Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 143: Free Stuff! And True Activism

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Consciousness of Competition under the Auspices of Success and Greed, caused a Culture of misplaced Freedom that is linked to the Ideals of Profit and Gain that Trapped the Human in a Mental Containment as Consumer, Motivated by the Nature of this Designed Freedom as Greed, where the Consumer will use products that are Free or Best Buys, that use Loyalty Systems linked to Gains that create the Perception of Freedom, without Realizing the Consequence of this Greedy Self Deception which causes Larger and Larger Corporations, Less Employment, a Reduction in Money Supply, more Dependency on Government handouts/free stuff and food stuff/free stuff - all this reducing the Human Ambition to the Collecting of Free stuff that induces an experience of Winning Freedom, with the Bizarre Side Effect that the free stuff Collector actually believes they are Clever.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that with the Advent of Advancements in Engineering with the Machine replacing Human Labor, that it was only a Matter of Time, as History proves, before Conniving, Good Hearted Humans would Under the Cover of making Products cheaper and affordable for all, cause the Growth of the Corporations with the Good Hearted Pioneers ending up wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, as they Sell off their Inventions to the corporations, forgetting all about their Good Intentions - causing eventually Financial Crisis upon Financial Crisis, with unemployment rising and money supply Dwindling, Human Labor Replaced - that even with printing money, throwing all Economic Theory in the wind, there is No Solution to the Consequences of the Greed caused by Free Stuff.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that through the Generations of the Evolution of Free Stuff, the Human has become so Brainwashed that they Only Value Free Stuff, as if that Magically has Divine Powers - while those with more Money than they can Spend in a Lifetime Realize that nothing is Free, and therefore they pay more for the good stuff and ignore the free stuff, and even create more Free Stuff through Millions of Charities, keeping the Free Stuff Slave occupied mentally in the Feverish search for the next Free Stuff, causing a Human Race that is controlled with Ease through the Easy availability of Free Stuff.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Free Stuff was based on the Religious Premise of what will set the Human Free from the Physical Principles of matter that binds Human Life, causing an Insane Obsessed Idea that those that give Free Stuff are somehow Godly and can be Trusted, causing Human Nature to be Coined Irrational and Justifying why Free Stuff remains the Key through which the Human is held in Bondage, Losing all Touch with the Reality of Matter - as Free Stuff defines, according to the Religiously Inclined, the Nature of the Divine as the only Magic Power that can be Trusted, making sure that those that Abuse Life can get away with it, because the Humans have Set Themselves Free from the Responsibilities implied by Matter, and so Earth is Doomed and will be Free, eventually, from All Life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that FREE STUFF is Now the DIVINE RULE of POWER, that Motivates the Activist to Abandon all Common Sense TRUTH about Matter, selling their Souls to FREE STUFF of which Feelings and Emotions as POSTITIVE EXPERIENCES are the ULTIMATE FREE STUFF, Because One Can Create it in the MIND, apparently for FREE - without Realizing that the Price one Pay for their FREE Consciousness, is LIFE itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that FREE STUFF is also the Premise on which FREE Choice is Based, Creating a Society without any Integrity where Poverty is in Abundant Supply, as the FREE STUFF supply Grows to Feed on Life, causing Life on Earth to Resemble the Creation of the Ultimate Parasite as Consciousness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Value System of Human Consciousness Bastardized Integrity, Empathy, and Compassion to Resemble FREE STUFF, while Common Sense Existence in Matter is Completely Disregarded, Regardless of the Evidence Showing that FREE STUFF is a Complete Insane Ideal, with Consequences that Enslave Most of Humanity to Economic Slavery to PAY with Life for all the FREE STUFF.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Only Real FREE STUFF on Earth is the Resources Supplied by the Earth, but the Unscrupulous Elite that Control the Resources misguide the Human Race with FRIVOLOUS FREE Stuff disguised through Capitalism, Consciousness, and Religion, making sure that all Knowledge as Education, is Designed to Honor FREE STUFF and Protect Control of Earthly Possessions like Resources and Property, to make sure that the Dream of Success that apparently is the Ultimate FREEDOM, is the Real DIVINE Experience all Humans Aspire to.

I commit myself to SHOW that Life on Earth is NOT FREE, It comes with Responsibility, and the Human Part in FREEDOM on Earth is LABOR and the Recognition of Life as Equal in All, the only Real FREE Part of Human Existence.

I commit myself to SHOW that an Investigation of the Nature of FREE STUFF will Reveal that Even the Sexual Promiscuous Revolution is Based on the Idea that SEX is the FREE STUFF the Human can offer to get what they want, making Relationships Dependent on the Level of Sexual FREEDOM to Seek Self Interest, Regardless of the Level of Genetic Misalignments caused by the Inappropriate Matching of Genetics in Producing Children.

I commit myself to SHOW that Money has been linked to the Power to BE FREE, and that all Desire the Experience of Enough Money to Be Free from Survival.

I commit myself to SHOW that Equal Money is the Ultimate FREE Stuff, but Humans Do Not Trust Each Other unless Slavery Force each one to Be Responsible enough to Survive, Losing all Freedom, just because the Human is Brainwashed into a System of FREE Stuff, that makes each one Unequal, forced to Compete for the Scraps of Rewards of FREE STUFF.

I commit myself to SHOW to Hear The Desteni and Equal Money Message, One Must Break your Brainwashing and therefore, No Brainwashed Slave will be able to Stand One and Equal as the Group as Desteni as Life as What is Best for All

Study the Quantum Mind to Grasp How You have been MISLED if You Dare to be FREE for Real.

Please Note that the Inner Voice is Not the Voice of FREEDOM or Reason – it is the Result of Control.

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