Wednesday 10 October 2012

Day 179: After Death Communication - Part 28

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Day 174: After Death Communication - Part 23

A History with Life After Death – Part 13

Here we are. The Results of Moments of Obsession that some called ‘Passion’, that bring together half of a Father and half of a Mother as Coded Programs as Seeds, that Grow to eventually develop the capacity to Bear Fruit, and in this case: the Fruit is the Resultant Energy that Move like an Ocean in a Body, pretending to be ‘Aware’.
But, in fact, All this Personality Consciousness of the Human actually is: are Words with Preconceived meanings, that were Absorbed by the Growing Flesh during the early years when it was still a sapling. And these Meanings in Words, become the Meaning and the Reason of this Consciousness, demonstrated so effectively by Feral Children and by the Formation of Language and Culture and Religion. All Words with Meanings, transferred to the Young Tree, as to Impose upon it, as a Child, the Fruit it should Bear. And this Fruit is written in the Pages of History, of every Nation and every Tribe and every Culture, repeating itself Age after Age…

With History being the ultimate MESS-AGE, to Show that the most Basic design of this Tree that becomes the Human, planted on Earth, are Not understood in Any Way Whatsoever, and no consideration is given to Any Point that Show that Something Else exist but the Mind, which is substantially, let’s say Quantumly Substantially, more than the Mind could ever conceive in a Lifetime.
Yet, this Mind, this Thing that says: “this is Me!”, this Thing that create a system that Protect: “this is Mine!”, this Thing that can only exist through Parasiting on this Tree of Life as the Human Physical Body, that Grows a Parasitic Disease of Knowledge of Good and Evil: this Determines the Totality of What Become of the Fruit of Man, and then this Man expect that somehow, magically, miraculously, there is going to be something more After Death than what was the Fruit of Life on Earth…Don’t You Get it? The Fruit is the Fruit – it hasn't changed. That is Your Creation – you as the Fruit, that is the Fruit of your Labour, that is the fruit of your Words, that is the fruit of your relationships, that is the fruit of your thoughts, that is the fruit of your feelings, that is the fruit of your emotions – and Earth is like a Bowl, where you are, with All the other fruit produced by this Parasite called ‘The Mind’, pretending that you have ‘Value’.
But, if you Look at the Fruit of Life on Earth as History – you will Notice, there is No Value, there is a Sense of Luck for some that due to circumstance may have an better experience, but even that, abruptly Ends at Death.

While on Earth, you Move through Time as Cycles of Beginnings and Ends that meticulously, slowly, create the Dots in a Line that become the Relationships you Align with. At the moment of Death: this Time-Alignment, which is one of the constructs of the Mind, Ends, and a Day is suddenly a Thousand Years, and the Fruitfulness of your Life, which should have been Perfection, because it Moved so slowly – Shows in All its Gory, and yet: you want to Attest there must be some Glory?

If there is No Life, before Death – how can there be Life after Death?

You have No Understanding of this Tree of Flesh, and how it Bear Fruit, and therefore the Fruit of this Tree has become Poison, the Poison that is used on Each-other, that is bestowed on Each-other, the Poison that permeates every single relationship, every single word, every single thought – as Man Seek to be ‘The One’, that is Better than Everyone.

What will it take, for Man to Hear their own Thoughts, to Hear their own Words, to Hear their own World System, to Hear their History, to Hear their Life on Earth and to See what it Created as HERE, as this Moment, as Now, as Actual, Physical, Reality?

Will Self Honesty do? Does it even exist, somewhere, hidden far away? Could it exist? Can any of this Poisoned Fruit as the Consciousness of Man actually Care about Life? Certainly if I have to look at the Insects and Bacteria and Viruses that Act just like the Poisoned Fruit in its Pursuit of its own Survival: there is not a Care but its own Self-Interest.
Were all of these parts always here on Earth, or are they the side effect of Abuse that has been Forced-upon the Original Tree of Life as the Flesh?
How much is Really Understood and Realised?
Have you ever spent time with the Billions of different beings here on Earth, to establish where they really come from, mostly, suddenly, at night – as If out of the Ethers? Some points you can Trace, but some, if you really look, there is No Clear explanation that the Poisoned Mind of Man can come up with. Maybe it is just the Poison coming Alive.

More on this in the Next Post… 

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