Wednesday 24 April 2019

Day 574: Using Shame as Motivation

I found a nice way to use shame to motivate and push me into action in every moment-- I see a moment as all that occurs in my world with all the players/participants in the moment-- then I look at where I react or experience discomfort or withdrawal or my eyes move(see NLP) - I look at all participants and where they are coming from in their participation in the moment-- this I do on the in-breath and in the space before the outbreath-- study the moment-- on the outbreath-- I participate with all that I became aware of in the moment-- I have found that whatever we are aware of in a moment, is relevant to self expression and solving the problem-- then I take part-- mostly causing havoc in a beings life as I speak straight as I do not want to stand in shame before this being one day and say that I was aware of what they doing, but didn't see it as my place to participate-- Equal and one as me means I am responsible for what I am aware of in my participation-- Because--my awareness is my Inner work and my inner world and so I correct my world-- this is the practical perspective as living on the Spalding story--see also kid mongo statement--how do we practically fix the world

with yourself

what is yourself

What you become aware of in every moment

how long will this take

as long as we take to stop being embarrassed or ashamed for our limited participation in the moment--or as long as it takes us to see that when we separate ourselves from our own awareness inside --we become less-- thus-- every-one around us--or on Tv--or at work--are part of our inner reality

look--we see much--but we are not honest-- we walk away and say it is not our responsibility-- it is their process-- not true-

My process and your process is our inner awareness- and our inner awareness is according to What we understand in the MOMENT--thus we are the expert in the moment-- I suggest though-- first check if your awareness is awareness and not conscious enslavement--

that is why forgiveness assist-- to clear consciousness in the moment for awareness and honesty and inner corrective participation to take place-- so

This is fascinating

Look-- each one of us will change the world through changing ourselves by taking part fully without shame in the awareness we have in our inside and reflect that outside as our outer experience and make another aware of this inner-outer awareness that we must be honest with -- in doing this--our inner conflict reflects outer for a moment- the person in our moment may react with conflict-- but soosn the person becomes aware that what they thought was secret inside them is really actually visible and embarrassingly trivial and start to change themselves and observing their moments and understanding how they were helped and soon

All understanding this?

Please ask questions on this-- this is the key to inner peace and outer expression that brings freedom to all life