Tuesday 2 October 2012

Day 171: After Death Communication - Part 20

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A History with Life After Death – Part 5

Then I challenged myself to speak, applying the Gift of Oration. I set up a talk and invited people and I spoke and it was like automatic, but in one moment that changed…I looked back at the white board I was writing on and saw the words jumping out at me in sound. I froze as if in timelessness and looked with amazement at it: For 30 odd years have I walked this world and never seen that words were alive, they are sound. I showed every-one there, about 20 people, but no-one could see it.

Then the beings did not return. I went to psychics to try and contact them - no go, spiritualist churches - no go.

I sought understanding; I could not live in this world anymore. Nothing wanted to work. It was as if I could not function, not in business or sex or relationships with people. I saw them as magnificent, and yet I heard this drivel pouring from their mouths as living creatures that become their experience in their world and they could not see it.

Later I found a book with channelled messages that explained this event to me as a “changing of the guides” - it was a book from Kryon. And then for a while I followed Kryon religiously because it made sense, and because of Conversations with God which I studied - this was one of these coincidences where God spoke to me and it all made sense. So I studied indigo children and I found a purpose to try and help them to effectively prepare the way for a new world. Only to find that these children were really screwed up as if God deliberately destroyed any chance for them to ever be effective in this world. I didn't understand: it was as if God deliberately did not want man to experience the true nature I saw in each man and woman and child. Yet I trusted there must be a greater purpose.

So I was alone, no contact with beings, no support from any one. My world kept on starting and then collapsing. Then I withdrew to write down what I experienced in a practical guide to help people see they are living words. I prepared for 2 years and then taught for 2 years. Yet - no-one applied forgiveness for themselves, every time they wanted something from this world that is created by living creature destructive words.

I cried, I prayed, I shouted.

Then I met a Zulu Shaman - a very old lady, and she introduced me to a Mermaid interdimensionally. Her message: she wanted me to succeed, but in what - I still did not understand.

Then I remembered something told to me many years back by a voice: “Find a reason for the people to listen”.

And I have been seeking for that reason: The guide to practical living where all is one and equal

See, I refused to be what the white light wanted me to be and thus my world stopped. Yet I turned all the gifts that was deceptive into practical gifts that supports me in supporting life - humans, animals and nature

I did not expect to find what we did with the Portal. Obviously due to my less than happy experience with the white light, I was steadfast, yet with power and grace and strength and gentleness and patience and perseverance and focus and insight that I practiced to serve life as my equal to bring forth the greatness I see as me as I see it in each being - no matter what, against all odds.

More to come in the Next Post. 

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