Sunday 19 October 2014

Day 555: Self-Forgiveness & Change

Continuing from Day 554: The Power of Forgiveness:
'And that if you hear the nature of these gifts, it was astounding and it was very clear that forgiveness was proven to me to be one of the ultimate keys, and God recognized it and was speaking not directly to me, but was sending messengers with messages to me which shows that I have in fact in a small way proven the effectiveness and power of forgiveness. Now, each one of these gifts required me to actually apply the gift and test it out and become it, embrace it, become the living words of it so to speak. '

So now I had these gifts and I was having real effects with self-forgiveness. I mean everything I’ve tried up to then from meditation to prayer to; every single thing I tried never had a long lasting result. A result of me changing me. to the effect that I change an experience so effectively that I can clearly go with it and be satisfied that the change is real. And here. self-forgiveness did that.

All I had to be within the self-forgiveness to make it stick – I had to be self-honest, I had to make sure I don’t create a polarity through it and I actually change and stick to my own word, and make sure that the thoughts re-align and if any re-occur to always be indicators where I am not self-honest. So thoughts in essence must be corresponding, aligned exactly the same as what I am living in all situations or otherwise I would question my forgiveness and I would do it again.

And I even started with training course for a period of two years travelling doing self-forgiveness courses, but what was fascinating is people were more interested in me talking about and presenting the self-forgiveness than what they were interested in doing it themselves. So nobody was really interested in changing themselves. And the only ones that could, the only ones that were at the time to consider self-forgiveness were people that were of means.

So after two years it was quite clear that you’re not going to change the world through doing presentations and training courses, travelling around meeting people in person. You’ve got to take the personality out of it completely from the perspective of; you must have no contact with me, because I mean contact with me seems to be quite overwhelming as I developed over time a presence through self-forgiveness that was noticeable. And people regularly remarked of that.

So the best way was to find a way to do it differently, and I focussed then for a while on education – the young generations, because if we could do the young generations, we can secure the future of the world and bring about a better world. And whether it actually will have an effect in our own lives or only happen in the time of our children – that didn’t really matter to me because the point was the outcome had to be certain.

So I applied the points and all of these points are relevant to the eventual outcome and the eventual point of meeting Jesus, and the final transcendence, the final facing, the embracing of the demonic in the universe. So bare with me, because all the points lead to one astounding discovery - Something I didn’t expect and I’m sure nobody would’ve expected. Especially the way it happened, it couldn’t have been more unlikely for it to happen in such a way.

To be continued...