Wednesday 24 October 2012

Day 193: After Death Communications - Part 42

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A History with Life After Death - Part 27

Preparing to Face the Demonic (Part 1)

Here, it is also Important to Emphasize the Importance of Structural, Specific, Preparation and the use of Cross-reference Tools as other people, to make sure you do not Fall in the Trap of Self-Importance and Self-Interest. Because, Viewing things through the Mind – that is just an interpreter, will tend to give one the Views you Want to See, which are Based on your Memories, the Expectations of your Environment, it’ll be based on the Calculations of your Quantum Mind in establishing your Unique Way with which to “be Successful in this world and Win” in terms of your Character Developments, to Create Personality Presentations that you can Sell to the world and ‘live your dream’. So, within these contexts, it is Important to Note, some of the cross-references that was Utilized. One of them that I utilized over a period of more than twelve years, of which eight of those years were before the Portal Opened, was Kinesiology.

Now, here, I only Considered the Kinesiology to be Worthy of Investigation after a Very Specific Event: my Daughter suddenly developed Asthma. It seemingly was ‘out of the Blue’. Asthma has been in the Family, my Grandfather died of Asthma, one of my Uncles died of Asthma – so, it’s been in the Genetic Line. And was therefore well-known from my Childhood, because, I mean, I watched my Grandfather deteriorate and when I was six years old, he died and I remembered his difficulty with Breathing.

So, my Daughter was taken to a Kinesiologist. I was at work, and I received a phone call that asked me Very Pertinent, Specific, Questions. I was asked if she, on a Specific day, at a Specific place, had Ice Cream. And, that would seemingly be a ‘random question’, but it was quite specific, because: on the morning that the second child that was nearly at full term was discovered to have died, and there was an emergency with the ex-wife, and the second child was Stillborn. That Morning, after the Night’s events, I took my Daughter to the beach to feed the Birds and eat Ice Cream, to distract her from the Traumatic Events. Yet, fascinatingly enough: she was affected, Directly, by the Events and her Physical Body interpreted whatever happened at the Quantum Physical Level, as some form of a Fearful Event, a Constriction, and Asthma started. So, it was programmed out – and HEAR my Words: It was PROGRAMMED out in that One Session, and the Asthma was Gone.

Confirming quite a number of things: the Nature of the Quantum Physical, because she was very young, 3/4 years old - the impact of Trauma, in how the Child interprets events. But, the fascinating thing was that: It was ‘Programmable’. You could deprogram it, in One Single Session. Yes, because the child was young, that was possible.

So, I did not pursue that Immediately, but it was quite a Point that peaked my Interest. So at some Point, later – I reached a point, after I met my ‘Soul Mate’, yes – I did meet my ‘Soul Mate’, which is Quite an Experience. But realised, that if I would remain with my Soul Mate: I would Never be able to become Effective in this World, to bring about, or be Instrumental, or be Part of, or whatever I need to be – to Bring About a World that’s Best for All. So, I had to effect Change, which I did. But, my Physical Body, my Emotional Body specifically – went into Complete Shock, and absolutely refused to Let Go. It was as if My Will, My Decision was Worthless in terms of my Emotional Body and I went on a form of ‘Emotional Turmoil’ that I’ve Never experienced before.

So, the Obvious Point that was clear that had to be Faced is: I had to look at how to deprogram this. So, I contacted the Kinesiologist, went there, explained the Position, what it is I am experiencing, what is the context - that is was My Decision, and I asked what we can do about it. So, we deprogrammed it.

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