Tuesday 23 October 2012

Day 192: After Death Communications - Part 41

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A History with Life After Death - Part 26

The Demonic (Part 4)

I showed my Children, during their Physical Quantum Stage of Development, how to See what is Really Here - and in a Single Breath, they could See it. This will be explained in Great Detail in the Quantum Studies we’ll be walking, because in Showing how to See – if you are Not, in fact, Absolutely Clearly Designed to interact with All Living things as NORMAL, like Breathing, and you have some emotional, feeling, energy or consciousness designs in you: You will implant this into your Child, and your Child will have to walk your Dysfunctions as their Lives. Exactly as what is Happening, currently on Earth – generation after generation, as the sins of the Fathers are transferred to the Children during their Quantum Physical stage. Ensuring that each generation parrots the previous generation, with No Conception of What Life Really, Actually, Is.

So, a Few Pointers in this Context: I showed the Children that a Demon, if you trace back its life and existence – was in fact a Life Form, like a Human, that was exposed to extreme Abuse during their life. To such an extent, that they Lost themselves Completely, and decided to Retaliate against what they perceive to be ‘life’, and that therefore: a Demon is not to be Feared, but is to be Helped.

And it is with the Demonic where I tested Self Forgiveness to the Extreme, for many years, assisting Thousands of Demons to Reach a State of “Foundness”. Thus, “finding again, within them the Purpose of Life as what is Equally Best for All, Always”. In this Showing, that if one continue with any form of abuse, whether Directly or through Acceptance or through Allowance: you are in fact the Creator of your own Consequence, which will Manifest in some way as Inequality, and Force you either into Suffering or into being the Cause of Suffering. Those of Great Self-Interest will choose to be the Cause of Suffering, by focusing on the ‘Positive’. Those with some integrity left, will end-up as those that Suffer – as they cannot bring themselves to the Point of being so Deliberate in Abuse, that they Focus on Self-Interest Only, and would Rather Suffer than Abuse. Especially those that Suffer, find themselves in this Position, partly because they cannot Find a Solution to the Problem.

In this, you should Listen to the Videos of AA whom we Found through the Portal, in a State of “Lost Faith”, that through millions of years and many lives came to the Conclusion, that: Life cannot be Redeemed, and thus should not Exist, as it only Ever Leads to more Suffering Inevitably. It took quite some Convincing to let Her See, that Self Forgiveness is the Way, through Self Honesty, with the Focussed Living, Breathing, Part to Play in All Relationships, to Always, Mathematically, Specific, Bring about What is Best for All Life – and that when All do this, Life Would be Free from Suffering, Free from Abuse, Free from Tolerance, Free from Fear, Free from Ignorance, Free from Deception, Free from Lies, Free from Self-Interest. And thus, the Integral Part of Existence, which is the Relationships between each Part – will Function as One Body of Life, and thus at last: Life will be Born from the Physical Universe as Each Physical Body that forms the Cell of Self that is the Functioning of the Moving Participation of Existence, through which we Have our Being - and to which, and as which, we are Responsible – for Every Single Part we Play in All that is Here.

Thus, the HERE as LIFE do not yet Exist, but we Can Create It, and through our very Act of Creation – we will Define ourselves as That which is In Fact Divine. As we Would, from the seeming Impossible: Create the Highest Good, and AS That which is Divine, are not Limited by the seemingly Impossible - we would become the Evidence, Living and Breathing, of the In Fact Existence of Divinity Itself.

Thus, whomsoever Claim to be Divine, but cannot walk this that has just been explained: are but Only an Illusion, in their Own Self-Created Interest that can Never be Trusted with Life, and that Will Never be Trusted with Life. And therefore, HEAR the Desteni of the Universe, if you are to be Part of it. And if you React to the Desteni Message: you are Not Ready, and Not yet Worthy of Life.

In the Next Post, we will continue more on Assisting Children, as Yourself, as well as What we Found within the Demonic and How Self Forgiveness brought that Dimension to Rest. But, be Aware –the Demons on Earth now, are Created in the Human Mind, and will Become the Total Existence of Consciousness to Reveal the Nature of Consciousness in All its Gory. 

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