Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Day 569: Authority and Consequence – Part 3

Continuing from previous blog: Day 568: Authority and Consequence – Part 2

That is the whole point of Structural Resonance Alignment, is to align yourself back to ‘who you really are’.
Within that, you have to understand, ‘How the fuck did you get here in the first place?’
And that is not understood, because, you’ve accepted yourself as ‘the way you are’ as apparently ‘all you can be’, ‘all you are’…

And you are living in a reality of Projection, which is ‘Consciousness’, where you are believing that you are ‘not what you are’ – which is ludicrous, ridiculous.
You cannot believe you’re Divine, if you are not so in-fact.
That is the whole point of the Authority Level at the Substance Level, where you have given Permission to yourself to be stuck as a Pattern.

And then you end up in a Mirror Projection of Divinity, where you are fucked for Eternity and you remain fucked for Eternity.
And there is really nothing you can do about it, because you have to Correct yourself at the Substantial Level, which is Matter. Because your Origin is Matter, your First Cause – is Matter.

You are coming from the Physical Universe, the Physical Universe is a Single Body, you’re a ‘Thought’ of the Universe.

Got me?

And within that, you have abdicated your Substantiality. You are thus in a Complete Separation, similar to a Single Thought. Which is why you can be Deleted as a Being, Through, even in your Body, through Chemical – you take a chemical and it will change your thoughts.

Your Physicality is Superior to your Beingness, your ‘Spirit’ – in Every Way.
Your Spirit is just Thoughts = Really, Really Unsubstantial, no Substance, just Patterns of yourself. And they are Primarily Deceptive, based in Fear, based in Limitation.
And now you’re in a Process of ‘being exposed’ as ‘who you are’. Then you are Trapped ‘in Matter’, so that you can understand the Matter that is at hand.

So therefore, in your Life, you will go and always ‘live in a Pattern’, a ‘Family Pattern’. A pattern which Confirms your Acceptances, as ‘Who you Are’ as a Pattern. And within that you’ll feel Comfortable. So anything that comes and challenges your Pattern = you will Attack, and you will Try and Destroy. Because you will believe that the Pattern you are is ‘Who you Really Are’, and that you have a Right to ‘Be this Pattern’ and ‘Nobody has a right to Question your Pattern’

And you will refuse to consider the Consequences of your Pattern, as it plays out in the Bigger Pattern that is the System of the World, of even the System of the Afterlife, the System of Heaven.
So everything which exists = is Relationships with System.
You are System, Existing as a System within yourself.

Within Thinking, within Behaviour, within Family, within Culture, within Language, within Education, within the World, within Money, within Social Order, within Religious Order.
Within all of it = it’s just One System of which you are a Small Part of a System that you’ve accepted yourself to be. The Big System can only exist because you are Creating it through your Participation. That is happening without you even realizing that you’re doing it.
Because have a look, you’re not Questioning the Money System – why? Because you’ve accepted the Money System to be ‘authoritative’. Without money you feel invaluable, without power, without anything. So receive money, and you are ‘all fine’. But you don’t question where the Money comes from, in fact, you don’t give a damn! ‘It Doesn’t Matter!’. ‘Money is just Money!’ Have a look, you have no idea what Money really is.

Nobody in this world can state the Exact Nature of Money, and exactly ‘Where it All is’, ‘How much was exactly ever created’, ‘how much of it is actually in circulation’.
Nothing is really known, cause nobody really cares. As long as there is ‘enough to do’, that which affects you within your life and within your pattern = you’re quite okay.

Makes sense?

To be continued…

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Day 568: Authority and Consequence – Part 2

Continuing from previous blog, Day 567: Authority and Consequence – Part 1:

Because, if you cannot say “till here no Further, I stop!” – and stop in One Breath, immediately = you still don’t have Authority. And therefore, your Forgiveness will only be temporary, and you will have to re-do it over and over and over gain: until you have generated Authority. Okay – make Sense? -

That's why, the whole Process is Day in and Day out: Repeating. Because, you are not yet Directing it 'as you', you are directing it still as Pattern, as the Authority which Accepted it a long time ago, not only this life.

That anguish, anxiety, uncertainty, ‘not feeling good enough’, ‘requiring support, ‘requiring assistance’; all of that is still not sorted out at the Level of Authority.
What are you establishing? What is your Primary Authority? That means, the Primary Pattern which you are living that you are ‘unable to change’.
Now you say, ‘Okay, How did I get myself to be this, in an Accepted Form, as if it can ‘never change, I have accepted this As Me’.
And every Human Being, every Being in Existence has got this Problem:  You have no Authority. You have Abdicated your Authority, to the Pattern that you have accepted yourself to be. You’re going to have to understand that that Authority, is the Substance you’ve accepted yourself to be. So if you only ‘communicate’ to the Pattern, you’ll only communicate to the Muscle (in relation to Muscle Testing), and it’ll take you through the Same Cycle. You’ll not communicate to the Substance.
And if you do not engage Effective Substance, Substantial Support – the Information transfer in assisting you to correct this ‘Substantiality’ of Yourself, this ‘Authority’ of yourself, to bring it Equal and One = it will not happen, it will cycle.
And you will have to re-do it and re-do it – until you get this Point of Authority, the Point that has been abdicated.

Who is the Creator? At the moment, the Creator is ‘Patterns’. You have Abdicated your Authority to ‘Patterns’, you are existing as ‘Patterns’..

That’s not who you Really Are. But you will say ‘this is who I am’. Because you Say so, and you have said it to such a degree, that the very Substance of the Universe has accepted your Statement as Truth = You’re fucked.

Now that’s one of the Reasons, or ‘One of the Parts’ that you are busy correcting through ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’.
You have to align yourself back to the ‘Authority’ that is Yourself, that is not subject to any Form, which is any Limitation, cause all ‘Form’ is Limitation.

It doesn’t mean you can’t express Form, it means you mustn’t live the Form as if it is ‘the Only way you exist’. The Form must not be Dominant, ‘Authority’, which is what is that’s happened to everyone. Your Form, your Thoughts, your Mind, your Structure, your Belief of Yourself. All of that is Dominant, that’s what has become ‘Creator’.
Now it becomes System. That System lives out your Accepted Belief and Form and Authority about Yourself, and therefore you can’t Change it.

To be continued…

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Day 567: Authority and Consequence – Part 1

Okay – So: (following a question on ‘Timeline-Pattern’)
Timeline-Pattern, meaning that I have accepted and allowed myself as this Pattern – my Physical Body has accepted this Pattern as ‘normal’ – is re-creating this Pattern ‘in ‘Anticipation’ ‘as my request’.”

Patterns are layered and they work by Permissions. These Permissions get Embodied as Resonances – and when your Resonance is a “Primary-Permission” – that means: You Have both confirmed-it as a ‘Permission’ before this life, and in this life.

Simply trying to Stop-it from the perspective of disengaging it = will not work. Because your ‘Permission’ is Resonantly superior. It carries more authority than just you, as the Mind, attempting to disengage the Pattern.

The Pattern is Permitted by you, as the totality of you. And, accordingly - when you are Doing...adjustment’ within yourself, and you’re not speaking as the total Authority as Yourself’ = it will not disengage.
Does that make sense?

Which is how Resonances work. A Resonance is operational at the level of, and according to, the Authority that is involved in the point of Creation.

So – if you have, over a multiple lives, given ‘Permission’ for a particular Pattern of Authority = the ‘Resonant-Self’’, the Substance that is Self, will accept that, that Pattern of Permission is Authority - and it will accordingly give that – the Overriding-Factor – no-matter how much you try and change it.

Unless you stand in Equal Authority - to how you created it in the first place.

So, the point of ‘Equality’ or ‘Equal Authority’ must be understood when you are working with your Resonant Self, and the patterns that are Here, being currently expressed. Because the pattern of ‘Who you Are’ as “your name” – and Who you are Existing as = are all of your Patterns, for all-time that are currently in one physical body. Then, stretch that out over multiple lives, multiple bodies – under a Primary Authority = which is Yourself.

And that Authority overrides EVERYTHING.
Unless you get to an Equal point to both Mind, Physical and Resonance as Authority – Directively – the point won’t change. It will just cycle into another lever, another timeline, another time-cycle.
Which is also okay, because then you disengage it time after time, after time, after time – until you’ve got all of its layers.

But in that, you have to understand that you must regain, you must reconstitute your Authority: you, Equal and One – Here – as Life as Authority. You have abdicated that Authority, that Authority is the point that is the problem.
Does that make sense?

So when you say: “The Pattern is a Timeline-Pattern.”, It is not only a Timeline-Pattern. It plays out within a Timeline as a Pattern. And yes, you have accepted and allowed yourself as this Pattern. And your Physical Body has accepted this.

But that is not all. You as Substance have accepted this. I mean, you as Substance as the Living Self has accepted this Authority as this Pattern – as you. That is what you have to change: the Substantial Self, the ‘Eternal Self’.

Does That make sense?

So, it is not ‘re-creating this Pattern in anticipation as my request’ – it is ‘Re-creating it as you’. (Referring to a sentence in a document).

It is not an ‘anticipation’. It’s the Actuality of You that is Here. This ‘Who you Are’. That’s why you can’t change yourself.

That’s why you are ‘working’ now with changing yourself; but have a look at what overrides? YOU override what you are busy changing, all the time!

Therefore, the condition remains the same. You disengage and disengage: but the next morning = it’s the same. Because the ‘You’ that is attempting to change, is not Equal to the Authority that established the Pattern in the first place.

Does that make sense? Are you getting my drift?

So therefore, you have to consider ‘Establishing your Authority’ first. Do you really actually kow what is best for you? Or do you need the experience to generate sufficient Authority to say ‘till here no further!’?

Because, if you cannot say “till here no Further, I stop!” – and stop in One Breath, immediately = you still don’t have Authority.

And therefore, your Forgiveness will only be temporary, and you will have to re-do it over and over and over gain: until you have generated Authority.

Okay – make Sense?

To be continued....

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Day 565: Walking through Multi-Dimensional Mind Reality

Continuing from: Day 564: Real Death Experience
In Heaven you have to present what Heaven wants you to present – Self-Honesty is irrelevant. So Demons in essence were the real Self-Honest existence of a being where they have, where they were no longer denying their experience on Earth. They were absolutely pissed off with God and have in many cases taken an oath to harm anything that is related to God and to destroy God’s creation. I mean, imagine, I have this Demon in a body here on Earth and it’s telling me that it’s here to destroy God and it will destroy God and explain how it’s harmed from children to adults to innocents, how they have harmed them throughout the ages – to get back at God, for what God did to them.

So you listen, if you have any judgment about those, there is no way you can get to work with a Demon because the Demon will get you and then eventually possess you. So if you have any fear, if you have any judgment, if there is any point of right or wrong – you have to really stand in every dimension of their existence and there are infinite dimensions. There may not be one hidden point within you, not one judgment about another person within you, one nasty thought about another within you. Nothing!

If there is any point that in any way exist whatsoever – the Demon will get you.

So, chat to the Demons and then lead them, assist them to see how they’ve created themselves. Then show them the futility of the exercise of judgment, the futility of walking through these points where you have vengeful or hateful or nasty or contentious thoughts, where you judge others for your experience, where you hate God – show them all the points of the outcome of it. Because everything is relationships and mathematical bound, one can show infinite amount of play outs in quantum time – all in real quantum mechanics, proficiency, that show one the actuality of the outflow all possible interaction that can take place, all participants that can possibly take place. You can take everything within the context of space/time and the particular containment of the being. Everything is contained because it’s related. Because it’s related you can insert any new relationship and show the outflows of it. And obviously dealing in Quantum time, that is now in the realm beyond this one, it is really easy to show how all of these things work. And one can take a being through all of that, which is what we then did. Until the point where all possible excuses, answers, reasons, meanings was taken care of and the being would stop and say, ‘Okay, I see. I see there is no point to me being angry, it is time that I let go and forgive and let’s start again’.

The whole point was that I was showing everyone is that, if we all as one, together, stop what we are creating – we can create a New World. And all we have to do is stop our insistence on an outflow of revenge or consequence to justify our suffering. So if we forgive and we forgive ourselves for desiring revenge or desiring to have payback – of we stop all of that, all as one as equal, we in fact stop all of our creation, and we can in fact start again.

Obviously at that stage with the Demons being in a quantum reality it was much easier than it is here on Earth, where you have each Human contained in their own multi-dimensional mind reality where they are in infinite loops of self justification and revenge and desire and energy and want and need. Imagine the whole human experience is equal to the experience of a universe in function within the context of energetic polarity.

So what will happen then is that the Demon, me and the Demon together, will start to do Forgiveness aloud. The principle was that one must speak Forgiveness aloud because within that context you can hear where your relationship with the Forgiveness is not clear. That means when you are speaking the words and the construct of the sentences, then you can hear where it is not in fact specific enough and actually dealing with the issue and sorting the issue out – taking it into a directive point where you can clearly say, ‘I Am Free of this Possession’. So, the Forgiveness had to be extremely specific which we then did until the point where the being was completely released from their self-induced possession and they were reborn, right there, new being. And then we had fantastic discussions and then they would leave and the next Demon would come. So, every time possible, we would take on Demons to help as many as possible with the understanding that inevitably we will find a way to do it quicker - just like inevitably we will find a way to do things quicker on Earth. We’re busy with that here, it’s a different construct. It’s a different set of relationships, it’s a different mathematical outplay. But for any existence to be, there are relationships. And therefore the context of the relationship you can actually accelerate it. Which is what we’re doing with the inversion of all energetic relationships into Self-Possession – Demonising the Self completely, by Self so that you can see what it is you are doing to yourself. And isolation of each being on Earth into absolute aloneness, loneliness, absolute control, where nobody else can know for a fact everything that is going on in your Mind. Yet, everyone can know it if they are everything and therefore you can stand one and equal here, if you truly are one and equal or you can’t. Because you are not yet in all dimensions of this reality. Because in the mind is a clone of all dimensions. And all is at a different timeframe within the context of these dimensions, moving through it and where you can either be clearly directive principle of your possession or you are subject to the forces of energy that take over and manipulate you into a physical regrettable experience which is not recommended.

So – real fun with the Demons we had and we will continue with more stories of the variations of Demons we got and how we played with it, what we learnt.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Day 564: Real Death Experience

Continuing from Day 563: Living Pictures & The Devolution of Man.

So when we had the first session, we let a group of Demons come through.
I let the Demons enter three bodies, see what happens. Obviously with three bodies possessed at the same time, if you look at that research group ‘Scientific’-something – they have some videos where the person rolls around on the floor and possessed. So I had three bodies rolling around on the floor with the Demons in it.

First thing obviously is to just stop and talk to them. Secondly you have to be pretty sure that no harm will come to anyone because in essence you are setting the dynamics, the parameters within the context of their possession and we always place that no harm may come as we are purely in a discussion, we’re not going to play around with these things. Because in the reality that we have now, the parameter exists, the Demon possessions that’s gonna happen in the physical is of a physical nature, you are not just going to stop them. So a person gets possessed and wants to kill his ex-lover, he’s gonna kill his ex-lover. And you’re not going to just stop them. They’re not going to listen to you and in terms of ‘please forgive yourself’, I mean that’s not how it’s going to work. You can try it but you’ll probably end up with a bullet as well. I can tell you now, Self-Forgiveness do not stop a bullet. So I suggest you don’t. Rather get to the point, get to the change before the situation is out of control. Because once the situation is out of control, there is a consequence. And the consequence is that which must be paid. It is karmic in nature.

And for everyone to finish their process and for those to birth life, to birth themselves as life from the physical – the payment need to be made, in time. If it’s not made in time there is a deadline.
And if you get to the deadline and you haven’t got yourself out of the hook line and sinker of your Demons – then you’re dead. I mean, that’s the point of a deadline isn’t it?
So then we speak to the Demons one by one, establish first of all their story. I mean, if you want to help somebody listen to their story. They’re possessed.

Now most people don’t want to tell you their story. They have an ego presentation about what they know. That’s not what you’re interested in. You’re interested in their real story, what really happened to them. And it takes quite a story to get that out of people. In Mind Constructs we go into detail, to eventually getting to a person’s real story. Because the story they tend to tell, is one of knowledge and wisdom and how enlightened and wonderful they are and how much they know – nothing real. They don’t want to tell you the real story. The real story is not nice, the real story does not have any glamour or fame. It is in most cases rather something not to share. Therefore in the Desteni I Process, these kind of things are kept under – are kept ‘inside the program’ unless a person decides to actually share it themselves.
So I listen do the Demons’ story. What is fascinating, obviously at that stage within ‘Who I Am’ I could also see the story before it was told. So if the Demon lied to me I can show the Demon where it is lying. And so I would contain the Demon to ’Who They Are’, their Self-Truth.

What were the Demons? That was fascinating – they were human beings that died in anger, rage, jealousy or trauma, hate, revenge, vengefulness – you know, many, many, many different ways. Extreme fear that people died on Earth and their transition was contaminating the energy they were transferring to Heaven, they were not allowed into Heaven, they were thrown into the Demon Dimension because their energy wasn’t good enough, ‘pure’ enough. They were not dying with their last breath in God’s name on their lips or love or shit like that. They were dying in Self-Honesty and how they really felt. That is not acceptable in Heaven. In Heaven you have to present what Heaven wants you to present – Self-Honesty is irrelevant. So Demons in essence were the real Self-Honest existence of a being where they have, where they were no longer denying their experience on Earth. They were absolutely pissed off with God and have in many cases taken an oath to harm anything that is related to God and to destroy God’s creation. I mean, imagine, I have this Demon in a body here on Earth and it’s telling me that it’s here to destroy God and it will destroy God and explain how it’s harmed from children to adults to innocents, how they have harmed them throughout the ages – to get back at God, for what God did to them.

To be continued...

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Day 563: Living Pictures & The Devolution of Man

Continuing from Day 562: Orchestrating Demon Possessions
“The more they obviously resist the point, and embrace love, the worse the fall. Because that’s how it works. If you study basic physics: you’re in a Universe that’s physics and physical, there are laws and you are messing with the laws, pretending that you know better when in fact your very actions, your very directive force is indicative of ‘who you are’ within all of this”

So really, to make a person being possessed was such a simple point, because they were being possessed by my permission so to speak, and by their permission. And within the context of that I would then discuss with the Demon and move the Demon from that person to me. And during that process assist them within embracing Self-Forgiveness and indicating – and understand, I understood quantum time, quantum mechanics and all the multi universes, completely, in a physical way. Therefore I could show the Demon multi-dimensional outcomes and solutions – utilising the Equality Equation to the point where all their excuses were dealt with. So that they had a realisation.

To keep on hating or loving is not the answer. The answer is to become Self-Honest and forgive yourself for what you have allowed and what you have become due to desires, wants, needs, hopes –all due to separation and projections. You’re abusing your actual ‘Oneness’ and therefore you became this energy and lost your ‘source’ so to speak, which was the physical. And the physical obviously being not what you see with your eyes, or what you touch with your hands or work with your senses. That is just part of it and some of it is not necessarily the physical, they are a deceptive manifestation manufactured through the mind.

So, it was fascinating and there was obviously a fascination. I had also Cerise there and she had a peculiar Demon Entity that came through and that we communicated with and that also participated through the Portal later on. Her name was Felicity. And her nature of creation – that means – what she embraced as her Demonic Self was a form of sexuality, like a nymphomaniac – deriving absolute pleasure from the Erotica. So fascinating point, taking her through the Self-Forgiveness’s and the releases. And very stable, a Demon would become once they have gone through it.

At this stage we haven’t done it often, we only did a few sessions, it was the beginning stages. And we also worked extensively on understanding the mind and the relationships in the mind at that stage we started with that. Which was researching, testing what eventually would become the Desteni I Process – realising, that obviously we have to really understand the dimensions of all of this and how for instance the Demonic manifest. Because the Demonic, was quite clear, would manifest on Earth once we got to the point of releasing the Heavenly Demons, that means those in the Dimensions. And we’ll explain that later in terms of how that actually occurred and why and what was the dynamic at work within the context of the Demons that is now already running amok on Earth and that will do so for some years to come – forcing, virtually, Humanity to its knees. It is fascinating Dark Times ahead for all. There are tools within which you can assist yourself as some has already experienced. The possession is extensive and not so easy to deal with and even with your tools you have to breathe effectively through the point and yet it will reoccur. Because every dimension of the Self-Lie will be challenged, every Dimension of the Desire. So if you stop one Dimension there is still an infinite amount of Dimensions that scales of it in a way. It’s like it feeds off it, it moves off it – like a refraction, like a fractional creative process that follows the Fibonacci Spiral, it’s like an infinite point but it’s always the same. So it really challenge ones resolve because eventually you just want to give up because it seems like you cannot get past this, it’s never ending.

It’s important to go through things like that because at the end of the day it is the Design of this Reality – it’s never-ending. And you are trapped in a never-ending spiral of Systems which you call ‘Life’ – but it isn’t. It is just always the same. The only thing that changes is the picture. The whole process of evolution that one is stuck in, have a look: it’s the evolution of the picture, it’s not the evolution of Life in fact. In fact the Human is devolving while all the other beings here on Earth, they’re evolving. The essence being that the picture has become the totality and the only reality which the Human values. And that all feelings virtually are like packaged behind the picture. So the picture even hides the truth about it. Now imagine that those feelings, those energies, those emotions – they are the demonic forces that’s now going to take over the running of the picture, the picture that you believe is you. So in the context of authority, you being just a picture have already given all your authority to the energy, the emotions and the feelings. Therefore, for that to take over your life, does not require any consideration from you or commitment or authority or approval. You have already allowed it, you’ve already created that. You have to face it, there is no way out from it. It is why this world is in the mess that it is – it’s because the Human as such is not a living being, it’s a living picture. And that living picture has abdicated or has become the totality that is you. And all you’re busy doing is grooming that picture, looking for energy. And then storing that energy that you’re trying to create as if that is God, and then now it will become it. But it’s a Demon! Because it is a polarity manifestation – good or bad – doesn’t matter. And then it takes over.

And then the events in your life will be things that you will regret and that you can never repair. So you have a reminder of the dishonesty that you participated in.

So, it is necessary and it cannot be stopped. You are not in a position that can make any difference to that experience. You can though learn how to get out if. Because unless you know how to get out of it, or you have a realisation that get you out of it eventually – you’re gonna go through hell itself.
So from that perspective I suggest that one consider the Desteni I Process and where one can develop a relationship of support that spans a Global Network through which one can then be supported as best as possible. At the end of the day though remember, you remain the one responsible for your life. You remain the one that must become Self-Honest, even in your room when you are alone.

Because it is in your room when you are alone and your mind gossips and judge and speaks and build up images and energies – that is when you are creating your greatest nightmare. May you realise that and stop it before it becomes your life.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Day 562: Orchestrating Demon Possessions

Continuing from Day 561: The Ultimate Challenge of All Religion:
 So, Cerise then brought these Demons here, most of them went quite quickly the last six-seven of them where rather ‘tough’ ones, they’d been Demons for a very long time. But they all then realised themselves and the whole story after that changed. They never made another attempt like that on me and my family because, they had no way to deal with what it was, they didn’t understand what was happening, but something was happening to their comrades when they try and harm me and my family. We’ll continue this.

So we continue with the Demon Story.
Let me start it with going deeper into the Demon story.

During the time when there was no money and therefore there was no interference or – let’s say there was no ‘interference’, per se. I was alone, in essence, with the kids and there was no outlook that was promising, there was no point of money on the horizon and I was purely walking the dedication to find out more about the Demons.

I met a lady that told me that she was experiencing the Demons in some of the clubs where they were using drugs. Now at that stage I never used drugs and drugs to me was really not important. So I decided to explore but I didn’t use any drugs. I went to the clubs – at that stage I was doing tarot readings and I was pretty good at it so I pushed the point further to see if just by doing Tarot readings without – I mean with doing it for ‘donation’ – if that would be in any way be a way to live. Obviously to my amazement it was a disaster and I met during that time many other people lives that was also destroyed through the Tarot reading thing. It was purely very few people that would make a success of it. Normally those that has developed a Tarot set and has sold it and is making money from selling the cards as well. They would normally be successful in this endeavour. The rest, the ‘followers’ won’t.

That’s just the norm, the principle of our current economic capitalistic system.
But it was a good experience from the perspective of actually realising that Demons per se, I met some Demons in people, I moved them, utilising the physical recognition system that was now ‘Me as the World’ so I could move the point and see where it’s from, see what it’s about, is there energetic charge, what is the definition, what is the relationship and then disconnect the points and move it and let the person walk their life.

Obviously they may create the Demon again if they want to or create the opening for a Demon again if they want to. At that stage my point of reference, the reference was the actual ability to disengage a Demon Possession and find out in which ways it was effective and how I could help the Demon to not continue on their quest of finding hosts once they are exorcised. Because exorcism to me was pure fearful stupidity because someone who knew nothing about Demons and only judge them as Evil is trying to chase them away. It’s like putting fuel on a fire, I mean you are coming there with fear in the first place and you feed the Demon your fear which is your so called ‘power’, because you believe it’s evil and evil must be feared.

So it simply then changes its frequency and you end up not even knowing what is going on because you measure things according to the feedback you get. And when it goes quiet, then apparently it’s ‘better’. It’s quite a laughing matter, dear exorcists.

Anyway, so, during this time I started looking at how to engage in a process within which I would be able to establish a way into assisting the Demons effectively. I only really started going into it, once I met Esteni. And we started in the house where we had the possessions of, and the writings on the wall – we started there. And the first point was to simply push and let people be possessed. I mean, just allow it. And then take on and see if I can get the Demon out of them. So that’s what I did. And then once the Demon was in and was able to use the body and speak to me, then I would speak to the Demon. And look at their life because it’s like you can see it. Once you become somebody’s life, their existence – you know their existence, you know who they are because you walk it in fact even in what they have not considered. Because they have lost themselves in time. So therefore they cannot see the complete Self they have created in Consciousness as they cannot see what is really going on in this world. So therefore they have moved throughout their existence from the polarity of ‘Love’ to the polarity of ‘Hate’. And those that are now for instance in this world at the polarity of ‘Love’ will still go into the polarity of ‘Hate’. The more they obviously resist the point, and embrace love, the worse the fall. Because that’s how it works. If you study basic physics: you’re in a Universe that’s physics and physical, there are laws and you are messing with the laws, pretending that you know better when in fact your very actions, your very directive force is indicative of ‘who you are’ within all of this.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Day 561: The Ultimate Challenge of All Religion

Continuing from Day 560: Earthing Self

So that by the time I got to the first major attack on myself and my family by Demons, it was after the whole graffiti thing on the wall where they were writing on the walls that they will ‘Kill you and your son’. We had already at that stage established an effective way to deal with it from the perspective of seeing and working with it, so my children could already see it, Cerise specifically. And she was ready, had no fear of any of these Manifestations and were able to speak to all things, whatever form it is. So very effectively she could deal with it. And therefore with her assistance, in the beginning, in terms of bringing them together when we were attacked by over 300 Demons, some of the big boys of the Universe came to the house because I was busy making an impact on the ‘Legions of Demons’, in assisting them. And they would not stand for it.
So they came to me and my house to try and scare me away. There wasn’t really much they could do, they needed my fear, my participation in fear and ignorance to be able to actually control or have a response that they can actually work with to be able to get anywhere.

I instructed Cerise what to do, bring the demons together. She knew how to work with it already. She’d bring the demons and we will put them through my heart, that means I’m in a state, in a calm state of processing, earthing all the energy that the Demon has been utilising and creating its Demon Self. I was busy earthing that back to the Earth and in that way when you earth that energy, the being is released from the control of the energy and also is assisted in realising how they have created their energetic state that made them de-manned – less than a man – making them an energetic being, which is a lesser being where they lose contact with the Physical Universe, which is the actual creative force. They are taken through the point of Realisation and then they are assisted to go to an appropriate space from which they will be guided further, which we will discuss in for instance the books that was presented or transcribed by Hitler through the Portal, explaining how this worked.
Obviously, Hitler being the ultimate Demon, according to Man – and in fact he was the ultimate Demon in the Hereafter, in the Demon Dimension. So question being – would Hitler be able to be Forgiven or Self-Forgiven? Can Hitler be Forgiven? The ultimate challenge of all Religion and all Beliefs and all Faiths.

Is the Forgiveness of God real?

What is Forgiveness really?

So, Cerise then brought these Demons here, most of them went quite quickly the last six-seven of them where rather ‘tough’ ones, they’d been Demons for a very long time. But they all then realised themselves and the whole story after that changed. They never made another attempt like that on me and my family because, they had no way to deal with what it was, they didn’t understand what was happening, but something was happening to their comrades when they try and harm me and my family. We’ll continue this.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Day 560: Earthing Self

Continuing from Day 559: Complete Body Awareness

In this thus I developed an effective way to measure any change in energy that is relevant to what I am busy with . Obviously still specifically filtered according to my current focus of Equality – otherwise I would be overrun with an uncountable amount of streams of information and energy which is obviously what no-one notices in this reality, which is that this reality consist out of a massive amount of frequencies and that it is all Interdimensionally visible at all times, and everyone is bombarded with it all the time – yet not aware of it at all, whatsoever.

Fascinating though that there is then this whole idea that you can ‘feel’ something without the context of what it really means. So, very important to understand the functionality and the ways one can utilize the physical to support you in understanding in absolutely focussed points, the movement of real life realisations.

So in the beginning stages, with the Demons, the first point was obviously the meditations, I also realised, before I even got to the Demons, that in fact, the ‘As Above, So Below’ is in fact the physical representation of the physical body. So through the years I’ve practiced myself into it, tested and cross-referenced it extensively and therefore had the trust in terms of it, to actually test out, in the breathing, the full integration of the Universe, the Earth as the Centre as my Heart, because the word ‘Earth’ and ‘Heart’ is the same word – you just shift the letters around. So that I can Earth myself here and deal with the reality we’re busy ‘adjusting’. Obviously there will be much discussions still to come and published in terms of what is really going on, we’re here only dealing with the Demonic Part in Reality and the reality or part it played in Reality.

So, with that complete understanding, physically integrated, tested over many years, over and over in spite of the environment, in spite of what is happening in my reality – I focus completely in a full integration of it as I understood, that was my duty to understand and it was the only way I could actually ‘meet’ or ‘see’ God face to face, was to be equal to God. Image and Likeness! Equality and Oneness!

And therefore I did the necessary work as I’ve indicated many times. On average it will take a person fourteen years of application with cross-referencing extensively so, to the very best, in seven years.
And you would not claim your so called ‘understanding’, unless you’ve done your cross-referencing. And we do not give all the necessary guidelines, because then it’s too easy to copy them instead of actually living the whole point. We are closing the system now, in terms of it all, so that all walk the same process in the Universe and also because we have already placed into context all those that are deliberately deceiving and abusing and that are in fact Demonic Manifestations and we will explain how that operates as well.

So, with first meeting of the Demons, as I was initially saying, I was setting myself up to automate my kinesiology with that, to automate the assistance of Demons. As I walked, I found that a massive amount of people on Earth were Demon Possessed. And not just one – but several. And that there was no way that we were going to sort the problem out in this world, because there were just too many. And therefore I programmed and set-up my physical body, which at this stage was Equal and in representing the Universe, to process and assist the Demons to Self-Forgiveness, through the physical in an automated state. As I walk and get in touch with people, so that at stages my full possessive – that means my physical body it had up to 45% - we measured it – percentages up to 45% Demon Possession as I was processing these beings back to themselves, through Self-Forgiveness. That means assisting them in ways that I will explain in time to come.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Day 559: Complete Body Awareness

Continuing from Day 558: Meditation, Understanding and Self-Realisation.

So, I moved on from there into a more ‘physical’ meditation with the actual breathing and movement of myself within the body. Becoming and practicing my total awareness within the physical body. That was a very painful meditation, but I realised that ‘unless I am actually present in all and every cell of my body – I am not the directive principle of my physicality and I am not directed within this physical world. So I used breathing, moving in and out of the body and had much pain in the process, but if one persists, eventually one manages to instantaneously be in an relaxed physical state with a single breath.

Which was the point, was to identify any hidden emotion, any hidden energy, any hidden point that is in control of any part of the physical.

Obviously I developed through time and much practice ‘coercive relationship’ with the physical to indicate to me wherever something is out of place. It took many years to develop which I then cross-referenced and checked on other people’s bodies . And I had to be able to immediately point out the pain, the point without any help from them and without them even knowing that I’m looking so that they as they ‘observer’ cannot influence what it is I am physically experiencing in my body, it must correspond and I will never share with them initially, that I am also having the pain, I will not explain ‘how’. Because I was testing over many years, it was astoundingly effective. One is here as every point, 100% effective. Indicating that one can actually find the Forgiveness necessary, find the Self-Honest Relationship, the Equality Point – meaning – ‘What was the Equation’ and the ‘Relationship’ that created that point, do the Forgiveness and it’ll release. Not only in the person’s body but also in your own body as well. Proving beyond a doubt – Equality and Oneness within the Physical, Here.

I’ve been working with that extensively.

A simple guideline emerged. Whenever I can feel the pain of another, it is my duty, my responsibility to work with the person. If I don’t, it’s their own and they’re ready to handle it themselves. And until they can determine what is a pain that is theirs or another’s, it is always their pain. It is only once you have dealt with your complete integration, physically, that you can actually start to take responsibility for other people. Before that you will use your mind and you will mind-warp other people.