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Day 196: After Death Communication – Part 45

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A History with Life After Death - Part 29

So, let’s get down to some Basics: Just like a Computer has various ports and connections through which Information can be recorded/placed on the computer or taken from the computer – so the Human Organic Robot have ports/Senses, that Function in Exactly the same way.

The Human Senses are Unique to each Human, and is the result of the unique frequencies/vibrations, within which the Human exist. This means, that you for instance produce your thoughts on a specific frequency, within a specific frequency of DNA in your body –and therefore, only you can see your Thoughts, because they are unique to your Frequency. And anyone else can only ever try and read your Thoughts through interpreting your behaviour. Thus, the Human Only Function within the range of Information that suit the specific frequency within which they exist. Those that dedicate themselves to Increase their Vibrations, are so to speak ‘Expanding their Frequency’ and then populate this frequency-band, like a Radio Station, with more knowledge and information and pictures and voices and stories, which eventually, in some cases, would Animate/become ‘alive’ so to speak, and would Speak Messages according to the frequency that the Human aligns to. For those that have ‘Negative destructive messages’ – society would throw them into Psychiatric Institutions as they are going insane, and the messages are scary to the general population. Those that have created a Nice Positive message story-line through their Increased Frequency Band, they would be revered as Masters and Gurus and Teachers, because they will keep on repeating the same Message that everybody Wants to Hear – the ‘feel-good message’, ‘the way you want your life to be’.

But, behind all of this: there is also a Biological Function. This Biological Function is trained in by the Parent, without the Parent having a clue that that is what they’re doing. And this Biological Function will be aligned to specific Organs, Glands, and Systems of the Body which will Release Chemicals, like morphine for instance, under certain key conditions, key words, key works – that means, things one do; it is thus very specific feel-good triggers, that correspond with an Injection by the Physical Body, or an release by the Physical Body of an Chemical that will Produce a feel-good experience, which will coincide with the feel-good that the Mind will receive and interpret – and then the Human will have their regular dose of Drugs.

This Drug-Addiction is so extensive that it Dominate Human Consciousness in Every Way. Therefore, All Alignments of All Knowledge, of All Spirituality, of All Consciousness, of All Religion, of All Education, of All Relationships, of All Labour – are Purely cover-ups that keep the Human within their frequency control of Senses, while the System in the background Produce the Environment for the Next Chemical Fix that’ll keep the Body and the Mind stable, so that the Spirit of the Drug can have an effect to such an extent, that the Human can say: “I am One as Mind, Body and Spirit”. But all that is really happening, is actually that the Biological part in this relationship is releasing on Key, a Chemical, into the Body that produce a result that will be specific in frequency, and that will produce specific Thoughts, specific Feelings, specific Visions, specific Insights, specific Beliefs, and that will keep the human Happy. And as the Drug wear off: so will the Experience and the Feelings and the Thoughts change, and become a little more ‘Negative’, to prepare for the next jump to the Positive, another Chemical Injection by the Body on Key, as it’s been Prepared.

And thus, the whole Function of Psychology and Psychiatry is at this stage to Identify, when this Biological Drug Induction is out of ‘harmony’ and ‘regularity’, to replace it with another drug, or to identify the triggers clearly, so that the being can align to the Keys to trigger the Body again to feel-good again, and so the Cycle continues.

This is the Primary Existence of a Human, in an Environment of Complete Control via Frequency through the Senses and the Mind, while being drugged constantly by the Organic Machine as the Body to keep Repeating the same thoughts, the same experience, the same life works, the same labour, day in and day out – the same entertainment, without getting tired of it, because you are HIGH on emotion or feeling or excitement. And this is Done throughout Life, by everyone on Earth.

If one but Dare and Study the simplicity of this Nauseating experience through which Life is abused in every way Possible, and where the Human, by simplistically training the Body to be Drugged-up all the Time – this is obviously also now enhanced in drugs in foods, that means chemicals that is placed as by-products in food: to Keep the Human Slave focused on its Primary Task here on Earth – which is to Spend as much time as Possible, on Sex. Either doing Sex, or Masturbating, or thinking about Sex, or the Spiritual version of Sex, which is Meditation. This all functions through the Mining Equipment that’s installed in the body flesh, called the Mind, to be able to Extract the Energy that is required by the Hierarchy in Heaven, so that they could continue with their Existence without having to Produce or work for what they Need. As they have All the Souls as Slaves, one could ever Dream to have, in a constant state of Dreaming while on Drugs, while working in a System that seems so Real, that it takes complete Commitment, while it is busy Producing the Nectar through the Plants as the Flesh Body, that can be Extracted when the Flower of Sex Opens. And so, Heaven can get their Dose of Chemicals/Energy to Live the High Life, living “as above, so below” – as Only That which is Always High. And so the Highest Good, which is what is best for All, is Lost Forever, because all each one ever participate in, is the Self Interest of their own Drug-Induction, inducing states of High Energies, states of Orgasm, states of Happiness.

This Insane Crazy Cycle, invisible due to its Frequency, because the Watcher/Observer are, as Human, under Frequency Control; shows clearly: that any Word, any Knowledge, of the Tree of knowledge as the Fruit of the Tree, produced by the Plant as the Human Body, is but the Result of the Resident Evil that is Called “Consciousness”, that justifies in Every Way, its own version of Empathy, of Compassion, of Love, of Light, while Never looking behind the Veil of the Physical to see: what is Really being produced by the Body, for what Purpose? And if you dare study the Desteni Message: every part of your being will resist it, because the Desteni message and support will help you to get free from this Drug Existence, this Drugged-up, Addictive, Energetic Mess. But, like any Addict, you will even resist the Desteni Message with violence if you can.

Join us at Desteni LITE, to start the journey, one that will take years, to wean you off the Drug induced cycles you call your life, so that you can become Free from the frequency control of your senses, to see what have you really created on Earth. Because, See: Reality is the Physical, and if you want to See the Reality of what you have done, make a list of all the Species on Earth that you have already caused to go extinct in your Obsession with getting your next Dose of High Vibration/Physical Chemical Induction.

It’s Time to Wake Up. It’s Time to take Responsibility. It’s Time to Study the Truth. It’s Time to Stop believing yourself as the Mind, because in All of your Life, you have only ever lied and never even once, Ever, spoken a Single Word of Truth. Because everything you’ve ever done, from Birth to Now: is to only repeat what your parents did, and that is to Function from One Chemical release to the next, to remain HIGH on Drugs in every way possible, while feeding and consuming the physical, simply for one purpose: To Feed your Addiction, to Feed your Self Interest, to seek the next feel-good, the next Drug that can give you a bigger kick, a higher frequency, a higher high, the highest of the highest. So, “let’s ASCEND, take me HIGHER”, scream it inside you – completely addicted.

Study the Morphine the Body Produce. Also study the effects of Sugar and related chemicals on the Body, and Psychiatric medicine, and the influence of Sex and Money – All in a Design to work-together, to produce the environment within which you can Hide the most basic fact from each other: you are Addicted to chemicals, you produce yourself, in your own Body. And all you do, All the Time: is Lie to each other to Pretend that ‘somewhere’ inside you, there is some ‘goodness’. But, the Evidence in this World is clear: the Human is Only, Ever, EVIL – destructive, abusive.

It’ll do you Well to Study self-forgiveness and self-honesty, because it is possible to release yourself from this Addiction, and to live a life of Integrity where you understand the inner-technology of your biology and your life force. 

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