in a Moment because: it was Produced and Maintained from the Energy that was Mined through the Mind, through the Human, the Organic Robot here on Earth. And, in this - was the Fall of Heaven.
Heaven in itself was not an Independent Existence. It is the same with the Mind: your Mind is not an Independent Existence - it is Not ‘Who you Are’. You are Not the Thoughts in your Mind. You do Not Create Reality with your Thought. You don’t come into this World Thinking – it is something that Develop with Time. The Thoughts that eventually emerge within you, within the Cave of your Mind, from within the Darkness of the Body: are but Memories, that are Tuned to a very particular Design. These Designs are within the Genetics. It’s been transferred and fine-tuned throughout Generations. Very little of this is Understood.

To place yourself as ‘Consciousness’, as apparently ‘some being of Light’ – without Understanding What this ‘Light’, really is – because: All you do, is – you See this Light, and you are in this Cave, and so this Light ‘looks beautiful’ and you even end-up believing that ‘it makes you ‘Feel’ something’. But this ‘Light’, that you then take and send to others: is Not ‘Your’ Light – you are Not ‘The Light’. ‘Cause you don’t understand even where your Thought come from – it is rather Delusional to believe yourself to be ‘The Light’, when you have not even Understood the Most Basic Design of That which Creates a Single Thought.

Self-Honesty would be Recommended. Even ‘Honesty’ may Help in this. But Self Honesty is the Realisation, that: You cannot be More than what you Really are. And, if you do not Really Understand the Actual Creation of Basic Thought, of How the Mind Actually Functions – and you are just Trapped as the End-Result of the System of the Mind: NOTHING you in ANY WAY conceive can EVER be Trusted. You should Get this, because this is Important if you are EVER to be Born as Life from the Physical.

Commonsense, isn’t it?
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