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Day 194: After Death Communications - Part 43

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For context – continuing from the previous post:
“So at some Point, later – I reached a point, after I met my ‘Soul Mate’, yes – I did meet my ‘Soul Mate’, which is Quite an Experience. But realised, that if I would remain with my Soul Mate: I would Never be able to become Effective in this World, to bring about, or be Instrumental, or be Part of, or whatever I need to be – to Bring About a World that’s Best for All. So, I had to effect Change, which I did. But, my Physical Body, my Emotional Body specifically – went into Complete Shock, and absolutely refused to Let Go. It was as if My Will, My Decision was Worthless in terms of my Emotional Body and I went on a form of ‘Emotional Turmoil’ that I’ve Never experienced before.

So, the Obvious Point that was clear that had to be Faced is: I had to look at how to deprogram this. So, I contacted the Kinesiologist, went there, explained the Position, what it is I am experiencing, what is the context - that is was My Decision, and I asked what we can do about it. So, we deprogrammed it.”

And, I Investigated the Point from the perspective of the Person’s (Kinesiologist) Ability, to Not stick to their ‘Curriculum’ per say, but to be able to Work with Situations that occur, functionally / effectively, in terms of programming, so that one can get to the bottom of things and at the same time Deprogram the Physical and Reprogram it, Effectively.

So, I looked at all of that and Decided to make it as One of my Cross-references, in terms of my own Personal, Functional, Work on Myself in Returning to the Quantum Physical - to make sure that what is being Done is, Unconditionally What is Best for All – no Matter what the Consequence, and no Matter what will Happen Eventually, because: It must be Done. So, I utilized that over a period of Twelve years, and eventually reached a point, obviously, where it wasn’t Necessary to use the Cross-reference, because: it was Done.

But, One want to Understand How we got to Where we are in the Material we’re Presenting: it wasn’t just a Matter of ‘coming up with an Idea’. It was the Actual, Physical, Preparation of the Physical Body – in this case, for instance, also in terms of the Demons – in terms of Dealing with That which is Instrumental, in the Cause and Creation and Accumulation and Effect that would Bring About the Demononic Dimension and in itself Cause those that Die in a State of Turmoil and Trauma, or in a State where they are seen by Heaven to be “not beneficial to the intent of the Hierarchy” – that those would end-up in the Demon Dimension. And I used Kinesiology as a Cross-reference, extensively, when working with the Demon Dimension, to make sure that Every Point is Covered and that Every Demon is Helped in Every Way Possible.

And Here, the Important Point was that: the Kinesiologist had to be somebody with No direct interest, with No interest in the Outcome of what we were doing – meaning, there must be no perceived ‘benefit’, they must be in their own ‘troubled lives’ so that there is no reason for them to make any changes to their lives. They must be able to Move in the Moment and not following the Curriculum, specific, and they must have no judgment of investigating ANYTHING – there must be No limitation at what they’re willing to look at. They must be able to look EVERYWHERE, whether they believe in it or not – it must be Unconditional. So – I found such a Person, and it Worked Wonders.

So, from a perspective of Utilizing Kinesiology to support you in Basic Points: it’s recommended. But, there is No Magic Way one can Change yourself. Changing yourself is the Result of Many Years of Physical Work, Physical Dedication, Physical Specificity. Not the Mind – the Mind is a Very Frivolous thing, for instance becoming a ‘Positive Mind’ Person or ‘Minded Person’ – that’s Not Physical Work: That is Physical Abuse. For that you should Study the Quantum Mind to get a better Understanding, and Read the Journey to Life Blogs.

It Takes Many Years of Absolute Daily Dedication, Breath by Breath, to get to a Point within yourself, Physically, where the Mind will No Longer override your Commonsense. And unless one do that in a Way that is Visible, Provable, and Here I talk about Writing, Specifically – you will have no reference. Writing is one of your References. If you do not Commit yourself to Physical Writing: your Process of Real Change has not Started, and it Never Will.

You have to have Cross-references, you have to have a Point through which you can Reference your own Self-Honesty, and the Best Point of that is Self-Honest Writing. Because in that way, you put down the Gauntlet to yourself, it is a form of a Mirror that you cannot just ‘rub out’. It is a Point that you can Show – not only to yourself, but to others – to Show your process, Show that you have In Fact Done it. Because it’s so easy in this World to Lie and to claim you've ‘Done it’, so – from a Desteni Perspective, if you Claim you've Done it: we want to See it in Writing. If you have No Evidence in Writing, we know One Thing: we've already walked this Process, you're just a “Liar, Liar, your Pants on Fire”. So, don't come with that Bullshit. We will Ignore you and Disregard you – because you disregarded the Obvious: It’s Best Not to Lie, it’s Best to be Self-Honest and it’s Best to be Walking as an Equal. If you can't do that: You've made the Decision – Not Us. We already know What’s Best, we've already Tested it Over Many Years in Every Possible Way, and we will Explain All those Ways.

So, Who’s to Blame if you can't get the Desteni Point…You Are. Because, we’ve put in the Work, You didn’t. We've read the Material, You didn’t.

If you are About Life, you will Care about Life and you’ll get to know How everything work in fact, and not Care about your Self-Interest.

So, Join us…if you Dare.  

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