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Day 195: After Death Communication - Part 44

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A History with Life After Death - Part 29

Demons in the Afterlife

As I notice that there was virtually No Awareness of any existence of a Demon, like right here in between us, simply because the human is completely Imprisoned in the Mind with senses limited in frequency and vibration, unable to perceive even the most basic parts of existence: It was clear that some action had to be taken. So, as a Personal Challenge to me, it was necessary, from my perspective, to take on the Demons Unconditionally where ever I may find them, without the person being aware that I am doing so - simply because I could. And that is what I then started doing, deliberately, as much as possible - I would assist Demons, bring them into me that means take them out of a person, place them into my body, assist them with the process of Self-Forgiveness until they are Free from the particular limitation of the Demon Dimension. Where ever they went after that was, as such, at this stage, not clearly certain – but, only an assumption. All that was Clear was that they were Set Free from the Self Created Prison which has caused them to become a Repetitive Cycle of Energy, as Demon.

Very similar to what the human would be in terms of a Repetitive Cycle of Belief as Energy, the Bubble of Energy and how it’s defined everything and it simply caused one to be a particular Picture according to your Own Projection. This is what a Demon was: they were continuously projecting their state of trauma and the anger and revenge and vengefulness that they had about it, focusing on bringing, as far as they were concerned, closure to their life by standing up for their rights. God has caused them great anguish or trauma for instance, by killing their loved ones, according to them, in a very dreadful way, and therefore, God must be punished and God’s creation must be punished because they have realized they are not Dead, they are still Alive - and yet, they had no Power. But obviously, an interesting thing from a Demon perspective as well, was that - they couldn’t find God anywhere, so they could do Whatever They Want without ANY Intervention whatsoever. We will get to that, which is quite interesting.

So after some time, about a year or more, of having assisted many Demons and investigating the points, Strengthening my Resolve, practicing to make sure that in Every Way there is no point within me that is based on fear or based on any form of dishonesty in my Relationship to life, so that All my Relationships with Life, is at All Times What is Best for All Life, Always, into Eternity. And the point of “into Eternity”, that means: in All Situations - is a Critical Point to Realize, because - Inevitably, Time will Accumulate to bring to Conclusion All Relationships, like a Mathematical Equation, and then you face the Consequence. And as you well know in the Physical, which is your One Proof that the Physical is Real: when you’ve done something it Cannot be Undone. You can Forgive it, but you can’t undo it: it is DONE. So, this is the Beauty about the Physical Reality - it has CONSEQUENCE. This Consequence is of Great Value if one Dare to learn from it.

Now here you cannot look at how you are existing within a system of dishonesty and then whenever you, for instance, don’t pay your debt you’re seen as ‘Dishonest’. That’s not Dishonesty. Not paying your debt is actually Self-Honesty. Don’t pay your debt, because in paying your debt when you are unable to feed your children, you are Dishonest because you should feed your Children first before you pay your debt. But the System don’t see it that way, because the System is Not set up for Life, it’s set up for Personal Self-Interest. And for those that look after only themselves, and not looking for any form of a Solution because from their perspective, from their ‘Senses’: a Solution to this Earth is Not Possible, it is something that only a ‘Higher Force’ can do because the Ultimate Excuse is used: “We are not able to understand what is really going on”, “What is the real meaning behind everything” - that’s like the Ultimate Point of Self-Sabotage.

Anyway, a very peculiar point happened one morning: woke up as I left the house - there were like graffiti all around the house, crosses, and marks on the doors. I mean, it’s the kind of stuff you only see in like movies about Demons, Evil, and stuff like that. And right next to the car, against the wall, was painted the words:“I will kill you and your son”. This was obviously quite a strange thing, and as a matter of cause - because I do things in very specific ways to cover all bases, I got the police out because this may be satanic activity, and therefore, is there any covens in the area. I mean, I have been in the Police myself five years, so I have been Exposed to some of this type of Investigations, and they said there were some covens, but there is really nothing they can do. And if you really look at it - there is nothing they can do, there is only writing on the wall and marks on the doors, and it follows a particular profile. So, they made a note of it.

In the meantime, I investigated and with my Daughter we found that there were several hundred Demons that have now accumulated around the house. We have ‘attracted their attention’, and from a certain perspective, they seem to be Organized because they were coming together, specifically, to try and Stop me. And that was the first real big event where I had to Find a Way to Deal with a Group of Demons, and at the same time Test my Resolve and Certainty that there is No Fear. And therefore, there is only One Way - is to immediately walk into a point and See: “if I would take on all the Demons at once, will they be able to possess me, and will I lose my mind?”
And Obviously, the One Thing that all humans Fear: “do I have this Fear that I will go Insane?” From my perspective, I didn’t, so I immediately proceeded with the process, and I asked my Daughter to check and make sure that we get all of them, and get them all into my Body so I can assist them.

Now obviously at this stage my Communication within myself as my Physical as all parts of me were already Developed to a stage of Equal and One. I have a very clear Timeline throughout my total process, categorized specifically, to Show the Processes of Self-Forgiveness, the effect of Self-Honesty, how one Change the Consequence of Existence through this application of Self-Transmutation, changing oneself into That which is Life, Measurably so, within the context of the consideration of everyone else’s process - so that Each One that may Become Life through their Own Free Choice - will Be Life or Not Life. But it is by your own choice, free choice: Absolute Consequence. It was fascinating, but that it would actually be so effective, that one could take on all these Demons at once, into your Body, walk them through this at the Quantum Physical Level, showing all the events in sequence from beginning to end throughout All Creation, so that the Demon could See what has caused their Creation; how did they through their own free choice allow themselves to become a Demon, how through their Self-Forgiveness they will release themselves from being this Demon, how through their Self-Honesty and Dedication to Life - Rebirth themselves, so to speak, from the Physical, from within my Body - releasing themselves to continue and prepare to support all others.

I had only One Request from every being I helped, is: “what I gave to you, to help you, you must Give to others One and Equal. That is the Only Asking, the Only Request, because if we all do that, we can for real Change the World. “

This was happening around about 1998-1999, where we worked with the first big group of Demons, and from this point forward, it would Progress a lot faster.

We will continue this in the next blog. 
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