Thursday 20 September 2012

DAY 159: ADC – Psychic Questions and Answers

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Bernard: "How can we assist?"

Psychic: “Thank you - I was (looking for the right word here) as it’s not really concern as such...but was wondering how I can assist others and still remain self-honest - I don’t want to create consequence for my clients and myself...Lately I have been really busy - I am as honest as I can be - but still worry about upsetting people too much so I tend to flower things up a bit so within this I am not being completely self-honest. I know that and of course I have to earn a living....Not sure what I am asking really but would like some support on how i can maybe assist better.”

Bernard: "Self-Honesty is in and as breath according to the particular person you are interVIEWING, as through the years of doing this, and other factors - your ability to read patterns and place it into words, pleasing to the interviewee, is a Skill - rather than a Gift. The nature of this Skill, in time you'll understand better. Utilizing this Skill, to help others See the patterns that form their reality and how these patterns can be damaging or constructive is a Service one provide, and to assist a person with change through exposing them to structured self-forgiveness in directing their life towards the Principles of "giving as you would like to receive", which is a fundamental message of most religions, will always be reasonably accepted. Thus, when you, for instance pick up a "loved one" or something that indicate "guidance" that takes on the format of a personality - you are in fact looking at one of the characters in development within the Quantum Mind of the being, to which they will have possibly some alignment - this obviously vary from session to session. They don't need to know how this functions, and the words you choose can be whatever is going to be best to assist the being to become a more constructive, effective human being.
Thus, there is No Need for Self-Judgment or Guilt for the Past - or Potential to Harm, when one is placing into directive principle, through the message, input that will assist the being even as a character only, to consider their Life in a way that May facilitate change, eventually - mostly not immediately. That will contribute to the eventual bigger change that is required on Earth for the Human Race as ONE. Within this, you can only deal with each point that arrives and sometimes you may misinterpret and sometimes you may find astounding, fascinating insight - even in your own process. Realise, that: Who You Are as what you must become, currently still separate, will present Challenges of insight and placing this in effective words through structural explanations will assist you greatly in fine-tuning communication skills and will have the effect of bringing more people to you.”

Psychic: “That is so cool - thank you...If it’s possible I have found that I am becoming more psychic since I have been walking my own process and often times beings leave my room in tears and I have a strength within and as me that I didn’t have before process - so I know I am on to something... I have always called myself a skeptical psychic - so that part of my still exist...i.e am I just guessing or making it up.
So it’s like I still find I am amazed at the information I get and give to others...but could that be because I am just not trusting self?”

Bernard: "One develop a trust through confirmation of the Insight, the Insight you have is how you connect with the psyche of the other human being, through which you will have an "impression", now - this is not telepathy or ‘psychic’ in the normal sense, but rather the ability of your own physical body to take on the structure of the person you are reading, which will give you an impression, which you would call a vision/feeling and so on. With this, obviously - you have to develop trust and be careful, only from one perspective, not to impose if you are not getting a connection established. If you are specific enough in describing what you 'experience' as Insight - a connection will establish and you will be able to assist the being. In this, may or may not occur the Characterization point linked to a deceased in the Memory of your Customer, the more you get feedback and remain with the directive-principle of finding the most effective way to support someone - the more the trust will develop, and the Skill with clarify. Unfortunately, spirituality has tainted the Actuality of what happens into a form of a 'consciousness force', instead of a Physical Ability. And that gives a 'slant' to a Message that is not specific, but rather prey on the person's emotions and feelings. That should be avoided, as it will impair the ability of the person to Learn from the meeting and the message."

Psychic: “Yes I see that too makes perfect sense as sometimes I find I just do not make a connection and they get quite disappointed and I see within and as this that I am just projecting my own self and experience on to them to try to force a link, to get it going and then within this they feed me information. I have become more and more aware of this lately... and it’s something I have noticed they call cold reading - is that right?”

Bernard: "No Connection, means - not the right time, and besides giving some 'life support' on Practical Living, there is not much to be done. You may be able to establish that certain events must first occur Before an actual meeting should take place, if you can establish the nature of the event, you can advise the person to come see you after the event, because the connection will then be established."

Psychic: “Ok that makes sense...I believe that this is where I am dealing with the self-honesty because this is when I struggle and I know 'deep down' that there is no connection - I just want to give them something - so from now on I will do this as you suggest.”

Bernard: "You may find that by doing this, a connection of integrity will be established, and you may gain a person returning many times. Those that do not return, are not supposed to connect with you."

Psychic: “Yes i get this now… but I try not to encourage dependency.”

Bernard: “There is a fine line between support and dependency - dependency, will be where a person will try and manipulate to get a particular type of message, with support - there will be a Clear Connection with a directive principle established that produce an expansion of the being, and will contribute to their Stability. No Man is an Island, and social interaction can just as well be Support."

Psychic: “Thank you. That’s a great help. “

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