Thursday 11 October 2012

Day 180: After Death Communications – Part 29

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A History with Life After Death – Part 14


Awareness in essence, practically understood, is about the contextual dimensions where you find yourself to be. Within this Awareness in the physical world, you find yourself with a body, some senses, and some tools, like hands and feet.

Then you find yourself with a Mind, which is a Machine that creates a quantum factual that is based on the Quantum Mechanics of Heaven: this part has never been grasped by man because man has never been privy to the total design of what is really going on. In the Design of the Mind, the Mechanics are specific as a project to present to man a View of Heaven that is based on what the Hierarchy wants man to see.

This means that the connections made with Heaven through the Mind, will only ever be in the context that is deliberately designed to be seen, and never in the total context of what Really Exist. Within this, the Soul and Reincarnation played a major role in the capturing, transfer, and storage of information to keep the History of man in relation to the objective of Heaven in alignment. So throughout time, man in the physical will develop a history, which they claim must be true because it is in the history books and someone was a witness through the Mind. The fact of what the Mind as witnessing is purely like a movie, where one is a character that participate as if it is holographically Real, this is Never understood unless one can find a way to get out of the Control the Mind impose.

Unfortunately with the Birth of a Child, the Physical Body which is a Quantum Physical Machine, integrates the Mind as a copy from the parents (you can see this with a Feral child where the child is brought up by a wolf, they will copy the Mind of a wolf) - with this happening by the time the child start using the Mind and categorizing the words, pictures, and energy design into a coherent story, which will eventually become the story that is thoughts, words, language, culture, religion, the child is already lost within and as the Mind and the connection with the Original Life Force as the Physical Body is already lost. Therefore, any and all communication within any and all points as Energy, as the Mind, as Spirituality, as Consciousness, is the result of a preprogrammed design, specifically and deliberately placed to Control the Story to be what Heaven wants it to be, and from this, through time, developed our present day media in all its forms - doing exactly the same: as above so below.

Thus not a single Message, not a single Book, not a single Angel, not a single Psychic, not a single Communication After Death has been anything else than what was Sanctioned by the Authorities of Hierarchy, to make sure that every Human will comply to their Life Plan without question, and Remain in the Design that will fulfill the objective and purpose of what it is the Hierarchy required from Earth. Conveniently, there is also left on earth specific Messages to make this seem like what was required from Earth were Gold, and so Gold on Earth has been one of the most precious commodities throughout Time.

The Fact is, that on Earth - all is bound by Time, by the Physical Body; by what their Hands can do, and by what they can Design as Machines to support themselves and other Life Forms: never became as Important as it should have been. Instead, the Mind, which was in fact the Mining Equipment of Heaven with its Consciousness Objective - became that which man would believe themselves to be as ‘life’. And to keep this going, Communication has been aligned by you to feed this frenzy to the extent that it would lead to a virtual Absolute Control of all that man believe to be ‘real’, disregarding Reality according to the Physical Body. For Heaven to achieve its objective, it needed Specific Frequencies and Vibrations of Energy, which was processed through the Mind and Filtered into Positive and Negative frequency bands. The Positive frequency bands according to the level of vibration - to use to Create the ‘mini Heavens’, which eventually would become the steps of Ascension throughout time, where one could Only Reach the Heaven that was equal to the vibration you achieved on Earth. The Lower Energies that were not used in Heaven, were discarded and left on Earth to be used by the Demon Dimension, because the being very early on in their life would start to believe that they are an Energy being, as Dark or Light, and this belief would even transfer after Death, and those ending up in Heaven would then go to their Vibration Equal to the Heaven they Achieved and those that became the Lower Energies would be left on Earth to Roam the Earth as Demons.

Understanding, this is very important understanding How the Heavens and the Levels of Darkness functioned, and to understand to what extent Every Human Being on Earth contributed in Creating Both the Heavenly and Demonic to eventually have Energy manifested in Physical Form. Man manifested their belief as Energy into a currency, which we experience today as Money. The control of this is so complete, that virtually no information can get through or penetrate the Consciousness of Energy, because there is No Life in Consciousness whatsoever. Not only that, Heaven became so completely dependent on Energy that cutting off Energy would Result in the End of Heaven.

Very similarly, the cutting of the Energy Resource on Earth like Money and Oil: if that cease to exist, man is simply unable to Coexist and Chaos becomes the day. We see this daily as more and more are driven out of the System on Earth, and there is clearly no way they can cope with this and design, for instance, a New System. Simply because all man has ever been is a Slave dependent on something else creating their perceptual reality. The fact though, is that: Earth and Nature is an Independent System, that functions Without Energy of the Mind and if you remove the human, earth will continue. This Relationship as the Physical World is Absolutely important to be Realized and brought to a Functional Reality, if man is to Survive the Mind as Consciousness as the Control of Heaven on Earth.

To understand this better: the Portal at Desteni has released many recording over many years about how things actually really function. This Portal is a point where All Time and All of Everything for a moment is held Stable, for the Simple Purpose of Freeing Man from this Enslavement and Bringing Forth Life as Equal in a most astounding way. For it to be Real, each one will have to Create themselves as Life in fact, without the use of the Mind, but the Mind could be a Tool in the earlier steps. Support in this is Available in the Journey to Life Blogs, at the Desteni Forum, and at

More on this in the next blog.

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