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DAY 172: After Death Communication - Part 21

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A History with Life After Death – Part 6

We’re now going to revisit DAY 170 and DAY 171 with some more Detail and considerations.

With the first Gift of the Wolf, which was introduced by the Chief of the Group called ‘Chief’ – was quite an interesting sense of “Being Home”; it was as if one stood at the precipice of your life and you have achieved your Goals. At that stage, I was deeply involved in Light-Work, Love-Work, Meditation and practicing How to Live in a state of Beingness that one would call ‘Love’ - very much the whole Ascension points which I was following from early on in the 1980’s.

Obviously, the significance of being able to have the particular communication through a Deep Trance Medium, who’s Gift was passed-on After Death, from her Father – was quite important, because you could read about it, but experiencing it, being part of the actual event taking place: is quite another story.
Being in the Process of Beingness – No Ego – and Forgiveness, I focused on breathing, remaining stable, and not allow it to go to my Head, so to speak.
With the Wolf, for instance, there were very clear points in the communication that was significant - there was an Authority, and although the Being as the Wolf took on the Form of the Human, it would eventually return to the form of the Wolf. It was very clear that there was Great Respect for ‘God’ as the White Light, and at that stage I shared this Unconditionally and had the same reverence for the Spiritual. The way the Message was delivered was in detail, specific, and with the Words the Understanding of the Gift was Transferred in as much as one can call it a “Living Word Transference”. Later on I understood, that because we created in that moment in equal dimension and had a similar understanding, the communication was Fulfilling and Complete and Whole, from the perspective of what was Understood at that moment.
What I understood about the Living of it, was that I had to completely become the Gift of Focus and Insight and ACTUALLY See it Direct. From my perspective – that was SEEING the Physical World, that was SEEING right through everything into the relationships that exist, that was SEEING, and thus Clearly Grasping this World I find myself in. And so – that is what I Practised. Strangely enough, in the Gift it was never Indicated what the purpose was for using it, contextually – meaning, to use it Only Spiritually, or for Ascension.
To me, at that stage already, All Things were Alive and Equal – even here I was communicating with a Wolf, but it could just as well have been a Tree, or a Rock. To me, whom was communicating was just incidental, relevant to the particular Message, and nothing more or less than that.

I searched on the Internet to see if I could find people that had similar experiences, but couldn't find any. So, I decided to walk this and to see what and where it will take me. And, for three weeks after the communication, there was no Communication, and then the Wolf was back.
It was Clear that he could See what I was doing and he was quite satisfied at that stage, and in time to come, would return suddenly when I was Not Effective within the Gift – to chastise me for Daring to not completely, fully, committing myself. Indicating, clearly – that, in a way, he was Walking with me. That was my understanding at that stage, and I accepted these things unconditionally, simply because it was presented as ‘Coming from God’.

Once the Gift was Tested, the Next Gift would come with a Being and there would be a Change. The next one was the Bear. What was interesting was that the Gift would be explained in the context of the Animal in the Woods, so that it would Form a Very Clear Vision as to what the Gift Imply, in this case of the Bear – Strength and Gentleness.
Obviously, the point of “you have earned this through lifetimes” leave one with a sense that everything you've studied about the hereafter, reincarnation, the purpose of the soul, heaven and God – is clearly True, because this is Actually Happening. The fact that in both cases with the Mediums, they were ‘reluctant Mediums’, meaning – they refused to do Any platform or public work or even that anyone must know they were able to do this, it was completely - in the sense of the second medium, just Me.

So, again – I was left with a sense that this is the Point of Rebirth that happens when one has dedicated yourself to a particular Cause, a particular Task – and in this case, it was to spread Love and Wisdom and Light across the World. My commitment to this was Complete. This happened approximately in the Years 1993, 1994.

We’ll continue more in the Next Post.

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