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Day 170: After Death Communication - Part 19

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A History with Life After Death – Part 4

I was married to a deep trance medium, and then a surprise - a visit form the guides of the Great White light with many "gifts" beautifully wrapped up like this.

The first was the Gift of the Wolf - the gift of focus, insight and seeing direct. The name of the wolf was Leader of the Pack. The message was that I have earned this through lifetimes and must practice this and become it, so I did. I thought I was visited by God. It was said through the trance that the white light was that in whose face no-one can look as the light was too bright, so I was grateful and practiced and I tried to speak to people about it, but they thought I was crazy. The being said he would return.

And he did, 3 weeks later again, another gift from the Great White Light. This time it was the Gift of the Bear - the gift of strength and gentleness. The message was that with the same paw that the bear is gentle with its offspring, is the same paw that can kill with one blow. The name of the bear was Big Bear of the Woods. Again the words “you earned this through lifetimes and it is time to remember”, and again he would return.

And he did, 3 weeks later he was back. This time with the gift of patience and perseverance from a being of the mountain, saying as the mountain man needs perseverance to find food with patience seeking among the rocks, that is what I must practice. Again the words, this is a gift from the Great White Light and I earned it and must remember and integrate and practice it. Again he said he would return.

And he did, 3 weeks later. And this time it was the gift from CloudDancer with the gift of joy, the joy that fill the clouds as the gift to earth - and again the same words, a gift from the Great White Light etc.

I was obviously feeling honoured and wondering what I was going to do with these gifts that would mean anything but an experience for me. I searched for answers, to no avail.

And again after 3 weeks they were back, a whole group every time. A group of red Indians singing a song, they were singing a song calling the light and all was very special. The next gift was the gift of the Fox. Not the slyness of the fox but the cunningness to plan well. The same White Light gift words followed and again they said they would return.

And they did 3 weeks later, always 3 weeks - it was fascinating. And they brought the gift from the being Desert Snake - the gift of steadfastness. Saying I must look my problems in the eye just as a snake lifts its head and look a prey in the eyes, and again the same words of the White Light etc.
Again they said they would return and they did. This time the being was Stride in Freedom - the gift of the horse of power and grace, and again the same White Light words and would you believe - again they said they would return.

And they did, this time with the gift of oration from Amran, Agmed and Kahlil - they said: “Speak, it is written in the ethers”, again the practise part and the White Light part.

I was grateful and confused. Lots of profound words that I don't know what to do with, I had no desire to go and preach.

Then an interesting thing happened: they would return every 3 weeks to check on how well I am practising and be quite demanding if I don't. I thought I was weak in the eyes of God and focussed on practising.

More to continue in the Next Blog

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