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Day 199: After Death Communication - Part 48

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A History with Life After Death - Part 32

After the first experience with Removing a Demon from someone, and the Demon then buzzing off to go and find another host - I made the Commitment to myself to Not Remove another Demon until I understand how it Works, and to find a way to Help them, so that when one Help a Demon, it doesn’t go and find another Host.
Because what is the Point of removing a Demon just so that it can go and torment Someone Else?

So I investigated the whole Concept, the whole Existence of Demons extensively, so that I could come to a Situation where I can Approach this all effectively, to bring it to a Result that is going to Be Best for All.

In this, the point ultimately was clear that there was nothing else I could do, but to take the Demon into Myself and Assist the Demon through showing the Demon - utilizing the Quantum Physical - how I have faced my Own Demons, and to show the Demon what happens if you don’t do it, what the consequences are so that the Demon could make an Informed Decision, and Ultimately to Choose to apply Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty, and make a Decision to Commit themselves to Life as what is Best for All.

I started with that Process, and did so for sometime, before we got to the Stage where I was Comfortable and able to Allow the Demon’s Freedom of Movement, in terms of also showing other People How a Demon Possession function, and that it is possible to actually Assist a Demon and that you do not have to Fear the Demon; that the Demon, in fact, is just a version of yourself that hasn’t yet reached the same maturity, and that if you in your own Mind would continue accumulating the particular Demonic traits and continue with the Treacherous Living that Disregard Life: that inevitably one will end up as a Demon.

You must Understand at this Stage I still had a very Firm Faith that there is some Goodness in the Human, that there is some Goodness somewhere – and that this was purely a Challenge I was facing to show that I have truly Understood Self Forgiveness, and that my Dedication to What is Best for All Life is simply being Tested.

From that Perspective, it all made sense, and I continued with the particular application dealing with the Demons, and it became Easier and Easier, and Quicker and Quicker, and I could handle More and More Demons in one go. Whatever I could find, I would bring them to me and work with them.

In a way, I developed a Respect for a Demon, because in Essence a Demon was a version of Reality, a version of a Being in All Self Honesty that could not get themselves to accept Reality the way it is, and they eventually, in a way become Opposed to all that Represents Life, which obviously at this Stage, was not Life itself, but Consciousness. To be able to stick to your Guns, and to even eventually take on the Existence of a Demon, Required a Certain Level of Self Honesty. Self Honesty that what you have Faced is Unacceptable, and that it takes whatever it takes to take on this Unacceptable way that Life was being Lived in Existence.

It was only once the Portal opened, that we Explored the Demons Extensively more, that we really got the Confirmation that Demons were already forming a Society so to speak, with some of the more ‘Deliberate’ Demons, that means Demons that made a decision to be one, to be opposed to the Hierarchy of Heaven, at the Forefront, like Anton Levy.

Organizing the Demons to as whatever way Possible, they could find, intervene with the Accepted Way of Life of the Soul, and Light, and Love, which was obviously, if you look at the Reality being Produced on Earth: was Not an Acceptable Way of Life, it was in fact, a Form to Justify an even Worse aspect of the Human, worse than the Demon, far greater Deception because the Deception had No Self Honesty in it whatsoever.

There was completely a Denial of the Evil Men do with the Whole Society based on managing Evil, while presenting Beautiful Pictures and Beautiful Stories and Mythologies, and all kinds of things, trapping Every Child born on Earth into the Same Cycle of Self Abuse, Life Abuse, causing an Unending Cycle, an Infinite Cycle, of Karma that if one have to look at the Current State of Humanity, if Karma was to be the Measurement, would have made it impossible for any Being without going through an Unending amount of Lives to actually Realize what they are Doing,
The help they were getting from Heaven was in No Way focusing on an Outcome, it was Simply making sure that the Infinite Cycles continue, Rewarding those Loyal to this Abusive Pattern.

Obviously, they didn’t quite Understand how Abusive it was, Rewarding them with all kinds of Wonderful Heavens and Promises and Advancements and Ascensions, while completely Ignoring the Reality of what was happening on Earth, and this in itself was Completely Unacceptable. And Action had to be taken, so I saw the Demon as the Doorway to finding a Resolution for Life in general, and if one start with Correcting that which is perceived to be the Worst that exist, the Demon.
Then once you get to the Next Stage, which would be the Human, it will be Easier. But at that stage, I did not completely Understand yet, How the Physical, the Mental, and Energy interacted, and How important the Physical was in Everything that Existed, and that it only Existed because the Physical Existed, and that the Physical was the Foundation, the Platform from which All-Come, even Heaven itself.

And that Heaven could only Exist because the Physical was existing in a Particular format, so the same with Demons. So we will discuss in the next blog of how the Demon Dimensions were eventually Closed, so that we can get on with the Process where a New Form of Demon would emerge, one Resident in the Human as their Emotions and Feelings, so that these things can be faced Once and For All, and we can get the Human to Self Honesty. Which was obviously going to take many years and was going to be a very Traumatic Experience in general. But - all things still Exist as the direct Result of what you Allow and Accept and what you Participate in.

So the Human had No Excuse, no one has Excuses, EveryOne is Responsible, and therefore, it’s going to require from Each One: A Standing, A Realization of Forgiveness and Honesty about Self within this World -, to bring to a Stop the Abuse that’s being allowed, within Self, within the Participation of Self, within this Abuse, within the Patterns, to eventually - how long it will take is Uncertain - we will have on Earth - Life as What is Best for All Lived in Peace and Harmony, where Each One will Understand Exactly how everything functions, so that No One can Abuse Another because only once everyone understand how the Mind, the Quantum Physical, the Quantum Mind, all of reality actually functions, only then can all Abuse Stop. Because as Long as One deal with Faith and Belief, you are only dealing with the Part of Reality where you do not in fact Understand how it Works. Therefore, you require Faith and Belief because you are not the actual Creator from the Perspective of Directive Principle. The Systems you create do this and they have been Programmed with a Complete lack of Understanding, and therefore, are far more Abusive then what you can Imagine. In fact just have a look at this World, and as this World is busy Imploding and Collapsing, and the Systems not Standing, and Billions are in Dire Straits - ask yourself: What will it take before you Realize that it is Only a Matter of Time before this Mess on Earth Reach your Doorstep, and then How difficult will it be if you No Longer Have any Resources because you’ve Wasted it All on Entertaining your Own Self Interest.

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