Tuesday 16 October 2012

Day 185: After Death Communications – Part 34

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A History with Life after Death – Part 19

A History of Consequence

If we take the Premise of the Soul, which implies a Journey where you are coming from somewhere, then Experience a life on Earth where you are apparently in a Planned Curriculum, thus a Planned Life, thus a Pre-programmed Life, and you’re apparently going somewhere After Death - there is One Factor that could explain Everything that is going on Here on Earth in Every Individual Life, and this is: Consequence.

Let’s now View the History of this World, and what do we Notice: History is a Report on Consequence. The Fact that Consequence is Featuring Everywhere, in the Life of a Family, Where a Parent will discipline a child as Consequence, to Teach them, Where Society will discipline somebody through the Halls of Justice - as Consequence, Where One will lose your Job or an Economic Crisis will happen – all through Consequence, Where the Irresponsible Abuse of the Environment will have the Extinction of Species as Consequence, Where the Inconsiderate Dumping of Affluent will have the Consequence of Poisoning Water Resources and the Oceans, Where the Release of By-products into the Air will have the Consequence of Polluting the Air, Where Each One that Feel Abused by another, would Wish Consequence upon them, “they must pay”: with this Theme of Consequence, wouldn’t it be Advisable to Study the ONE CONDITION of Man, the ONE EVENT that Cannot be Prevented, the ONE RESULT of Life on Earth that is Certain, to Understand the CONSEQUENCE that happens After THIS EVENT? This Event is DEATH, and somehow, mysteriously, Mankind is Avoiding this at all cost. Making up make-believe stories about “what is After Death” with No Real Evidence, in fact trying to Prevent any Real Substantial Investigation to take place about the Consequences that Awaits After Death.

The Human seem so Focussed on Control through Consequence here on Earth, and the Principle of Quantum Dynamics implies that: All things Move through its Interconnectedness, and because this is Measurable, within the Measurable Domain of the Mind – wouldn’t it imply that the Same Pattern exist in that which is Currently, seemingly, unknown? Thus, where Consequence exist on Earth – it also exist After Death. For the Human, with Commonsense Rational Deduction Skills, which is an Extremely Rare Phenomena, in fact, so Rare, that you will Probably Never even meet One Person in a Lifetime that can Handle Pure Deduction – would make this Question one that most will avoid like the Plague. Why would that be?

If one look at the Psychological make-up of the Human, which forms the Foundation of the World System, that Consist, virtually, in its entirety, on Relationships that eventually Lead to Abuse, Conflict and Judgement – we can be Certain that very Deep Down within: the Human is Aware, that there is a Consequence that eventually will Assess the Life Lived on Earth and the part it played in keeping the Abuse going. We will also find an Awareness, that: such Consequence would probably be far more Fundamental than any form of Consequence that exist on Earth. And, yet – the Problem is Peculiar: the Human claim, in many cases, “Awareness”, but they cannot explain and show the Quantum Mechanics of Awareness. Because Awareness would imply the Consideration of All Things, and thus the Preparation and the Planning of Self into an Effective, Clear, Standing to be able to even face the Unknown with CLEAR CERTAINTY that is not based on something as frivolous as faith and belief, but is based on a CLEAR Methodology that can support one’s Reason, so that one can face the Consequence in a Fashion that is Well Prepared and Well Clarified.

This is Important, because every Human on Earth is Aware that there is a Consequence for the Choices you make. Death implies a Point that Clearly indicate that there is a Purpose to this Reality, which would Lead to an Assessment of the Choices made. If you Could travel in an instant, without force, as natural as breath, between this World and the Next: what would you Find? If you had a belief about things, or an expectation about the Afterlife – the likelihood that you will be able to cross the divide will diminish significantly, because you will be Bound to your Body, to your Memories, to your Consciousness – and for this, to really understand this, you must understand the Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical Dynamics, to understand the Nature of Near Death Experience, Astral Travel, Communicating with Guides, and why that is Not Actual Real Communication, but simply a Result of Quantum Dynamics.

What we Found, through the Desteni Portal – is that: there is a Consequence - Meticulous, Measured, to every single Breath, every single Action, every single Thought, every single Choice, every single Emotion, every single Feeling, every single Influence, every single Ripple Effect, every single Allowance, every single Acceptance – there is not a single thing, throughout existence, that is Not Measured as to its EXACT Nature and Cause. And this Measurement has only ONE Purpose, ONE Reason: to Establish Who is Worthy of Life. And thus, Death is: Either Death or the Birth of Life. And yet, it is Also Possible to Birth Life on Earth – without the Body Dying, because the Only Real Self, the Only Real Being on Earth: is the Physical Body. The Mind as Consciousness as Energy – is just an Illusion, so Vast to the One Trapped in it, that it seems to be everything, but ALL of it, manufactured in a Quantum Moment, through One Human Physical Body, a Body so Astoundingly More, than what could ever be Imagined.

Will we Reach you, so that you can give up your Consciousness and become Aware?

Or is it too late?

You will Decide. 

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