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Day 191: After Death Communications - Part 40

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The Demonic (Part 3)

For context – continuing from the Previous Post:
“So the Problem of Life on Earth as Human, as Human Nature, is of an Astounding Level of Ignorance and yet: what will have to Happen before Mankind Hear? And this is where the Demonic plays a Major Role because, In Fact: Man is the Creator of the Demon; because the Demon is a Man, a Tree of life, of flesh, that became a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that became De-Man, that became Less than Man, that became less than the Flesh of Self. And so: Created not only in this Dimension, but in many others - a Complete Demonic Existence. And this is now visited upon man in Every Generation - one after the other, we are being Visited by our Own Creations, that which we are able to Change, and yet we don’t.”

In Investigating My relationship with Demons - and that implied, obviously, the Human’s relationship with Demons, and Heaven’s relationship with Demons, and the Angel’s relationship with Demons, and God’s relationship with Demons: I was ashamed. I was ashamed to be part of the so-called ‘Higher’ life form, the so-called ‘Human Species’, the so-called ‘Consciousness’, that would Totally Disregard a Part of what is Here, Purely out of Ignorance and Fear.

From my perspective, if I could not be that Demon, if I could not Understand their Pain, if I could not Understand their Trauma, if I could not Understand their Anger, if I could not Understand their Fear, the Reason for Revenge, and Stand in its face to Find the Point that is Forgivable, the Point that is Forgiveness, the Point that is Self-Forgiveness, the point that is letting one Free from that: I don’t Deserve to be Alive. Because then, in its Essence, I am just Part of the Problem that is Abusing life, that is Causing life to be something that is Not Supportive, something that is Not One and Equal as What is Best for All - I am then the problem, and therefore, I am the One Responsible. And from that perspective, I looked at the whole point of Shame, and Shame is Not Guilt. Guilt is simply Self-Manipulation to continue with Abuse. Shame is Self-Awareness. Shame is Total Self-Awareness, because you Understand the Totality of what it is you’re Ashamed of. You Understand the Role you’ve played in it, which is Self-Awareness, and therefore – Self-Awareness without actually Moving through the Totality of the Shame of Everything that one has been part of throughout your existence and what you have Created in All of Everything: you will Never become Aware, and All Awareness you Create will only be Consciousness, which is the Illusion of your Self-Creation, which we discuss In Detail in the Quantum Mind studies, so that one can Understand the Problem you are Facing, the Problem of your Responsibility, the Problem of your Creation. Because this Earth, in its Totality, is the Individual Creation of each One that is on Earth, you are part of it, it only Exist because you are Here. You are the Cause. You are the Origin. You are the ‘God’ which Jesus talked about when he said: “Ain’t Ye All Gods?” You are In Fact the One that is Causing this. And if that is what you are Causing by your very own Power, your very own Part, because your Power is to be Part of the Group that is Here - that is what you are, and you try and avoid your Responsibility through the so-called idea that you have ‘Free Choice’, and that you are a ‘Free Individual’, and you must do it in ‘your own way’ - you have a Serious Problem, because you have No Awareness. You are purely acting out of ignorance, you have No Shame. You are an Abuser. You are in fact a total manifestation of a ‘Hated Self’ - Everything you say about ‘Individuality’ and ‘Free Choice’ in trying to protect your ‘Individual Rights’, is in fact Hate Speech because of what it Cause in the Greater Reality in the Lives of Others, because - you may have the Resource that they don’t have because you are Controlling the Resource that they can’t get, and therefore, you are at Root Cause, the Root of All Evil on Earth, which is the Human Race.

Remove the Human form Earth, and Earth will be the Garden of Eden again. And unless, thus, the Human become part of this Garden of Eden and no longer Eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and become the Tree of Life, become a Plant on this Planet, be the Seed that Grows into the Flesh Plant that moves and Requires the Earth, just like any other thing that is Here to be Alive - you are just a Plant here on Earth. On a Planet, a Planet which is a Net of Plants and you are supposed to Live in Harmony and Peace with what is Here on Earth, and you do not do that: you Serve only Self-Interest, justifying it Without Shame, Without Awareness - Creating Consciousness to hide in, to Con yourself that apparently “you are good”. But that is Not True, there is No Goodness in the Human. I made that mistake for many years, to believe that the human is Inherently Good.

No - the Human is Inherently Evil. That is an Absolute Fact. And only those with Awareness will be Aware of this and will Understand the Task Ahead, to Bring About a World that is a Return to the Garden of Eden.
I Invite You to Join this Process, this Project, to Bring About Harmony and Peace on Earth for Life as Life as What is Best for All Life Always. So that there may be, in the Future when we are done with this, a Planet where not a Single Being will be Born that do not have the Absolute Opportunity to have a Life Fulfilled in Every Way according to its Design, to be Fruitful and Bear more Fruit as Life. And that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is Consciousness, can be Removed from this Planet Forevermore.
We will Ascend them, we will Send their Asses to the Hereafter, where there awaits Great Clarity. Isn’t that Wonderful? You are going to Ascend - with your Last Breath, and you are going to Find Out what I have shared in Absolute Detail has been Absolutely Specific, and there will not be a Single Point that has not been Exactly what we have Shared.

So join us, we will continue this discussion on the Demonic and Why so Many ended up in the Demon Dimension, or what you would call Hell or Damnation. And that the very Consciousness you revere is the very thing that will take you to this Hell. After all, isn’t it Written that Demons are Angels in Disguise? And whenever an Angel tells you ‘Beautiful things’, ‘Shiny bright things’, ‘Beautiful feelings’ - isn’t that what you have been Warned about, and still you didn’t Hear? Read your Holy Books, they tell you All about This. See you Soon.

More to come in next blog.

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