Friday 5 October 2012

Day 174: After Death Communication - Part 23

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A History with Life After Death – Part 8

We are now at the Fourth Gift – the Gift of Joy that was presented by ‘Cloud Dancer’. By this time, I’ve been practising the Integration of Gifts for Many Weeks, and whenever I’m not doing it effective: the Gift Giver will be Back to Remind me where I am missing the Point.
With the Gift of Joy, there was this All-Encompassing Awareness, that Joy in itself is an Interconnected 
Freedom, that is experienced within the Equality that exist between ALL FORMS, that I did not Realise at that stage as Words Yet. It only became Clear when I Understood the Fundamental Premise, that ALL Equality is WITHIN the ESSENCE of LIFE itself, from which All Form Emerges, and that when this is not Recognized and Understood: a Separation occur where No Joy is Ever Possible.

This made it very clear, that Joy in itself, as it is Experienced by People in their Systematic existence of the Mind, is Actually ‘Happiness and Achievement’, because it is Never in the Context of Equality as Life, but rather in the Context of Self-Interested Fulfilment where the One claiming ‘Joy’ has Never Ever Connected with ANY other Part of Life in ANY WAY Whatsoever, but are Only Functioning at the level of Senses, trying to make Sense of a Senseless Existence of Chasing the Next Moment of Mistaken Joy in the Fulfilling of an All-Consuming Parasitic Existence. We would later Find, through the Portal, that the Very Same Existence as on Earth, was Actually continuing in Heaven, where the Separation is even taken a step further: with Complete Separation from Earth, Ignoring ALL of the Physical Universe, as if it is an Illusion, while Heaven itself was the Actual Real Illusion created from the Energies Produced by Human Minds on Earth. Causing in itself an Energetic-Frequency-Layered Existence as Heaven, that in its Very Nature: was Completely subject to the Complete Enslavement of Humanity, Slaving Away in Producing Higher Frequency Energies, having to be Motivated by All Kinds of 
Spiritual Ideas to Continue Focus on producing the Highest Possible Vibration – so that Those in Heaven with Those that Attained Status, could have their Existence in a Form of Blissful Ignorance, Totally Devoid of Any Form of Care. Where every Single Word and Intent Ever Produced by Any Angel, Master, Guru or Higher Being: only ever was in the Service of Motivating the Human Slave to Unconditionally Produce a Product without Understanding the Quantum Mechanics of what was really Going On. Not even Aware What the Mind was Actually doing. Not even Aware of the Most Basic Design of a Single Thought. Not even Aware How Personality/Character actually Structurally functions. An Enslavement so Complete, that its Success was Astounding, Effective. And if it Wasn’t – that since 1998, Control over the System was Lost by Heaven, and they had to allow it to Function Automated, which would Cause the Slow, Eventual Dismantling of this Insidious System: This Could have been the Greatest Successful Creation Ever, with the Greatest Number of Slaves EVER produced. That would spend their Total Existence in the Ignorance of the Bliss of the Positive Thought, without Ever Understanding Anything about the Creative Process Involved in Creating One Single Such Higher Frequency Vibration.

And in this, Abuse at Levels so Astounding, that it shook the Very Foundation of Existence, yet: the Human Race could do this, as if it is having Morning Tea. Ignoring All Physical-Evidence, Generation of Generation, while Claiming they’re somehow a Divine Soul, waiting to Ascend to a Higher Goal for their ‘Loyalty’ to Remain Committed to Serve the ‘Great God’ or ‘Gods’ of the Heavens. The Mind System was so Effective, that even if a Person would deny the Existence of God, but remain a Positive Thinker, it would Contribute the Pure Elixir as High-Potency 
Energy, like a Sugar-Addiction to Heaven. But inevitably it started Producing a Disharmony and a Disease that is now in Many Forms, from Diabetes, to Financial Crisis, to Pension Crisis, to Integrity Crisis, to Porn Crisis – Everything is a Crisis, a Cry for Help. Yet even in that, the Design of the Ego as Consciousness as the Mind as Energy is so Effective, that without Understanding Quantum Mechanics in the Design of the Actual Thought and its Derivatives: Man would only Ever be a Slave.

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