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Day 182: After Death Communication – Part 31

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The History with Life After Death – Part 16

A Little Bit More About the Soul

Here we are going to look at some of the points that also feature in the research of Michael Newton, to Show you how Life Plans were Created, and how you ended up in how you Chose a Life Plan, while you in fact had not a Full View in what it is you were getting yourself in to.

You will notice that Newton talked about the point where you would choose, with help of a Guide and others, a Life out of a possibility of a selection. We’ll use in this case the number 12. You’ll be presented with a selection of 12 lives with suggestions of how you could Evolve yourself, and at the same time, help the particular family or someone in the family that you are going to be born into. The presentation is made in a way that you believe the work you were going to do on Earth as a Reincarnated Soul would be important, and would benefit you in the long run in your Journey to eventually Attain and Ascend to the Higher Heavens, which normally you would even in Heaven, only hear stories about how few were actually shown what this would entail.

The particular Life Design would then become part of your Reincarnation Process, and how that is going to unfold you would know very little about, as Heaven was consisting of Energy Harvested from the Mind Machine of the Human Slaves on Earth. The Life Design was also Programmed into Energy very similar to how a Computer Software Package would be Programmed, it followed the same principle as a seed of a tree for instance, because in essence the Birth of a Human is the Birth of a Plant here on Earth, which takes its Substance just like a Plant from the Environment and then Grow through time to eventually come of age and to become Fruitful. Within this Growth Pattern, there will be an Equal Growing of the Mind and an Equal Development of the Energy Patterns that the Mind Produce after the initial Quantum Physical process the Child will go through in their initial seven year process. Most Life Plans will only actually unfold after the Emotional Body has been completely developed, and so the Impact of this Life Plan normally would start only later. In some cases, obviously, the particular child will have an impact on the family early on. One can through the Desteni-I-Process, explore this phenomenon in great detail through the study of Timelines and Mind Constructs, to get to the bottom of what it is that was actually within the Seed as the Life Plan.

What the Being as a Soul didn’t know was the actual context of all the Patterns Programmed into the Life Plan Seed. Here, you had the part you were told about, but the Greater part, just like things work on Earth, was a Secret to you, because the Greater part of the Life Plan did not have your best interest at heart, but was Deliberately Designed to make sure you fail and come to Accept the System on Earth as the only Valid System, because if you did not Accept the System - that would cause a problem in Mind Energy Production, which would cause Heaven to have a shortage of the energy required to keep the Hierarchy and their Loyal Assistants Supplied.

In the Life Plan, the unfolding of it was triggered through the reaching of specific frequencies and as you purified the energy frequency to be higher, a next stage of your Programmed Awareness would unfold, and you would obviously be in all of this in awe, as it produce some feelings that one really get addicted to. To assist in this, the Hierarchy placed Masters and Gurus and Teachers on Earth, specifically emitting these higher frequencies to which you would be attracted, so that you could be supported to Force your Body into submission to this which was called “Higher Work” or “Higher Learning” or a “Process of Ascension” or “Climbing the ladder of positive success”. The groups that would form around to any particular frequency requirement of Heaven would normally evolve like a society, which would also generate the physical means, like money and support, to ensure greater stability within the particular frequency group.

Obviously as you can see here, Heaven required different frequencies and this was because, and here you can study the work of Robert Monroe, Heaven existed as frequency bands, which was based on Heavens’ particular frequencies that would step higher and higher each frequency band, like a radio station, sending out or emitting or containing a Dimension as a Heaven, that would function as a stepping stone, as ‘reward’ for the Loyal Slaves, where they could rest before they would return to Earth for their next incarceration/incarnation, where they would work in the Mines of the Minds to Produce, through Forcing a Higher Vibration - for the next level of Frequency to feed the next Heaven they would eventually achieve. In this, Masters and Gurus and Angels and Teachers of the mysteries played a vital role, as they each would present a message that would facilitate the creation through the Mind of the followers of the specific energy frequency required for the specific Heaven.

This was all meticulously planned, and therefore, Heaven could not afford the slaves on Earth to stray from their path. Obviously, through time as more and more were rewarded with higher and higher vibrations, more and more would be rewarded in Heaven with a higher heaven, one of the many mansions, and therefore, more and more were required to focus on the Production of higher vibration energy to meet the Demands of the so-called “Ever Evolving Consciousness”. This all being triggered by the reaching of a particular frequency in the Life Plan Seed, so that the being that is living the particular Life Plan, can feel like they are being rewarded as they have achieved the next stage of their evolution.
This being obviously a very personal experience in achievement, the convictions overwhelming that of the convict incarcerated in the Mind as the Energy Mining Machine would be so it can not conceive that this is all just a Con as Consciousness. And in a way Earth became a Perfect Prison, where even the ones screaming that this is a Prison Planet, is only a prisoner accumulating followers to produce a specific frequency band to fulfill the needs of Heaven. You will see these patterns playing out in every walk of life, and with the many groups that exist you will notice how many Heavens exist.

The Consequence of not complying with this system on Earth is that you are kicked out and end up in a position of poverty and starvation. To enhance this there has always been a part of the population whose Life Plans were deliberately designed to act as examples of what would happen if you refuse to comply to your Life Plan, as this fear was found to be most effective in keeping the prisoner positively dedicated, and to ensure the regular supply of Energy to the Heavens.

More on this in the next blog. 

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