Saturday 15 September 2012

Day 154: After Death Communication - Part 4

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Tenthly Meditation:

It is important to grasp the nature of meditation as what it has become as a consumer product by studying all the work at Desteni about the quantum mind in relation to the creation of memories as thoughts, emotions and feelings in the building of character personalities.

In the development of meditation skills, the meditation teacher will use various techniques to lead the meditator into the creation of a memory dimension, which will have the properties that the teacher propose it should have. So, you will have to walk through this slowly to see in self-honesty how this particular dimension was created in your mind to produce the experience you desire to have during meditation.

For instance, some teachers will introduce in the scenery of the meditation state a waterfall with a tree where you must sit and wait for your guide to arrive to come and give you a message. In some cases for the more gullible it happens quickly, for those that are more skeptic the teacher will have to prompt a few times, but in most cases the meditator will eventually produce a guide mostly quite shiny and bright like a new car, for which facial features will eventually form that will come with some message, which will inevitably be according to what the meditators characters require to make them feel better about their life.

In this, the process of ‘after death communication’ starts, and many of those who go through this meditation process will develop particular skills to form relationships in the future with customers to read their characters intent through feelings and to place it into words as a message, as if some real communication is taking place. Meantime the process of intuition through which this takes place, would have been practiced over time to allow the gifted one to share the gift which they have become completely enthralled by, without realising that from the beginning the total creation of the gift was actually just a creation of a memory, with a character, that functions with particular feelings and emotions and very specific visions/ pictures that the gifted one found most people can relate to.

In many cases these visions and pictures are taken from the current knowledge of spirituality or entertainment or consumerism, which will be linked to for instance the way the customer will wear their hair or the way they dress, or the words they will speak, or the tonality of the voice or the body posture, all indicators as to the nature of the character of the customer sitting in front of the gifted one; because as one consciousness all humans are moving together as they consume the planet and therefor consumption and desire are one, and is the way through which the gifted one became the gift offered psychologically to the bereaved, as a result of meticulous planning as meditation to form the most effective dimension in the mind to deal with the particular gifting of messages and so another psychic is born in their own mind.

Those that claim that they were born with the gift, would normally grow up in a family where these gifts are seen as real, and during their formative years, as the first 7 years of their life, those that influence the development of this mental gift would guide the child into the acceptance and belief of such an ability, none realising that it is simply a mind dimension that is meticulously created to form impressions through which people can be impressed, because it will seem like they have some insight and ability to communicate with the unseen spirit.

Unfortunately if one dare to be self-honest and you investigate every relationship, every moment, every breath throughout the creation of this so called gift, one will notice that it is only a mental job that will eventually have a particular feeling as environment for it to activate and to present itself, eventually in some cases as ascended master that come and speak. Meantime all of it is in fact a design of the person that developed it, designed it and subscribed to it and present it as if it is real.

Meditation is supposed to be one’s interaction with the physical world to see where one’s impact on earth is causing harm, so that one can identify self-interest, remove it, to be an effective participant in life on earth, with the uncountable trillions of beings that is here. Unfortunately through the self-interest of character evolution within the quantum mind, a complete illusion was created that made the meditator accept the cruelty and brutality of consciousness to change meditation into the mid evil art of ignorance that deny physical reality and only give power to the illusion of the energetic mind, where beautiful pictures and feelings are created instantly by the quantum mind, without the meditator ever being aware of exactly how these feelings and visions are in fact created, as to its exact methodology; because if one know how you do it, you will never do it because you will see the savagery of ignorance, which is in fact shown as the brutality of human existence as a society on earth.

Through this spirituality created a spirit of hell for the majority of living beings on earth, while glorifying the humans ability to create illusionary consciousness, through which to ignore the reality that exist in space time. Astoundingly, the self-interest of the dear souls, that soldier away in its war with life, to try and impose illusion on life in self-righteousness have been going on for thousands of years without any compassion or empathy for the massive brutality and cruelty the human allowed to exist in the name of its social consciousness; all justified through mental dimensions where the human hide in its own illusion as energy, as emotion, as feeling, as character, claiming that, because they experience this higher vibration it must be true; not realising that the total experience was manufactured through the quantum mind to produce the experience through which to justify a human consciousness, where even the word evil is inadequate in describing the blinding light through which ignorance are glaringly imposed upon existence.

So, do these pretenders in fact communicate with the dead?

This will be explored in the blogs to follow.

For now, dare to investigate and to educate yourself as to the exact design of the quantum mind, so that you may set yourself free from this atrocity, and change the world to that which is best for all life always, because the inner, reflect the outer, and the way the world now exist is immeasurable cruelty and brutality, all coming from inside human consciousness.

Wake up dear souls – You are making war with life.
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