Thursday 13 September 2012

DAY 152: After Death Communication – Part 2

This is a Continuation of DAY 151

Fifthly: Human Consciousness is influenced and shaped by the Fantasy-World of Movies and Television, which Stimulates Imagination and End-Up Creating many Characters in the MIND, that through constant FEEDING of Energy through Attention: will get a Life of its Own and eventually start Speaking and Influencing what a Person would describe as ‘Spiritual Contact’, through a Guide or a Master or a Dead Loved One. And here it is of Extreme Importance to Study the Quantum Mind and the Science of Thought – understand how Easy it is for the Mind to conjure up an Imaginary Friend, that seemingly will know Some Things, or make some Predictions – which sometimes will come true, or will have a ‘Feel-Good’ Image about it, very much like when one Buy something you like, that makes you feel better. Obviously in this – the Human trust Feeling, but the Science and Mathematics behind the Creation of a Feeling is in the World of the ‘Unknown’. In this, essentially – with Trusting ‘feeling’ and ‘experience’ of the Mind, without at all understanding the DETAIL of how it works, where it comes from, the Human have become subject to a Force that Automatically create/give/conjure up imagination in the Mind, and because the Mind and Energy is believed to be Real, Imagination is believed to be Real and so whatever the Mind conjure up/create/manifest is believed to be Real. Without realising the implications of the Imagination, of Energy on the actual Physical and how we can create an Complete alternate reality in the Mind through Imagination that is Not in Fact the REALITY of what is here in the Physical/Existence AT ALL.
If even a grain of Integrity and Self-Honesty exist within You: You would investigate Desteni Information about HOW this Functions, because much Harm is Done to Life on Earth through feeding Imaginary Heroes and Villains, that only change in Name from Fairy-tale to Religion to Spirituality, as the Human Mature into a Fully-Fledged Illusionist that Lie, as is already established, to everyone All the Time. Without realising that Every Mind, in fact is a Clone that Functions in Similar Patterns, Making-Up Stories which becomes the Made-Up World as Consciousness, which becomes the History of the Human Race. A History from which No-One wants to Learn, and the same History would even be Influenced in Biased ways to benefit certain Groups at the Expense of Others. There is thus Very Little of the Total Human Experience, of Thought, Emotion, Feeling and Knowledge that can ever be given any Credence.

Sixthly: As far as Bereavement goes – when somebody like a Family Member Dies, the Connections that existed between the Family-Members that stay behind and the Dead One, are severed – releasing Massive Amounts of Energy, which is experienced as ‘Grief’. This severing of relationships happen in the Minds of the Family Members/Bereaved one, as we in fact form relationships with others in our Own Minds from Memories, that strengthen over time the more and more the individuals interact in Reality, and when the person is no more in the Physical-Reality, they are no more there to substantiate the relationship in the Family Member’s Minds/energize the relationships in the Mind, and so upon Death – there’s a Massive release of Energy, as the entire relationship in the Mind of the Family Members/Bereaved One collapse in the Physical. And so, when/as the Loved One die, and the relationship in the Mind of the Family-Members/Bereaved One collapse, this will simultaneously Energize Memories within the Secret Mind as past experiences with the Dead One, which will in Many Cases be based on Guilt, and in these Cases, the Consciousness will – to relieve itself from the Guilt, Animate the Parts of the Memories that will bring Release, Forgiveness, and/or Justification for the Past Event(s). For example, only deliberately remembering the ‘Good Memories’, to in that suppress any guilt/regret the individual experienced in their memories/past experiences with the Dead One. And, the More ‘Authentic’ the Assumed Vision of the Dead One is, either through a Dream or Otherwise - the Greater Influence this will have in the Lives of those Around the Bereaved, to Leave a Memory-Imprint of the ‘Good Nature’ of the Dead, and the ‘Good Nature’ of those Left behind, to Justify an Existence as Characterized, for instance, as the particular Family or World Condition, particularly related to the Past Relationships that existed between the Bereaved and the Dead. And so, with only remembering the ‘Good’, and deliberately not looking at the actual detail nature/responsibility of the relationship within and between the Family Members/Bereaved One and/or the Dead One – nothing is learned from the lives/relationships, as only the 1% Good is exalted while the 99% reality of the actual nature of the relationships in the Mind, is not considered, investigated, faced AT ALL. And so, the Death of a Loved One is more used to hide/suppress guilt, regret for past mistakes/dishonesties/deceptions as the ‘Good’ is brought to the forefront and ALL the rest that in fact defined the relationships is deliberately not looked at, at all and so NO CHANGE happen in those left behind in ‘who they are’ in themselves and their Relationships. And so, with remembering only the ‘Good’: Leaving a Story that is Easily Latched-On for the Sake of Profit, by Publishers, Media, Religious Groups and/or Any Other Means through which Benefit can be Derived. Because it’s the 1% ‘Good’ / what it is that can generate ‘Good Feelings’ from which Profit is made, No-One wanting to look at / face the reality of the entire relationships between the one’s left behind, and the one’s that crossed-over.
And, as this is all Classed in the Field of the ‘Mysterious’, ‘seemingly Divine’ – without any Understanding of the ACTUAL WAY it was Created, a Whole Illusionary Psychological Field is Created that is Used even by Psychologists, in Creating what is Termed ‘Closure’, and ‘Peace’. But, what it in Fact Contribute to, is a Complete Dysfunctional Consciousness – ultimately Justifying Human Nature in a Biased Way, to Protect the Human from Ever having to take Responsibility for How Life is being Abused, in Virtually Every Way of Human Existence. Giving All Correction and Power to Some ‘Unknown Reality’, Made-Up about What Possibly Could Happen, and seems ‘Feasible’ in the Realm of the Dead.
This is but ONE Facet of the Creation-Process of After Death Communication, and thus – Research should be based on how the Mind Functions, and not on the Fact that more and more of these Communications are Happening, and placed in the Category of ‘Truth’, just because it happens as an ‘Experience’. All the While – the HOW it Happens, is Not Considered or even Researched to Establish the Nature and Design of this Phenomena, that’s become Accepted as a ‘Real Experience’. The Very Fact of this Phenomena, just like Emotions and Feelings and Thought, being Accepted as Human Nature, without Understanding How it Actually Functions: already Invalidate All the so-called Research that flows from it, where the OBVIOUS Part being the DESIGN of it: is Not In Fact Studied, as the Researcher have No Real Means, yet, with which to Study this.

Seventhly: Visitation by a Loved One to a Bereaved Person, and the Published Studies about it – is only Confirmation that some form of ‘Event’ takes place in the Mind of the Bereaved that will have a Psychological Impact on the Bereaved, and is NO PROOF that there is In Fact ‘Life After Death’, or an ACTUAL visitation taking place. Because Medical Science have No Way of Measuring the In-Factness of the Event, and are as such Unable at this Stage to place this ‘Under the Microscope’ and Study the Relationships, Methodology and Energy Involved in the Psychological Event. Therefore, by the very Standards of Science – no Value should be Given to this, as is still Allowed. 

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  1. Wow Bernard - These are very good articles about death and the after life - My Dad just passed away and you have explained much for me to see and understand about the process. Thanks

  2. Interesting perspective of 'loosing a loved one' and the process of losing that connection to energy. Thanks for this.

  3. This explains also the feeling that comes with a Breakup of a Relationship. It's interesting to see that the person doesn't even have to die... Also why "friends" freak out and are upset when you change... they lose the relationship they created in their minds.