Friday 12 October 2012

Day 181: After Death Communication – Part 30

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The History with Life After Death – Part 15

Research of Importance

For Context for the many that Find themselves in the Normal Accepted Realm of Life after Death, the Soul, Reincarnation, and related matters of all the written work - the most Accurate is the work of Newton. His work we can confirm is Accurate, as that is exactly what we Found through the Portal, in obviously the context that he had access to. His research methodology was also the most appropriate, as he did not allow his beliefs to influence What he would Ask and How he would Ask it, because it is All about the Question and How you Ask the Question, that influence the Nature of the Answer.

This context of his research is specifically around the Nature of the Soul, the Design of Heaven, Past Lives, Future Lives, Present Lives, and essentially how the Soul worked. Most of the other books written about this subject are all slanted to Promote a specific Idea or Belief, and there is always a vested interest that do not Lead to an Outcome that is Best for All Life, but emphasize individual self interest, which is the primary concept that has been Programmed into Human Consciousness since the 1950’s. For confirmation on this and research on this, watch the Documentaries, Century of the Self, Psywar, The Trap. If you are Serious about Understanding the Reason for this current Human Condition and the reason for the proliferation of self-interest, even in the area of Life after Death, the Soul, and Spiritual Work: it is Imperative to do Objective Study and to Realize how little is actually known about the Creation of Consciousness, and how the tendency to always Attract Self-Interest as the Positive, warp the view of what actually is going on.

Obviously, as it is clearly indicated in many of the old scriptures, that it was Inevitable for Heaven to pass away, so that the New Heaven can be brought into Existence. Also, it is clearly stated and should be Commonsense that the Earth, the Old Earth, should pass away so that a New One can Emerge. Thus far, the Old Heaven has passed away, and Communication happens through the Quantum Mind. How this actually Functions within the Quantum Physical should be Studied to Understand how Easily one could Fool Oneself to Believe of how easy it is to Create Multi-Dimensional Memories and Self Functioning Characters that will seem to be ‘alive’.

Thus the work of Newton is no longer specific, but it is good studies of the History of Creation during the stage of the Soul. Also Understand that, the Soul Never represented life, but has only ever represented Self-Interest. So, as above = so below purely Indicates that the Self-Interest of the Old Heaven manifested as the Self-Interest of the Old Earth, and this Old Earth is in a Process of coming to an End. You can either Participate in this Transition by Preparing yourself for a World of Equality that is Best for All in ever way, or you will be dragged kicking and screaming ‘till eventually - you Give Up your Self-Interest ‘till you start to Care about Life Equally, No Matter in what Form.

If you have Commonsense and a Compassion to Care about Life, which will be at this stage unlikely, as Self-Interest as the Attraction that Love and Light represents - you would have grasped that the Desteni of the Universe is Inevitable to bring about that which will in Every Way be Individualized Equality, and Equality at the Level where All of Everything is Understood, in fact, by Everyone. As this will Bring an End to the abuse caused by Inequality that was created through the polarity of self-interest and the idea, that apparently, some of the human traits that would be used by traitors of life, like intelligence and consciousness - would actually be important. But as we all well know, especially those that have Children, you do tend to Care more about Life and less about the Form the Life takes if this Life is Born from within you, and therefore, one Care More for your Own Children than about the Children that do not have basic necessities in many parts of this World.

The Fact that one can Isolate you from the Totality of what is actually happening in the Physical World, is made possible by the Self-Created Bubble of Self-Interest called Consciousness: the Ultimate Con used for justification in many ways, as to why suffering by the hand of the human race may and must exist. Therefore, to Study Life after Death without considering the Exact Nature of the Physical Human within the Human Society and how that would Impact the Afterlife: would require an Extreme Form of Ignorance. We would ask you to consider, that one is Always Equal to what you Accept and Allow, and that Ignorance do not Change the Actual Facts of what Exist or how it is Created.

Soon to be released will be the Parenting Skills and Understanding Necessary to Prepare the Quantum Physical of a New Born Child, so that this Child can Emerge as a Being that will Care about Life Equally and will be Able to Live a Full Life of Self Expression and Happiness, while allowing everyone else an Equal Experience and Reality. This is obviously Best for All, but you will notice that if you are Consumed by Self-Interest and thus part of the Consumers that Consume Life for Profit: you will react massively to the Message of Desteni, and even attack it, because Self-Interest is always at war defending its right to abuse, to be able to profit from the spoils of this war.

We Dare you to Stop, if you can. And if you can’t, please note that you will be brought to justice, as you are Not the Directive Principle of Life and is yet to Realize what Ignorance caused. There is Help Available through the Journey to Life Blogs, and many Videos and Forum Support. What is Best for All Life is a Mathematical and Scientific Certainty, and not a matter of debate. Debate only exist where there is a war that must end in crowning a winner that can live in the spoils of self interest.

More on this in the next blog. 

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