Saturday 29 September 2012

Day 168: After Death Communication – Part 17

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A History with Life After Death – Part 3

So, as I mentioned, all indications were that there was some form of existence After Death that somehow were trying to relate back to Life on Earth, but the extent of the Memories was definitely not as Visually contextually specific as would be with one’s own Memories.

This communication with many different beings extended over many years, and an interesting thing emerged in an discussion that indicated, that at the Death of the Man – the gift would be passed on to my Ex-Wife, at that stage still my Wife. Eventually the Death occurred and for some time, most of the communications and explorations happened through other mediums and psychics as well as the Spiritual Church and Meditation Groups and Psychic Development Groups, god, you name it, I did it – Healing Courses, Reiki Courses, Meditation Courses, Positive Thinking Courses, Sales Courses, Discussion Groups on Conversations with God, Alice Bailey Training, studying every book I could find ‘till eventually I made the Biggest Mistake Ever: I believed that the Human is inherently Good and thus must be Trusted, as in the End – the Human will make the Honourable decision that is Best. And this I found to my Horror, was Never the Case – a bit late, but critical.

In the unfolding of the next phase that came, unexpectedly, after I discovered in the 1990’s the power and effect of Self Honest Self Forgiveness spoken ALOUD with ABSOLUTE Directive Will and the IMMEDIATE Action to Change. During the very first session of this Self Forgiveness, face to face, with my Then Ex-Wife, she suddenly during the Forgiveness went into a Deep Trance, and – there it was – the same Gate Keeper coming through and the Man speaking from the Other Side. Rather Pissed Off with me, claiming that I Know what’s really going on and I should tell everyone, and I had no Clue what he was talking about. He was clearly concerned for the Lives of many on Earth, and during his time on Earth, while we were Communicating, he had a very Clear Directive: Never Trust Anything From Heaven. So, I did not get Why, because he never explained why in any detail, but I was to find out Why.

So, with this sudden emergence of Deep Trancing, there was again a bit of quiet, during which time I was exploring Self Forgiveness extensively, when one Night, I was Awoken by a Voice coming through my Ex-Wife, which started a series of Conversations, unexpectedly, during which she was Deep Trancing. This particular being that came through called itself “Chief”, apparently being an Indian in its past life and it came with a very Strange Message. It said that, through the Self Forgiveness, I have shown a Certain Commitment that has caused the particular discussions to follow, and that the discussion holds a Gift from God/White Light which I must practice ‘till it becomes me and that I will be checked to make sure that it is so.

In the next blog, these particular messages will be shared, as they are relevant to each one’s Life here on Earth.

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