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DAY 175: After Death Communication - Part 24

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A History with Life After Death – Part 9

So, we’re looking at the next Gift, which is the Gift of the Fox, which was a Peculiar One – as it was not Slyness, but Cunningness. The implication of this, was Quite Profound – as within it, was Implied that somehow, somewhere Very Specific Planning was going to be required.

If we look at this World as it exist now, we can See that in its Design, its Day to Day running, the Functioning of all the Relationships that constitute Society and Form the Laws by which we Govern our Inner Perception and that we Use as the Guide to Lead us when in Temptation: we can See that Clearly, the Human Race, through Self-Interest, are Justifying a Way of Existence that Shows a Slyness of Character, a “Winner Takes All” concept, a “No matter what I have to do, as long as I come out On Top, it was Justified”.
This “Winner Takes All”, is impregnated as the Consciousness of a Child throughout their Education from the Family, to the Education System, and become One of the Primary Society-Characteristics through the Practising of Sports, and the Honouring of the Winners as Heroes. Causing great Inner-Conflict in most of the Human, as they realise that: Success in this World, requires you to Win – no matter what you have to do.
Groups has been formed around this Inner Conflict, to Offer Solutions where the “Win-Win” concept has been Structured in such a Way as to Form Ways to Deal with this Inner Conflict, which will result in even a Lifelong Experience of being a “Winner”. The Law of Attraction is such One Device, which as a Vice, Prostitute Life purely for the Sake of “Feeling Good” as a Winner, with having Success through having Money with which one can Buy your Mastery and Pay the Slaves. Claiming that you've been a Slave and that there is a way out of Slavery, when in fact: the Consequences created through such a Focussed Abuse, is completely Ignored. And, Self-Righteously, these Masters of Money will try and Exemplify their Behaviour, using Slyness in Feeding the Charred-Remains of the Poor, through Charities, and in so doing: Justifying the Existence of Poverty as a Way to Demonstrate Benevolence and Goodness of Heart, Never considering that None of This Need to Exist.

So, what is Cunningness then - but, in the End, Understanding the Exact Quantum Mechanics of the Mind, so that one can Lead those Trapped in the Slyness of their Survival to a Point where they May Realise, through Commonsense, Compassion: that the Very Systems they Participate in, are that which Create a World of Inequality, and that through Forming Groups that Act like Winners – all that is Actually Happening, is that it is Creating a Fortress in which to Hide from the Reality, by running away from the Consequences of Inequality. And in so doing, Enhancing Inequality in a Global Scale, that has been Growing as Exponentially as these Groups that Utilize the Mind through Positive Thinking, without Understanding the Mechanics of what they are Creating.

Thus, in a Way – Cunningness would be to know when to Speak, and when to be Silent. What Friction to Cause, and how long to Wait, before Realisation becomes Possible. How to Use the Quantum Mechanics of the Mind to Lead those Lost in Energy to the Eventual Understanding of their Own Inner-Self, so that they can Stop and Study the very Nature of themselves as the Systems that become, eventually, the Social System of this World.

It is as if, in a Way, Honesty to the System superseded the Commonsense necessary to Realise What it Will Take to Bring about a World that is Always Best for All Life, yet Enhance Individual Expression to Self-Fulfilment, where Nothing is Hidden and there are no Secret Agendas and All People can live in Respect of Each other, never Fearing each other: It sounds like Utopia. But, after all – isn’t Utopia what every Religion promise their Followers to be the result of Loyalty to the Religion as a Reward in the Hereafter? And, strange enough – all those Consumed by their Self-Interest would Believe such a Ridiculous Thing, without Evidence that it actually happens After Death. And they will use this Excuse of a Utopia after Death to abuse this World and other Living beings in a way Justifiable to their own Consciousness, which can only be Described as Slyness, Spitefulness and Inherently Evil.

With what Desteni Presents, we are Giving Direct Actual View of what Exist, and as you will Notice: very Few that Live in Self-Interest can Stomach the Truth.
We say that Utopia on Earth is a Matter of Respecting Life, Equally, in All and adjusting the Social System to reflect this Respect.
We say, because we have Direct Access to this, At All Times – 24 Hours a Day, for many years already: that there is No Utopia After Death. In Fact, if you Die, and you have Not Realised the Respect that Life is Equal to, there is a Consequence…The Thing Everyone Fear: A Judgment.
It is rather Stupid to Wait ‘till Death when you cannot change what you have Done, to face what everyone wish upon anyone that abuse them, by saying: “you will pay for this” or “there will be a Judgment Day”, without Realising that their Wish is a Reality, in the End.
Yet – One can Stop Now, and Face what has been allowed through Self-Forgiveness and Self-Honesty, and Learn to Respect yourself as Life, and Others as Life. Proving it through a Social System that Give to Each as Each would Like to Receive, Equally. And in this Way – by Facing Judgments yourself, when the Moment come to Die: You are Ready and thus, No Longer Subject to The End, because you did not Create it ‘in the End’, you have transcended it, for Real.

For those that can Grasp these Words, there is Support through the Desteni I Process, which is available for Free to anyone that Demonstrates a Dedication and a Respect for themselves as Life. Where only those Able to Afford it, Pays according to their Self Honesty. With Support to Help one Walk, so that you are not Alone in this Most Epic Battle for Self as Life.
There is also Blogs available, specifically, that must be read sequentially from DAY 1 as Support, being: Heaven’s Journey to Life in Self-Transformation, Economists Journey to Life in Grasping Why the Primary Social System of Money can be Changed, and then the various other Blogs that is Written by those that has already Committed themselves to the Transformation of themselves to Life. And in so doing is Sharing their Process to Help those yet to Start their Process.
There is also Available on EQAFE many Interviews, some Free, some Not – which assist one with Material to Support One in Overcoming the Slyness of your Mind’s Design and to Face the Characters of Deceit, which Forms the Foundation of the Lie on Earth.

The Fact is, and this is a known Fact, that: Every Human Being Lies several times every 10 Minutes, and in spite of knowing this, there are Humans that claim that they are somewhat ‘Divine’, ‘Godly’ or ‘Benevolent’ – and would live in Complete Denial of the Truth of Human Nature, as Mirrored as the Physical World and the Social System and the Economic System in this World. Become part of the Drive to a New World, and Join Discussions at Forums. It is Pointless to Judge it. If you can assist in Bringing about a Clearer or More Substantial Description of any point in terms of How it is Best for All Life, and you can show the Mathematical Layout of How it will Function without trying to protect Slyly, your Ego Character: then, Share it. But, you will Notice: most run away, the moment they have to Face the Truth, and then Concoct their Version of Truth, which never meet the Standard of Truth. The Standard of Truth that is Acceptable, is the Truth that Produce a World where All Life is Valued, Equally, and the resultant Social System Provide for All at the Very Least, Equally, so that No One Live in Fear or Lack. If your Truth cannot Produce this, you are not working with Truth. And as this Result of Truth that is Best for All, can only be done in ONE WAY: The way that is best for all, there is only ONE TRUTH: which is the True Oneness of Life. And if you can’t Face that, Understand, that: You are part of the Abuse of this World, through justifying your self-interest, and the only reason why you cannot walk with to Resolve what is going on in this World, is because of your EGO.
Unfortunately, for you: you can’t Win this one, because when All Win for Real – which is Best for All, there cannot be just ‘some winners’ or ‘some that come first with the solution’. The Solution always existed, and the Solution is: that ALL WIN, when What is Best for All Life is Always the Result of all Action, Participation and Living Contribution. And this is Already presented by Desteni and Equal money.

Thus, face your Ego and join us, and realise: any reaction to this Message, is because of Self-Interest and separation and inequality and because you are less than this message, because there is no Message possible that can be Greater than this Message, and this is the Message that will Win in the End

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  1. Awesome Living Words Bernard, thanks for this, and thank you for standing as equal as life and walking the practical example of not accepting anything less than what is best for all.

    I stand by each one word you share - it is crystal clear common sense that there can be no higher purpose in life/living than to restore the value of life as oneness and thus equality in practical living. And this each one must practically walk and transcend for self, and in this we stand together and form new living agreements equal to life.
    Because there is no higher value than LIFE.

    Common sense that living must be available to all in the best possible ways and without fear. Equal dignity, equal freedom, equal rights - equal life for all must be the new foundation for a new world. Equal money is the best first step in this direction -the quality of equality- and will definitely turn the world around.