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DAY 177: After Death Communication - Part 26

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Day 174: After Death Communication - Part 23
Before we Continue, let’s look at Platform Work, which is the Common Way Channels and Psychics initially used to Market their Work. An interesting thing to Consider Here is that: Platform Work is much Different to have an Individual Direct Communication to beings through a Medium. Platform Work is already a form of Commercialization, where the Message is Adapted to Fit In with the Programmed Response Mechanisms of Human Nature, and where peculiar Methods are used to Try and Prove that Life After Death exist.

One of the Most Common ways used, is that the Platform Worker would say for instance: “I have somebody here who’s name starts with an M, and it is towards the back, left side of the Hall. Do any one of you know of someone that’s crossed over that could be this person? They are quite tall.” As you will notice, that Very Vague, Basic Impression/Symbolism is used, to jog the Memory of the Listener, and to get the Listener to Complete the Picture. This is called “Make a Connection”. Obviously, the connection to be made is with the Memory. If the Person steps forth and say: “Yes, I have an Uncle who Died whose name starts with an M, and he was Tall!” The Platform Worker will then respond: “Yes! It’s him, and he has a Message for You. You must not Worry. Your Life will get better, and the Challenges you have is Temporary. You must Know, the Dead is Always with you, and All will work out just Fine.” Would you Believe this would be the General Context of Any Message from the Afterlife?

I went to the Spiritualist Church, every week for 10 Years. In All that Time, I only Once Ever got a Message. I don’t have Memories of the Dead, and the Message was Out of the Ordinary, something Not Normally Done from a Platform.

The Previous example I gave of a Message, is how Messages are Normally Done from a Platform. This I investigated in Many Spiritual Churches. They’re all the same. And the Message is in the End, pretty much a feel-good-give-hope Message, that has No Real Substance, and that completely Accept, by Implication, for instance the World Economic System that is greatly unjust and unfair, it Accepts the Way we are Educating our children, which is In Fact an Atrocity, it Accepts Everything about this World, by Implication, that will Progressively be in the Face of every Human Being, Day by Day. But, these So-Called ‘Dead’ – Never Ever made Any Effort, to In Any Way Whatsoever – bring Any Message that In Any Way would bring Change in the World. The Only things was said that is Always been said, even in your Normal Christian Church: “You must Love, and if you Love enough, you will Change, and the World will Change.” This Love-Message is Basically the centre of All Religion, and basically the Core of the Religion of Self. And therefore, All Religion, at the End, is the Religion of Self. And a Person will only move between Religions according to How they Want this Love-Message to be Expressed. And, deep down, in Many Cases this Happens: a Person will go to Church in search of Love/Relationship/Sex, but – will Keep the Love-View as the Primary Projection, and Never Speak of the Real Intent behind it All.

For those that Wants more Free Love, they would Follow the More Open types of Religion, like Spirituality. But in the End, it is about Self-Interest, the Religion of Self. And if you Dare to Question the View of God, or the Religion of Self, you will be under Immediate Attack, for Daring to Question a Person’s Religion. But, what is Behind coming-together in Groups, at Church, at Meditation, at Any Type of Social-Gathering – two things play the Major Role, in the End: Money and Sex. The Driving Force of the Law of Attraction: “Let’s go and check if there’s any Attraction. Who can I attract? Who am I attracted to? What business can I attract? What money can I attract? And if the Group don’t Provide Fulfilment to my Attraction-Needs, I will change my Religion, my Allegiance, my Alliance, ‘till I get my Attraction Fulfilled.”

So, in All of this, whether you’re Dealing with Listening to a Psychic on a Platform, giving you a Ridiculous Story, or you Listen to a Preacher on a Pulpit, giving you another Ridiculous story like Jesus that has risen from the dead: you’re Really looking at Exactly the same Story, told in Different Ways. And, it is important to go and Investigate what is Behind this All – Why would Everyone take Part in this Massive Scam, and violently Attack anyone that Dare to Question this Bullshit?

The Patterns are the Same: Religion is Religion, and the Primary Pattern of Religion is the Religion of Self. The Groups that Form around specific expressions of the Religion of Self, are purely about the Law of Attraction. Some has managed to even form Groups within the Law of Attraction, where Money is the Deliberate Objective. The Words are spoken nicely – just like in a Church, and everybody smiles and everybody pretend to like each other, because: Money is at stake, Money Rules. This is so Fascinating.

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