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DAY 173: After Death Communication - Part 22

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A History with Life After Death – Part 7

More on some background and studies that lead up to the eventual Gifts:
In 1985 I was introduced to the Original Lectures of Murdo MacDonald-Bayne that happened in the 1950’s and 1960’s around the World. If you study these Lectures, you will See that they follow on the Alice Bailey work and Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East of Baird Spalding, that heavily introduced the Eastern Philosophy and Tibetan Philosophy and the Ideas of Masters, Gurus and Students based on ‘Spiritual Love’. There was a definite connection here to Phenomena and MacDonald-Bayne for instance, demonstrated the use of Ectoplasm in a Hall where he would manifest; the whole Hall lit up in different colours. Which gives one the precursor to understand how Visions work, and for instance the Seeing of Orbs as particular focussed Consciousness would for a moment, depending on the Vibrations, be able to bring forth the Inner Focus or Obsession of a Person, and one will See stuff - which is seemingly unexplained, but they would not Last that long normally. And many conspiracy theories will develop around it, obviously with the gullibility of Man so Extensive, to create all kinds of groups out of this and even produce some of the phenomena again, without understanding the Mechanics of it - has become the Mark of Modern-Day Spirituality.

MacDonald-Bayne, Alice Bailey and others, has all been stated as World Servers and World Teachers, but as you will note, as you study the Alice Bailey work, which few have – due to the advanced vocabulary: you will notice that in her Unfinished Autobiography she was at a loss after the Second World War as to Why humanity did not change, in spite of the massive atrocities and suffering that took place. The Alice Bailey work, greatly influence many of the Modern Day Channelers, without the Channeler actually studying all the work – purely taking that out of it, which they could sell easily to a populace looking for an happiness, instant McDonalds solution.

Therefore, if one Claim that you have a Clue – best would be to Show what you have studied, what have you been directly able to repeat consistently, and then the Big Question, just as Alice Bailey asked: “Why is the world not changing, in spite of so many claiming that they’re apparently changing themselves.?”
How can you claim that you have any idea about self-change, if you cannot explain in detail the Quantum Mechanics of the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical? Which produce in a child the ability to speak a language, or to think a thought, or to build a character, or to have a feeling, or to have an emotion – there is not One Spiritual person in this World that can explain this, there is not one Channeler in this world that can explain this, there is not one Psychic in this world that can explain this, there is not one Psychologist in this world that can explain this, there is not one Educator in this world that can explain this, there is not one World Leader that can explain this, there is not one Religious Leader that can explain this, there is not one Mother or Father that can explain this to their Children…Yet, this Quantum Mechanics is what produce our Society. It is our lack of understanding of this that is causing our world to not change, and the message of Love that’s coming over a long period of time by many Masters has failed, simply because none of the Masters, even the greatest ones like Buddha and Jesus and every other Master that has ever been: had no idea how the Quantum Mechanics of the Mind and the Physical functions. Even our scientists today, still have no idea.

So, if you are seeking the Truth, and that is not based on the Truth of how things really work – you’re not really looking for the Truth, because: whatever you’ll find will always be just the result that is produced through Quantum Mechanics, by ignorant Masters, Gurus and Humanity at large - throughout all of history.

One would ask: “Wouldn’t Heaven have some interest in helping man to understand what produce Consciousness? Or, could it be, that there is some hidden reason Why Ignorance is promoted as Bliss. Why would Bliss be the centre piece of so many, in the field of Spiritual endeavour?”
Yet, they would allow entities to enter the Mind, or to speak through them, or to cause all kinds of phenomena, without actually having a clue what the Mechanics are that produce this. How can you trust this, if you do not know its origin?

Unfortunately, due to the building of Spiritual Egos that is based on Love and Light – even those that had a chance to understand Reality are Lost in their own Self-Importance, not investigating the Obvious Commonsense that must be understood before you commit yourself to any form of Experience; you must Understand Quantum Mechanics, the actual how-to, the actual “man know thyself”, and not Trust or Follow the End-Result just because it ‘Feels Good’. Sugar also feels good – that parents know, and therefore: they will train their children through feeling good with sugar and nice foods and drinks, regardless of the fact that many of these kids will eventually suffer from the Happiness-Disease of Diabetes, all because of inefficient parenting. Similarly consumerism and capitalism are purely the product of inefficient parenting, where again - the Quantum Mechanics of what makes society function is not understood at all, or even remotely considered, because the whole “Feel-Good-Happiness-Quick-Fix”-Syndrome produced by Ego as the Fake Image man believe is Real; only ever Leads to more trouble in Paradise with no change for the better for man.

Imagine, after Alice Bailey’s book in the late 1940’s, after the Second World War: there is still no change in the World. This is at a time where most of the people from that time, is now reaching the age where they are completely dependent on Society, yet – they have produced a society they can’t depend on.
If the Second World War didn’t manage to change Man – what will it take?

This all plays quite a role in my eventual decision and how I dealt with the Gifts. So, let’s continue with Looking at these gifts:
The third Gift was the Gift of Patience and Perseverance, and I really liked “Of the Mountain” Man and his Presence. In this, I realised, for Patience and Perseverance there is a critical, physical part that is essential. This was not something he told me, but yet, as we spoke, I realised: The key factor to Perseverance and to Patience is BREATHING, and that no matter what one face in this world, you will always be breathing. But, the very moment you are not aware that you are in actual fact physically breathing, you are no longer present in this world, but you are in a world in your Mind that you have created by yourself where there is no-one to tell you what you’re doing, and that where you can bend the rules to suit yourself. Which is very much what man has done: taken those rules of this imaginary world and imposed it on each other and this physical world. Robbing many of their Breath through causing much misery and starvation and poverty – all while the Latest Spiritual Happiness Dream is chased, disregarding the most Critical fact that is Undeniable: if you stop Breathing – you’re Dead. And, regardless how you look at it, you have no real actual clue what awaits after Death.

So, I practised Patience and Perseverance, because I knew, that: if World War Two could not produce a change in Man - the journey to change the world to what is Best for All Life, will be the most difficult thing anyone would ever face. And without Patience and Perseverance - one would never be able to conclude the Great Work of Self Change, so that eventually – every child born in this world, would walk into a world where Life is Equally Honoured and Respected in all. And thus, for the first time, some time in a time yet to come: Life will Return to this Physical World…but not yet.

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