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Hope is the Human Way of Saying, I am Weak, I am Inadequate, I am a Victim, I am Not Responsible, I am a Slave, I am Stupid.

Hope is the Implied and Tacit Way to Claim that a Door is Closed and Must be Opened by Forces the Human have NO Power over. Yet, there are things that Humans Can Open if Self Honesty and Equality as Life exist.

Hope is the Foundation of Religion. Hope is another Name for Religion, and yet - in spite of lots of People being Anti-Religion they still Hope, and without Realizing it, are Still just as Religious as Before, unable to be Open enough to take Action and Allow Openly for All Life to be Equal in a World that Provide Resources for free, Unable to Share Openly.

Hope is the Pillar of Love and Caring, Misdirected to Some One Else to take action, keeping the Self Interested Fool trapped in the Aloofness of Self Righteousness as thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions in the Quantum Mind.

Hope is the Justification for Postponement, to Not take Action when One See Abuse or See that the Human Society is Devolving Daily into a Group of Delinquents that become Increasingly Abusive towards Each Other, the Planet, and its Inhabitants in General.

After Death Communications is an Extension of this Hope Even Into the Unknown of the Here After taking Hope to the Realm of Delusion, simply to Not Confront the Reality that Exist on Earth Due to the Participation of Each Individual in the Society Daily that Clearly Demonstrates a total Disregard for that which Makes the Experience on Earth Possible, which is Life.

Hope, as a feeling and a Force, Deliberately used to Create a Veil of Vibration, is Now a Tool in the hands of those that seek to Benefit Personally from the Fear that Motivate Hope. This Misleading though, is the Responsibility of Both Sides of the Contrast, Fear and Hope, to Bring to an End, so that Human Kind Can Create a World Where Hope is No Longer the Operating System that Confuse the Observer with Energy.

Hope, as Energy, is Part of the Pattern Parents Infuse into the Physical Body of a Child during the Quantum Mind Developmental Stage in the first 7 Years of a Child’s Life. That is Why the Journey of Life to Self Correction in Writing takes a Minimum of 7 Years in Correcting the Confusion Caused by the Physical Injection of Energetic Concepts, as the Prison Matrix that then Control the Self as Flesh through Energy Consciousness.

If you have Hope, you are Controlled by Forces of Illusion, and it is Suggested to Confront this, that you May Eventually be able to Birth Yourself as Life from the Physical.

More on ADC in the Next Blog 

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