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DAY 165: After Death Communication – Part 14

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Let’s Talk to the Dead

Make a List of Questions to Ask the Dead, and especially the Forbidden Questions. Here follows some examples:

1. Why would the Perfect God Create Imperfect things? Just because he can? Doesn’t that spell Psychopath?
Note, here – you have to Dare to ask the tough questions to the After Death Communicators, for your own sanity and to sanitize the communication, so that you’re not just fed positive consumer bullshit.

2. This whole thing that you’ll be Struck by Lightning when you Blaspheme – seems to not work. You should try it especially in a Major Thunderstorm and be like a group of friends, doing it in the city, all at the same time and have yourself an Observer; to see if you’ll all be struck by Lightning at the same time. And Challenge the Dead as to Why the so-called ‘forbidden things’ are Preached, but nothing ever happen to the Bad Guys, it only seem to happen to the Good Guys.

3. Did you Notice, how often the Children of Preachers are Social Delinquents that Rebel? Is that something done Deliberately, just to Screw with the Preachers? Or do the Children know something about the Preacher Parents, that makes them lose Respect? Ask the Dead.

4. Why does Prayer not produce an Instant Result and Evolve with Society? We have moved from hunter-gathered Status, to Instant Hamburger Status – so the Human find ways to Produce Instant Results. Why not God with Prayer?

5. If Heaven is Full of the Dead, from thousands of years – there must be a looooootttt of people in Heaven, or in Hell. Try and speak to some of the Dead from your History Books, and see if you can get some Instant Results. After Death Communication, after all – should be Immediate, to Anyone in Heaven / in the After Death Realm. And maybe, those that you don’t know will actually Answer some of the Questions you Should be Asking.

Have a list of at least 10 People you randomly find in History Books, or in the Newspapers – and make a List of Questions to Ask each one of them, and visit After Death Communicators. Here, I suggest – if you are a few friends, you have the same List and you all visit Different After Death Communicators at the same time, asking the same questions – recording it for posterity to compare. After All, proper research must be conducted. Too much of this After Death Communication thing is just accepted willy-nilly.

6. Ask your Dear Beloved Dead Ones, WHY they’re okay with the fact that God conceived and created child rape and child prostitution, and ask them – where’s all the Children that’s Kidnapped. After All – your Dearly Beloved should now have a Bigger View of Things, and some really important beings, like God, to ask for some Clarity on Conditions on Earth.

7. Ask the Dearly Beloved where All the Bugs, Flies and Mosquitos go that you regularly Kill as part of your existence. They are Life, after all – they communicate with each-other, they are born, they die, they have a language, they have community; they’re just a different form to the human. Or is there a bug heaven, and do they have After Death Communicators as well?

8. Ask the After Death Communicators, why it is so Important to have a ‘Positive Vibe’, and why they will immediately ignore you, if you Ask anything that apparently, according to them, have a ‘Negative Vibe’? Do they Fear the Negative More now that they’re Dead?

So, Call on the Nasty Characters of History, to see if they will Possess the After Death Communicators – after all, to find out if this is Real, you have to do some Real Research, and if you don’t look at the Whole Picture; how can you Trust the Picture that is presented to you as Reality?

9. Ask your Dearly Beloved, Why you apparently have ‘Free Choice’, but you’re not Free to choose Not to Die, so are you really Free? And if God already know when you’re going to Die – He must have Decided that, Intentionally. Would that not make it Murder?

If you have any more interesting questions, and there are many more to ask – go to the Desteni Forums and place it there. Let’s do some research on After Death Communication, and Find Out WHY the more difficult Questions is Never Asked and Answered.

We have already at Desteni asked many of these Questions, which has scared the Living Shit out of all these Positive Communicators and they try and demonize us, just because we’re not willing to accept the Picture presented. After all – after a Long Time of All this Communication, by Many claiming to have ‘Psychic Powers’ or ‘Spiritual Events’ – in the Year where Ascension and the Fifth Dimension are buzz-words, all the Positive Rhetoric is Producing a MASSIVE Negative Result. Force yourself to Read the News Every Day, to see how Extensive the Situation is busy Deteriorating in spite of the so-called Positive Efforts of So Many, and start Asking some Questions as to WHY. By now the Positive Community should realise – they are in fact having a Negative Effect in this World, because by Ignoring All Parts of the Picture, you give the Parts you’re Ignoring the Freedom to Move and Grow and to Ascend into HELL. Won’t you be Pulled down with them Automatically - as the Negative cannot exist without the Positive, and therefore it is in fact ONE.

We will continue this discussion to eventually get to the Point to Establish if there is in fact Life after Death.

Do some Research, and make sure that you are not through your Bliss causing the Ignorance that is perpetrated through Consciousness.

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