Thursday 27 September 2012

Day 166: After Death Communication – Part 15

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A History with Life After Death

At the End of 1984, I was introduced to a Man that Opened up a Field of Study I Never could have conceived. It was like a Doorway that Opened to the Realms of Life After Death. Fortunately for me, shortly after meeting the Man – I married into the Family. In the Family, there was a History of Gifts and the Man, who became my father in law, was already known as a Child for his Prophecies about Future Events in the World that came true. Furthermore, this Man was specifically used for his Gifts by Military Intelligence during the Second World War, where Events took place that was critical in Nature to form an interaction through After Death Communication that eventually would lead, approximately 20 years later, to the Formation of Desteni.

So, this History is of Great Importance to Understand How Desteni became the Vehicle that would Question Man’s Beliefs in a Fundamental Way, causing Many to try and Deliberately Ignore a Message they don’t want to Hear.
So – more about the Man: After the Second World War, the Man studied and became a Homeopath, a Naturopath and an Osteopath, and because of his Gift, he was also a Healer, which was Termed “The Laying on of Hands”. At the Time, after the Second World War, Mediums with sufficient Ectoplasm in their Body could do Materializations, and the Man was part of a Group in South Africa, which included a Professor Haarhoff of a well-known University, and Arthur Bleksley. And, the Particular Field was to Study After Death Communication with an Interest in Materialization. They would, for instance, go to Meetings where materializations would take place and then interact with the Ectoplasm, and within the Ectoplasm the Shape of a Being would appear through which Various Demonstrations would be done to prove the Existence of Life After Death.

Now, the Man, being a Deep Trance Medium himself, also had sufficient Ectoplasm for Materialization. But, due to Events in the Second World War, where he felt Heaven was particularly cruel and brutal in what was being allowed - he refused to use the Gift, because there was, according to him, a Very Clear Indication that whatever was Beyond Death could not be Trusted. But, because he was a Healer – he couldn’t have it both ways and be a Healer and ‘switch off’ his other Abilities. But, he did not actively pursue the Gifts, or became a Public Known Figure, because he was not comfortable with what the Message was Heaven wanted him to give and present to the World. He was only comfortable with doing Healing, and that’s what he did.

So, with Meeting this Man, I was suddenly thrown into a World I have never expected to Exist. Being from a staunch Christian Family, I had No Idea what it meant to be a Psychic, or a Medium, what it was to Meditate, what it was to Heal – anything about Life After Death, I had no Clue Whatsoever.
So, I started doing research and Communicating Extensively About the Phenomena’s with the Man. At the same time, I joined the Police and became a Detective, which gave me the Opportunity to Explore these ‘Alternative Gifts’ in a rather Practical Way. So, when I joined the Police, I also started Investigating Other Psychics – from the perspective that, Obviously, what one Psychic See – another Psychic should See as well…But to my Great Surprise: That Was Not So At All.

More to come in the Next Blog
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