Friday 14 September 2012

DAY 153: After Death Communication – Part 3

This is a Continuation of DAY 151 and DAY 152

Eighthly: Opinions. Opinions are the Most Common Denominator around which Groups are Formed that would try and Influence People about the Opinion, without Understanding the Nature of Opinion and exactly HOW Opinions are Formed in the Mind Process. Opinions are the Result of Memories that Form the Building Blocks of the Character Personality Development in that, the Presenter of the Opinion will Lace the Opinion with their Faith and Belief to Achieve a particular Result in How they’re viewed in their Relationships by those in their Environment. Opinions are Deliberately Used as it is an Accepted Way that Society Developed to make Gossip seem more Real, and Opinions are Justified through the Premise that it Represents ‘Free Choice’. This matter of Opinion is driven to the Point where each Character will State Firmly that, they have ‘the Right to their Own Opinion’. This has Grown to such a ‘Status’ in Society, that is Supersedes Commonsense Reason and Practical Physical Evidence, and is One of the Foundation Reasons Why Society is completely Dysfunctional.
So, unless one can, In Fact, Enter the Hereafter at Will, without having to Induce any form of Mental State - one cannot Claim to have ANY Actual View of How the Hereafter Functions. Unfortunately, this particular point of Commonsense, have been superseded by Opinions and the Desire to Suppress the Fear of Death by Some of the Many Forms of Ignorant Positive Reflections, behind which the Average Human Hides the Fact that they participate in the World As Society in Ways that Create Gross Inequality – for which each one Do Realise there Will and must be an Accounting.
Furthermore, the Total Understanding of Consciousness is Developed around Opinion with None of the Creators of Consciousness Understanding the Exact Nature with which Consciousness is Created, meaning – the Exact Methods Followed that Result in Consciousness. Which Give, under the auspices of Consciousness, the Formation of Memory as Opinion importance, while it is In Fact just a Subjective Illusion, justifying the Fear of Self-Interest. Herein, understand – that the Fear of Self-Interest, is the Fear of Losing that which the Character, in their Opinion, based their Value on. Now – understand: that when a Child is Born – there is No Thought, or Memory, yet: and thus No Opinion. This is Formed by All the Influences in the Child’s Formative Years, as Represented by Our Current Accepted Society.
Due to the fact that Death is Certain, for each one – the Fear of Death is a Constant Companion in Every Life. So - the Human in its Race from this Fear, will Create All Kinds of Unsubstantiated Opinions, purely to Have an ‘Experience’, which is also an Opinion, that makes them ‘Feel’, which is also an Opinion, as if they’re Having a Life Worthwhile, Worthy of Remembering, and thus Creating MORE Opinions.
What Those that Pry on the Unstable Consciousness of Humans do, is to Follow the Pattern that is Most Likely Acceptable within the Opinion of the Human, which will Normally be some ‘Positive Opinion’, and to Present that Contextually as a Message from the ‘Beyond’. All they Need is for the Recipient of the Message to Accept the ‘Positive Message’ and Contact – and their Opinion is Established. This is rather Bizarre, because: Real Contact will be a Constant-Communication that will Contribute to the Science of Understanding what Actually Exist in Detailed Specificity in that which Comes After Death, as this is the Most Important Thing, in Any Humans’ Life, as it is Inevitable and Certain. No Attempt has been Made to Investigate the Nature of the Current After Death Communication (ADC), and whenever Communication Appear that do not Fit the ‘Positive Rhetoric’ it is Disregarded, Automatically. Certainly to Expect, that from a World of Horrors, to have something ‘Better’ After Death, is by its Very Nature Impossible, because: Who you Are, as your Nature, do not Abruptly Change at Death, and Every Human is In Fact One with and as the Physical World, as Society, as Consciousness, and Play – through being here on earth – a Role in the Existence of the World as it now Exist. Even in the Most Spiritual Concepts, like “as above, so below”, there is the Implied Reality – “as below, so above”.
Therefore, it is Suggested, that before one Jump to Conclusions – one must First Establish whether the Communication with the After Death Realm, is in fact as Easy as, and as Consistent as, Communication you will have with somebody around a Cup of Tea, instantaneously Complete and Governed by the rules of the Physical-Universe. Because, in that Way – you are Sure to Find out what to Expect After Death, and will be Able to prepare yourself Appropriately for the Certainty of your Death. It is Suggested, to not take this On, Unprepared – as there is a Consequence.

Ninthly: Open Mindedness. More and more – the Idea of Open Mindedness and Acceptance of Some Form of Communication from After Death, is Infiltrating the Consciousness of the Human. Unfortunately, Open Mindedness is not the Foundation for a Commonsense Ability to Reason Effectively, as this World show throughout History. Yet, there are Those that Deliberately benefit from Spreading Hope without a Clear Foundation of Reason – Misleading the Gullible Bereaved through this Hope, and in fact Creating a Hopeless Condition at Death, as the Being that Functioned in Faith and Belief: will be Utterly Unprepared for the Consequences of this Life and the Loss of the Physical Body with All its Memories, Characters and Opinions, Leaving at Death something Not Unlike a Zombie, Unable to Relate to Reality. Understand, in this – that even Now, the Human Consciousness do not Relate to the Physical Earth and that is Why All Living beings, that is not Human, of which there are Billions Times More than Humans: are being Ignored by the Human Consciousness, and Exploited in most Cruel and Brutal Ways as a Statement by the Human Race, that Life is without Value, and only Consciousness is Important. For this, I would suggest, that if you do have Any Commonsense – you would Investigate the Exact Nature and Design of the Quantum Mind, to Understand HOW the Human Race became what it is Today: An Illusion of a Crowd of Opinions, so Abusive continuously, that Forgiveness is In Fact Impossible, as it would Only Justify the Brutality as It Is Doing within the Religions that Abuse Forgiveness for the Sake of their Opinions.
Open Mindedness thus, Must be the Open and Clear Understanding of the EXACT Mechanical Methodology the Mind Follows in the Creation of Thoughts, Opinions, Memories, Feelings, Emotions, Characters, Personality and Consciousness – and once this is Understood: The Lie will be Seen for what it Is and what it Create on Earth. So, Practically, to Open the Mind is to Investigate the Exact Way it Functions, and to not just Blindly Use it WITHOUT Understanding the CAUSE BEHIND the Experience, or the CAUSE BEHIND the Thought, or the CAUSE BEHIND the Resultant Consciousness. Within All this, Human Knowledge and Intellect, over time, have become Nothing but Opinions, Glorifying Human Consciousness, even in the Face of Gross Abuse and Brutality towards the Other Inhabitants on Earth, and Even Brutality between Human and Human.

Tenthly: Spiritual Dimension. In Understanding the Quantum Mind, and the Creation of Memories through Energy that Result in Characters of Self-Indulgence, one will Realise that Every Memory Dimension has the Potential to become a Spiritual Dimension, and Spiritual Experience, Unique to the Creator as the Human. In this, Each One of the Humans then Attempt to Create a Spiritual Following, by Attempting to Influence Other Humans to Create Similar Memory Dimensions with Specific Feelings and Spiritual Rhetoric, as to Justify and Use it as ‘Evidence’ that then Confirms that this Spiritual Dimensions Actually Exist. But, unfortunately – the Quantum Mind, in its Immediacy and Vastly Superior Functioning, as the Physical Body, Instantaneously Create Complete Universes within the Human which the Human can Contextualize into All kinds of Feelings and Experiences. Yet, the Moment the Physical Body becomes Dysfunctional – it Immediately Cause a break-down of this so-called ‘Spirituality’. Obviously, if one were Able to In Fact Access what is Beyond Death, you will Also Notice there is No Spirituality, and that All of it is Made-Up in the Mind of the Human through Ignorance, in Search of the Bliss of Self-Interest.
One Should Question WHY, throughout Time, there is Seldom, if ever been – Any Spiritual Master that Question the Most Basic Structures that Act as the Ecosystem of Society, like for instance the Economic Systems, which Distribute what Earth gives Freely, so Unequally. But because Spirituality is Created by the Human, it’ll always Follow the Way of the Human Opinion, and thus Create Spirituality in a Similar Vein to the Opinions Held as Society at Large. Within this, the Question to consider, is: Is Thought, Feeling, Emotion, Consciousness or Personality in fact LIFE? Because, at Birth – Life was Given and it had NONE of this. How can the Human expect that the Illusion, made-up while on Earth, is Life, when the Evidence at Birth is Clear?
If you Have Any Commonsense, and are Able to Face the Immense Fear that Drives your Consciousness – it is Time to Stop and Investigate the Message of Desteni.

We’ll continue this in the Next Post. 

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