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197: After Death Communication - Part 46

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A History with Life After Death - Part 30

So, let’s Look at the Frequency Control more specifically: the Senses of the Mind is a Filter System. This Filter System is Frequency-specific, with each Frequency unique to the Specific Definition one give to your Words, your Understanding, your Point of View – and those unique points is what is being Professed to be the ‘Unique Nature of the Consciousness’ of each Individual, and is defended as if it is ‘Great Value’, but In Fact: it is Great Limitation that cause Massive Abuse on Earth.

This particular ‘uniqueness’ is, in a way, the Invisible Prison that each Parent put their Children into, to keep them ‘Safe’ from the World. Instead of Creating a Safe World, Parenting is deliberately, specifically, Creating a World that is Unsafe and then Train the Children to remain in particular, specific, Frequency Controlled ZONES of Awareness as a form of a ‘Safety Net’ against All other Humans, Imagine that. Specifically, Parents Train Children to Fear other Humans, Fear Strangers, instead of looking at the whole Point, that: at the end of the Day for a World that is Best for All - it is necessary for each one to function on an Equal Frequency, an Inclusive point of Care, Compassion and Empathy that Understand the Physical Needs and Requirements of each Human, so that one can Create a world that function accordingly, a World that is Safe, a World that is Child Safe, a World that is Life Safe – and through that: a World that is a Place of Peace and Harmony.

This Frequency Control plays a MAJOR Role in how one perceive the Hereafter, and specifically as to ‘what Happens to you’ at the Point of Death. Death being the ONE thing that is Certain for Everyone and that should be one of the primary Investigation points of our Science, because we are CERTAINLY coming from somewhere and we are going somewhere, in a way. It is Important to Understand the Implication of what comes Hereafter and unfortunately, the Emphasis is placed on Faith and Belief. Faith and Belief in what you Design, yourself, in your own Mind as your ‘Unique’ Feeling, Emotion, Understanding of Words, the way you put sentences together – All those kind of things, which in Essence Only Breed Inequality and In Fact a form of Competition, which Cause much Harm in the World, because: in this Competition, there is an Idea that is being Presented, that apparently ‘the Human is in fact Dysfunctional and only able to understand Certain things according to their Specific Personality Traits’. It’s like a form of a Betraying of Life. And in All the Education in the World, in every facet of the System, in All Parenting – the Child is Never Taught, How, In Fact, this Consciousness that is revered so much, is generated.

In Fact, there is this misnomer, that this Consciousness that’s generated, apparently continue ‘After Death’. While this Consciousness is Actually the Result of Education and Parenting and Society in general, and thus in NO WAY WHATSOEVER a functional unit that IN ANY WAY can Deal with Anything that comes Hereafter because, it can’t even Deal with the Reality of the Physical World. It cannot even Work Together to Create a World that is Best for All. So, to go and place ‘Value’ in Consciousness as if it’s somehow ‘Magically’ is going to be ‘suddenly More’ the Moment you Die, when it is something that you weren’t even Born with, but is the Result of your Education: that is Quite a Level of Ignorance. And, would you Believe it – there are Gurus, Masters and Teachers that Spread these Lies as if they are Candy, and they do it by making Wonderful, Sugary, Promises - None of it, which can be checked and Cross-referenced. Without In Fact Showing Even the most Basic Design of the Quantum Dynamics that is involved in the Creation of these Energetic Entities.
No Wonder, that in the Afterlife we Found Volumes of Demons that was Unbelievable. And no Wonder, that the Human Prison, the Invisible Prison of the Mind is so Effective – that one cannot even See the Most Basic Systems, the Most Basic Memory Designs. And that our Most Advanced Memory Skills are things like ‘Association’ – Not Actual Design and Engineering.

Why would we be so Ignorant? Strange enough, this Question lies within the Premise, within the Designation of Greed. There is Immense Fear in the Human that somehow, ‘you’re gonna lose out, if you don’t keep what you have’ – a Complete Consciousness of Lack. And therefore, Insidious things like the Law of Attraction will focus on things like Money, Happiness, Success – but All of it Actually Money, from the perspective of what ‘Power’ it gives you to have a so-called ‘Dream Life’, a ‘Fulfilling Life’.

But, the Law of Attraction should have been, In Fact, the Presence of Self that present Peace and Harmony and Equality. And thus, according to that – would Place one in the Effective Context in your Life to Enhance Human Society, Human Nature to its Perfect State: the State of Responsibility, the State of Discipline, the State of Consideration, the State of taking Care of Each Other for Real, the State of Peace, the State of Harmony, the State of ACTUAL Love. Love being, the Respect for Life as Equal within each other, and therefore: Love Equal as each other – the Proof that one is In Fact Self-Aware.

You will not Meet people like this, Yet, on Earth. Because, it’s All been Distracted into a Complete Inadequate Consciousness that Cannot carry the Value that Life is, and Only Carry the Values given to Self-Interest, ‘Uniqueness’, Inequality. Ultimately Creating a constant state of War and Poverty and Inequality and Deception and Lies on Earth, hidden behind a shroud, a Veil of Faith and Belief - Insisting that each one must ‘Be the Lie’ and ‘have Faith in the Lie’ of Consciousness. Without Realising, that: that In Itself is the Foundation of the Problem on Earth. Our total Spirituality, Nature, Religion – is the Foundation of our Demise, the Reason why we Cannot Value Life and basically, in a very short period now, as we have ‘evolved’, we have Proven our Capacity to Drive All Life Forms to Extinction with an absolute amazing Pace. Because unless there is a Value to something in which we can make Money, we Simply don't Value it.

We’ll continue with this in the next post
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