Thursday 31 January 2013

Day 287: Asthma – How I Prevented it in my Children

Where Asthma is genetically in a Family Bloodline - like in mine - where my grandfather had Chronic Asthma and died from it, my uncle had Chronic Asthma and died from it – the chances of it occurring in the Children down the Line is increased.

How Genetics play a role in this will be the topic of another blog.

Within this one, we are specifically looking at my two Children. My Daughter at the age of 5 suddenly developed Asthma. We investigated what to do and came across Kinesiology. We took her for a session where I was not present. There was a Traumatic Event at the Home where my ex-wife suddenly Miscarried one night and we had to get her to the Hospital and leave my Daughter at the neighbours.

My wife was at the hospital overnight and the next morning I took my Daughter to the Beach Front where we had Ice-Cream while feeding the doves at the beach - which was something she liked A Lot.

During the Kinesiology Session I received a phone call, I was asked whether I took her on That Morning to a place where I gave her Ice-Cream. I said ‘Yes, I did that’. The Kinesiologist deprogrammed the Trigger that was related to the previous night’s Trauma and Anxiety and Fear and the Asthma Immediately Stopped. This obviously Peaked my Interest in Kinesiology which I then used extensively over a period of 12 (Twelve) Years in my own Deprogramming and Reprogramming to Effective Awareness.

Obviously, this is not just something Randomly done and require an Extensive Understanding and Specificity and Objective Self-Honesty to be able to Adjust ones Pre-Ordained Existence.

And the Consequences of this is that everyone around you will no longer know you as ‘who you were’ and will React to the ‘New You’ - Mostly in most Unfavourable Ways.

So, do not use Kinesiology unless you have Very Clear Understanding of How-to and within this you will need a Kinesiologist and it is a Very Expensive Process.
With my Son, the situation was different. I was present at the Moment when the Asthma Triggered. He was Playing with someone in the House, who was Tickling him and during the Tickling he became Anxious and Gasping for Air and his Chest started Closing-up.

At this Stage I have already acquired Extensive Skills in relation to How the Human Actually Functions and How-to Direct the Will of the Life-Force to make Clear Decisions Immediately while in fact Walking with-it As the Person in Real-Time. And therefore I could Move with the Life-Force as Myself - Equal and One - and thus Confirm that the Point is Clear and Support the Person to the Correction.

So I Immediately indicated to him, Directly at the Level of his Life-Awareness to Stop and to Not Go Into the Condition of Fear where he was going as he was Creating a Problem. I Stood with him until he Corrected it and the Chest Opened and the Condition Never Re-occurred.

The Skills Necessary to Walk with a Life-Force As Yourself and Another - One and Equal - is taught through the Desteni Material and one can start with that with the DIP Lite course. There is no Quick fix - you’re not suddenly going to be Aware of what Life-Force is, where it is Situated in the Physical Body and How-to Move with-it and How you can Confirm this through the Movement of your Own Life-Force within you. As the Life-Force is Connected Equal and One, and has Nothing to do with your Consciousness, your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Emotions, your Imagination and Everything you currently are Aware of.

In Time, in the Future - Asthma will become a Preventable Condition.
I will do several blogs around this showing the Multi-Facetted Nature of Asthma that is not only a Physical Condition and is not necessarily just based on the Chest closing-up. There is also Mental Asthma that can take on the form of Obsession and Compulsion with Positive Thinking, Love and Energy and takes on Physical Conditions such as Extreme Physical Exercise, conditions such as Anorexia and Bulimia - it is all Conditions with which one Re-Focus oneself from Fear and Anxiety that Stems from Childhood Events that you did Not Understand and that you did Not Manage and where you had No Parent present to be able to Realise that you are experiencing the Condition of Fear or of Anxiety. Parents tend to Treat Children as Stupid, just because they are not Equal in their Language-Ability.

The Child, is Superior to the parent in the first 7 (Seven) Years as a Quantum Physical Being, which is why only Children goes to Heaven as the Bible implies. You have to Become like a Child, to enter Heaven. Thus you have to Return to the Quantum Physical Condition/Awareness that Exists in the First Few Years of a Child and is the Foundation through which a Child Integrate the Total Consciousness on Earth and is the Time within which the Child Construct the Mind-Parameters that will create the Personalities - mostly obviously: Personality Disorders actually - because the Parent have No-Skill whatsoever and are also in a Mental Disorder Condition.

This is Why the World is in a Mess.
Because the Foundation-Stage at which Learning Takes Place is Not Understood at all and from Generation to Generation only Disorder is Transferred and No Actual-Understanding. It takes a minimum, of 14 (Fourteen) Years to acquire Skill that will Correct these Conditions. This Should have Happened during the 14 (Fourteen) Formative-Years of a Child and it Didn’t.

Many react to the Desteni Message, as they Must - because no one wants to Hear that Everything they’ve Ever Known is a Lie. Yet no two Human Beings completely Trust each other because Always the Little Voice in the Back tells you the Person May Be Lying and is Only doing so Because you as a Human Being Lie at least 3 (Three) Times every 10 (Ten) Minutes that you are Thinking or Speaking. This is already known in Psychology, yet the Individual Human continues to Present itself as a ‘Moral Being and as somewhat of a ‘Higher Consciousness’.
That Science has Proof - is a Lie.

Understanding How you Function and Why you Function the Way you do, where Every Thought Originates from, How you Created it, where Every Feeling Originate from and How you Create it - should be a Common Sense Realisation that this Must be Understood, if you are to Be a Being of Integrity. If you do not Understand this in its Mechanical Specific Detail, You Cannot Trust You - Ever.
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Day 286: Care for the Asthmatic and the Charismatic

Asthma is a Physical Condition, which affects the Lives of many. Again, with Asthma - we Face the Point where the Condition is Accepted and not Prevented, and the Condition becomes a Point of Management, in some cases even being subject to the taking of medicine for a lifetime.
If the Condition is Understood, Specifically in How it is Created – and Parents are Trained How to Prevent these Conditions in Children: we Will be Able to eradicate Asthma, but for the cases that have already become part of a Genetic Program-Disorder. The Genetic-part will take longer and may even require two or three Generations for the Code to be Corrected.

In the situation of the Asthmatic – the Condition Starts at Home, where an Oversensitive Child (and in essence, all Children are Oversensitive, as they Function in their First Seven Years at the Quantum Level Integrating their Environment, Structuring the Mind, through which they will eventually Create their Consciousness Personality), will Develop Irrational Fears and Anxiety, and would Superimpose this on the Physical Body – Training the Body to Respond with the Asthmatic Condition whenever there is a ‘Threat’.

This Threat is very Similar to how Animals respond in a pack to their leaders, by going into a form of submission. This Instinctive Behaviour forms part of the Natural World, and as the Human Being is of a ‘Higher Order’, supposedly: the Human should have Noticed that this Condition can be Prevented – instead of Allowing the Condition to Develop. The Asthmatics will Integrate the Physical-Behaviour of Submission, Automate it, and in many cases – even Create a Pattern around it, which in essence, is like a Coping-Switch within their Reality; which would Indicate Childhood Fears that was Never Directed. For instance, if the Asthmatic tend to have Asthma attacks just before they go to bed – there was a Childhood Fear of the Dark that was Never addressed, that Grew in Intensity and eventually became Physical. And so, without Any Conscious-Awareness – the person will have an Asthma-Attack and will need to use their Asthma-pump before they go to Bed. Another example is for instance, where – a person will wake up in the Morning and need to use the Asthma-pump. This condition develop when there is a Fear and Anxiety within the Environment of the Child, where they Fear being at Home and this could normally be Stimulated by for instance, situations where one of the parents Abuse Alcohol and becomes Verbally Abusive during the Hangover stage. The Child would Expect some form of Disharmony in the Home and would prefer, deep within themselves, not to be in the situation. But they’re Hopeless and Helpless, Stuck in a situation that they can do Nothing about. And so Internalize the Fear and Anxiety that eventually goes into a Physical Shock, like Asthma – which then turn the Parent from Anger to Concern, and therefore: it becomes, for the Child – a Management Mechanism to Control the Behaviour of the Parents.

There are Many Examples of these type of situations that would Cause, eventually, an Asthmatic Condition. As the Condition is Physical, and is an Anxiety-Stress related Constriction, a Chemical Relaxant is necessary to Relax the Physical Body, to Allow Normal Breathing. The Asthmatic is Never Aware of the Real Reason Why they have Asthma. Neither are those in the Environment Aware – or any of our ‘Profound’ Scientists. As, None of our Science or Physics-Study consider ALL Parts of the Equation when they do Research. And so, because we are Driven by a System of Profit – Asthma is a very Profitable Condition for the Corporation and therefore Research will be focused on Management and not on Prevention.
In essence, Prevention is in Effective Parenting and we will be Presenting an Extensive Program to Support Parents in All Kinds of Preventions with a New Series Called: “Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race”.

Now, one would say that Asthma is only a Physical Condition, but actually – Asthma also exist as a Mental Condition. And, for the Mental Asthmatic, there is also a Cure. This Cure is in Religion. And, inevitably – all forms of Religion will have some form of Charismatic Leader, whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, the Archangels, the Idea of Divinity of Self – Any form of Mental Relaxation, that is Achieved through a Regime of either Communion, Meditation, Yoga, or some form of Discipline, Faith and Belief that is used to Regulate Fear and Stress.

In All Cases of the Mental Asthmatic, there will be a Drive to Move away from the Negative, which would be perceived as Fear and Stress - and there will be a Surge for Meaning, which is the Positive. Again, this is just a Management-Tool, and there will be No Effort to Change the Conditions, which Start during childhood years through parenting, and then through the Education System - to Prevent these Conditions, which influence All Choice, from occurring. The Strange thing is, that: the Mental Asthmatic will accept the System the way it is and even Revere it. Essentially, because – the Mental Asthmatic has been Trained to Fear the System and to never confront it. And therefore, the Mental Asthmatic will spend Large Sums of Money on All Kinds of Spiritual Medicines – just to have, from time to time, the Condition where they Feel a form of ‘Freedom and Release’ from the everyday necessities of Survival against All Odds.
In this, Money plays a major Role, as the Mental Asthmatics Medicines - as the Mental Asthmatic can Buy all kinds of Remedies from Positive Thinking Courses to Books, to Seeing and Consulting with those that seemingly present themselves to have the Answer to Life as Love, Peace and Harmony: so that they can also have a little Peace of this so-called ‘Peace’.

Yet, the World is Always at War – the War of Survival, the War of ‘the Winner takes All’, the War against the so-called ‘Negative’ of the Hidden Subconscious Anxieties and Fears that came from Childhood and the Education System. And so, the Mental Asthmatic is Dedicated in their Life to Find Peace and Harmony and will Move from one Therapy and Remedy to the Next, but eventually: the Fear and Anxiety will catch up with them again and they will Seek ANOTHER Solution. And therefore, the Mental Health Industry as the Spiritual Evolves, all the time, where – there will Always be one that Finds a Solution for their own Stress and Anxiety and then sell it as the Ultimate Solution.
This Process is never questioned as it is seen as the Nature of this World. No Action is ever taken to Investigate the Causes and to Change the System so that this doesn’t happen. And even as you Read these Words, you’ll Recognize what I am saying and even wonder: “Why didn’t I see it myself?” There is a Reason…:You are Conditioned - and this Conditioning is not only Mentally, but is Also Physical. This Conditioning Controls What you can See. It Controls what you Choose. It Controls what you Feel. It Controls who you are. And therefore, who you can be as a Life Form that is Truly Free – Can Never Exist, because: you’re Searching for an Answer based on a Foundation-Premise that you do not Understand.

For Gaining Greater Understanding and Eventual Freedom from this – Join us at Desteni I Process LITE.
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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Day 285: Alcohol, Drugs and Demon Possession (Part Two)

The Danger within Drugs and Alcohol, must be Understood from the perspective that - it is Preventable Consequences, rather than anything based on Fear and Comparison to other Dangers with Living on Earth.

In the Past, the Human Learned through Great Cost of Life that Personal Hygiene Prevents Disease. Now that we’re at the Age where the Mind must be Conquered and Equalized, we have to take Hygiene to the Higher Gene.
This Higher Gene, represents the Living Awareness that All Life has Equal Value, and thus – the World Systems of Co-Existence, must Reflect this Equal Value. If One Combine Inequality with Drug-use or Alcohol-use, Suppressed Energies that Formed their Own Presence over Time: will Step Forward and become the Presence of a Person that Suppressed it. This is, in fact, a Demon. It is an Entity less than Man, consisting only of Energy and is thus De-Manned.

Man as the Physical Form with All the Tools and Systems that makes Life as a Physical Form Possible – is the Actual Life Form on Earth. If One allow a Lesser-Form, that is for instance just based on Consciousness-Energy, to take over and Direct the Physical Form: the Potential of Harm Increase, and thus Preventable Danger come into Existence. Being in the Presence of someone that is Possessed by their Suppressed Personalities: is a Quick-Study as to What Should Not be Allowed.

Therefore, if we as a Human Race are Able to Prevent Situations that can Bring Harm to Another quite Randomly: Why would we not do it? What is the Personal Interest, in Allowing Random Events of Danger to Exist – just for the Fun of it? Never mind Planned-Danger, like War. The type of Consciousness that Must be Created, to take over the Human Physical Form, take up Arms and Kill others in the Name of Ideology, in itself Spells of Nothing less than Evil and should be termed as What it is: the Beast, the Demon, the Devil Incarnate. All Metaphors that Exist nowhere else, but as the Consciousness-Entities man termed ‘Personalities’.
There are Many of these Personalities, and Many of them which seem to be ‘kind and beautiful’. But, if you Study the life of a Human in every way: you will Note that Personalities functions like a Media-Organization that Advertise the Desires and Hopes and Dreams of the Consciousness, to Achieve Satisfaction of Self-Interest. This has Infiltrated all of Human Society – at Every Level. If you Dare to Call-out the Name of the Abuser As the type of Consciousness it Represents: All the Demons Attack.

Therefore, Those that Do Understand what it Means and What is Necessary to Create Life Equal, for All on Earth – will have to Face the Demons all around, and Seek to Find the Spark of Life that is Still inside the Consciousness-Possessed Human. This will not be an easy task. That which Can Hear, currently, is Not Alive. And therefore, will Scoff at All Life – in Favour of Self-Interest, in Favour of Belief, in Favour of Being Right, in Favour of Energy-Constructs like ‘Love and Light’; and will try All Kinds of Means to Scare Away those that are Reminding, that: Life is Not Honoured on Earth, that Life is Not Supported on Earth, that All the Evidence is Clear in the Physical World – Life is Not yet on Earth.

We Ask those that May Hear this, to Confront their Consciousness-Ego’s and Personalities – and to Learn How to Remove such Possessions, before it becomes Dangerous. And to refrain from Substances that will make it easier for these Self-Created Entities to take Control of the Human Body, and to do rather stupid, harmful things.

Understand that, to Deny that the World is in Trouble, and to Deny that All Life on Earth is Not Treated and Supported Equally: can Only be done by a Demon – even in the Name of Love. As Many Old Scriptures Warned: “The Demon is the One with the Most Light”. Light, after all – is just something one Create, it doesn’t exist in the Mind, Naturally. Natural Light – comes from the Sun, or from Electricity that is Converted through mechanical means; that can be used as a Functional, Supportive Substance on Earth. The Light of a Demon – only Screams that it is ‘special’ and has No Substance of any value, that brings any change in any of the Systems that are Currently on Earth.

Sunday 27 January 2013

Day 284: Alcohol, Drugs and Demon Possession

As we have Indicated, several years ago, with the Beginning of Process: the Nature of Demon Possession, while under the influence of Alcohol and Drugs, will Escalate - and More and More People will Experience this; as well as an Increase in the Severity of the Actions that’ll take place While under the Influence.

Understand, we are Now Not Talking about Demons as Separate Entities as they Existed before, but we are Talking about Mind-Demons and System-Demons – Created within the Human.
In this, the Mind-Demon is more of a Personal-Nature and the System-Demon are more Embodiments of the Abuse through the System – for instance, Abusive Power. Mind-Demons for instance, are where a Mother will for instance Hurt her Child. System-Demons, are more where people work In the System as a Policemen or a Soldier and Embody the Power they Perceive they have and then Commit Atrocities. You’ll also have System-Demons for instance, related to things like School Shootings where, specifically, Drugs are more Involved. Now, when we talk about Drugs – we’re not only talking about Illegal Drugs, but also Legal Drugs.

Now that we are Reaching the End of the First Cycle of, Metaphorically, ‘Heaven coming to Earth’ – with the Individualization of Life Progressing: the Individual will become more and more Aware of their Inner-World, and end-up Defining themselves according to the Information that Networks in the Mind as the Various forms of Conversations that is going on in the Mind.
As we Enter the Next Phase, which is the Corrective Phase of the System on Earth, which will Take Approximately Seven (7) Years, just as the Deprogramming Phase took Approximately Seven (7) Years: we are Now at the Cusp; where All Systems are Nearly All Individualized within the Human and Process will Become, in the Years to come – Dramatically More Difficult. As, there will be an Extensive Personal-Experience Within and the Various Characters of Good and Bad, Light and Darkness and the In-between Characters of Grey and Middle, Seeking Balance and Domination: will Battle it Out within the Minds of Men and Women.
These Characterizations have become More Individualized as Each Person have Focused their Self-Interest to the Extreme in their Own Happiness. By Focusing so Extensively on the Pursuit of Happiness, the Dark Side of Characterizations have been Allowed to Grow without Interference.

So, Here is Going to be a Few Guidelines to Assist you in Protecting yourself in the Time to Come. It’s like a ‘Do-It-Yourself Psychology’, as you have to Notice the Tell-Tale Points within yourself and others to Prevent Events that will Flow from Extreme Possession.
Now, for Most Not Familiar with the Desteni-Process yet: you Will Call your Experience of Emotional-Response within – a Form of Thought, we have termed it “Backchat”. As it is a Form of Self-Talk that is Negative, Judgmental, Aggressive and Self-Righteous in Nature. When you Notice these Type of Backchat-Thoughts occurring within you more and more often, Realise that: one of your Demonic Characters are Busy Integrating to Take Control of your Life. By the Time these Backchat-thoughts become Words and Actions you Speak: you should Immediately get Help, because it’ll Escalate and by the Time it has Complete Control – you may Harm others or Yourself.

When you are on Drugs or Alcohol – you Open the Door for these Negative/Dark-Side Characters to Suddenly Come Out and Take you Over, in a Form of a Fit. You’ll see these types of Fits, especially in the Use of Bath salts, but be Sure it’s no Longer related to just ‘some Drugs’ – there are More and More Reports of people using Cannabis that also end in Similar type of Possessions that end up Harming others. Especially Children are Vulnerable around people that use Alcohol or Drugs.
Please Note that: even Weed is Dangerous. And it Drops the Guard of your Conscious-Mind and then the Negative Embodiments you have been Cultivating Secretly in your Subconscious as your Backchat Thoughts of Judgment, Aggression, Hate, Love-Obsession – every Form of Thought that is Obsessive-Compulsive that you Cannot Stop that Keeps occurring and makes ‘you Right’, and makes ‘others Wrong’: are Dangerous, and you Must get Help. To take it out Yourself – is a Long-term Process, which you can Walk as well. But, initially – it is Necessary to Realise that you have a Problem.

If somebody around you Change in their Behaviour and Become More Vocal about their Feelings about another Person, which is Obviously out of Context and indicate either a Positive or Negative Obsession: it is Time to speak to the Person and to Establish How Severe the Problem is. If the Person is still able to Communicate with you and Realise in the Communication that they do have an Compulsive Obsession that is Happening in the Mind: one can Assist them through a Process of Self Forgiveness and Writing. If the Person Reacts to you with Aggression and Self-Righteousness, understand that the Possession has already taken Form to a stage where Reason will not be Considered. You’ll see this a lot in Family Relations, and as Jesus indicated: “there will be Conflict between Father and Son, and Mother and Daughter, and Brother and Brother, and Sister and Sister”. This Conflict will Escalate.
Understand, that this is a Mental Disorder, as the Mind is in Disorder and the Person that has Backchat of the Nature mentioned: No Longer have Directive Control at All Times. Do not Confront a Person that has gone into a Demonic-Fit. They are a Danger to you and others. You cannot ‘talk them down’. Trying to Restrain them, without Help – will be Dangerous.
It is Best to be Prepared as Prevention is the Best Cure. But, Unfortunately – Humanity has Never Walked the Path of Prevention. But rather the Path of Managing the Consequence, by which Time – the Damage is Done.

Things like Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder is Escalating and will Escalate More. This is Due to the Massive amounts of Chemicals Ingested - and taking Drugs and Alcohol, makes the Situation Worse.
Understand, that each Character – whether Positive or Negative, that occur within the Mind: will Build a Chemical-Relationship in the Body, which will Become part of the Memory from which these Obsessive Compulsions originate. They are Developed over Time, and once they have a Full Functioning Capacity – will build the necessary Energy to Become a so-to-speak ‘Emotional Outburst’. And during such Outbursts – a Split in the Mind may occur which Cause, in many cases, a Permanent Character-Split. This is Unfortunate that Man has Chosen this Road, and yet: it Must be Walked.
It is Necessary, in Severe Cases, and for Prevention – to Call on Psychologists if Necessary, for Support. Unfortunately, Psychology has not yet Progressed to a Stage of Diagnosis that is based on Prevention. But, this will be Necessary in Time to Come.

We will continue with this in the Next Blog. 

Friday 25 January 2013

Day 283: Music as Seduction and Personal Statements

Music is the Jungle with which you Advertise your Sexual Preference. This Sexual Preference is Always without Experience or Expertise, as it is Based on your Imagination as it was Stimulated by the Corporation to Direct your Creative Powers through Buying Products that will Fulfil your Desire for Happiness.

That is Why more than 90% of All Successful Music has some Sexual Theme in it. That is Why Teenagers and Young Adults Play Music Loudly: to Advertise their Sexual Availability, just like an Animal Marking its Territory.
This Preprogramming of the Humans to Consume has made both Life in General and Sexuality, specifically: a Basic Expression and Experience of Consumption, with No Regard for the Deeper Values Existing within the Living Form.

Study Why you Listen to Specific Music, Why you Like it, Why you Change your Preference, Why Specific Feelings are Generated. For instance, during Christmas time - Christmas Music is Played, which Increases Consumption. But, the Sexual Context of Christmas Music is to Seduce and have Sex with a Virgin as this Heightens the Experience of Power and Conquest. As this is Seldom Actualized for Real – the Shopping Experience for the Latest, New Product becomes the Substitute for the Sexual Fulfilment.

I wonder Why Positive Psychology does not Explain How the Positive Experience of Sex with a Virgin is linked to Christmas Music that Accumulates in Personality Disorders like Paedophilia? 
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Day 282: Can Human Nature Change?

There are Vested Interests with Investments in the System as it Now exists, that is of the Opinion that Human Nature Cannot Change. You’ll Find that this Ideology Forms the Foundation of Economics, Religion, Psychology, Education, Politics – basically Everything that Forms part of the Current System, Follows the Premise that Human Nature Cannot Change.

Fundamentally, this Flows from Religious Faith and Beliefs, and is the Foundation of, for instance Christianity which States that, “Man is Born in Sin” and that, “God already Decided your Fate from the Beginning”. This Implies obviously, under this Ideology that: Man is Designed and Programmed with No Choice Whatsoever, Leaving the Bizarre Idea that One can Only be Saved from Oneself as the Creation of God through the ‘Son of God’ Who ‘Died for your Sins’. Strangely, this Implies that you, as a Creation of God, were Created as ‘Imperfect’ by God – Only to be Saved by God and that everything else is Incidental.
Here, the Atheists Fall into this Perfect Trap as well, because the very Moment that you Accept that Human Nature Cannot Change: you are In Fact a Christian Fundamentalist; and everything else is Incidental and a Smoke Screen - as Inherently, your Nature, no matter what you Believe, Cannot Change.

Essentially, this is the Foundation of the World System - and All those with Vested Interests in the System in terms of Profit: make their Decisions Based on the Fact that Human Nature Cannot Change - and that makes for Secure, Profitable Investments.
Even our Scientists cannot Break this Bond – as they are the Observers and thus Part of the Experiments they do, Viewing Everything through the Eyes of someone that already Fundamentally Believes that Human Nature Cannot Change. And therefore, Scientific Discovery on All Fields are Governed by this Starting-Point.

The Total System of this World has Invested Individual and Personal Survival in the Ideology that Human Nature Cannot Change.
Even All the Movements that Promise Personal Change, from the Human Potential Movement, the Law of Attraction (LOA) and the Emerging Positive Psychology – Still Only comes from the Acceptance that Human Nature Cannot Change and that you Must be ‘Positive’ and ‘Make the Best of What you have’.
None of the Approaches Understand, Investigate or Research What it is that Actually Creates Human Nature. And instead of going back to the Beginning to See where the Program Fails: it Only takes the End-Result as Human Nature and attempts to Manage.

The Documentary Series “The Century of The Self”, is Confirmation that Human Nature can be Changed, Shaped and Manipulated.

Educate Yourself. 
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Thursday 24 January 2013


The Only Property that can be Truly Owned is the Properties of Words as the Meaning that is Best for All Life.
This Property Transcends All Time and all Dimensions, and Gives Individual, Equal Ownership to each One as the Living Word.

Our World is Constructed through Words and How we Live these Words, as the Meaning we Embody Collectively and Individually as these Words. When our Words that we Live are not What is Best Equally, for All – we Produce a Society of Injustice and Inequality.
Thus, the Inner-Transformation that will Produce a New World that is Best for All – is Within the Meanings and Definitions of Our Words and How we Live them.

All Words are, first and foremost, Taught Generation after Generation by Parents at Home. If we All Together, as a World, Dedicate ourselves for This Life to Purify the Reason and Meaning of our Words: we will Create Together a World of Happiness, Peace and Harmony.
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Day 280: The Power of Time

In our General Conversational Patterns, we give Immense Power to TIME – like:
































History is our TIMELINE. If the TIMELINE is Not Reported EXACTLY How It Happened, We will NEVER LEARN from our Past.
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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Day 279: Anorexia and Desteni

In these Posts on Eating Disorders, I am touching on Some Aspects - to Give some Context to Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), in Ways to Show that these Compulsions could be Understood and be Removed once one Understand How you Created them. In this, the Key is - Understanding the Mechanical, Structural Functioning of the Mind and How the Mind Package, Present, Transform and Manage Energy that the Mind Harvest from the Physical Body.

So, with Anorexia we’re going to look at the Aspect of Calorie Counting.
The Obsession around Calorie Counting makes quite a Few Assumptions. But, what is Interesting about Obsession is that: Behind Obsession – there is Discipline. It takes Immense Discipline to Remain Obsessive Compulsive, to Remain Dedicated to a Point and therefore, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) – Manifest in Multiple Ways. It is Disorder when it Result in some form of Disharmony or Inequality. That’s Why you will See Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) for instance, also within Religion, Spirituality – specifically where, the Person will become Obsessed with Their Version of Reality that Justify Inequality or Disharmony, Just to Protect their Position of Privilege, or Perceived Intellect, or Perceived Enlightenment.
Because the Justification for the Obsession, the Compulsion, is Complete - in as much as they Believe they are Right, no matter what: it Brings One to the Peculiar Point where Faith Reveals itself as the Underlying Culprit of Any Obsessive Compulsion. Because, Faith – with Discipline, that Result from a Belief that ‘you are Right’: Trap you within the Imaginary World of your Righteousness, so Completely – that No Other Voice but your Own can be Heard. And therefore, you will Avoid and try and Destroy ANYONE that Enter your World – Challenging your Obsession. You’ll also Seek out others with Similar Obsessions and form Groups that Justify Why the Particular Approach that Cause Disharmony, Division and Inequality is Acceptable. And that, as such – there is Acceptable Reasons Why Life should Not be Equal.

What is Fascinating about this, is that: this Religious and Spiritual Approach As OCD, is the Same that Manifest in ALL Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour – also in Anorexia.
The Anorexic that Count Calories, Obviously make Several Assumptions of Trust. For instance: that the Guideline of Calories, worked out by Scientists – are In Fact, ‘Exact’. But, if you Investigate it – you’ll Find: it’s Not. Yet, you will Base Life-Decisions on this Information, as if it is your Bible, or your Spiritual Path. Furthermore, you will Believe - as if it is Unquestionable, that: the Various Nutritional Aspects that Scientists present as Necessary for the Body – is All you should be Concerned about. This is again very similar to a Person that would Completely Disregard Life in Favour of a Spiritual or Religious Views, and that would Condemn any Empirical Evidence to the Contrary.

What is Furthermore Interesting, is that: the Calorie Counter will Not Normally use the Calorie Guide exactly, but would even Half or bring down the Calories to Only a Quarter of the Suggested Amounts on the Nutrition Table. Taking, so to speak, a Step – Based on an Idea, that somehow, just because they got a little bit of Knowledge: they suddenly know a Hell of a lot about Nutrition, and therefore – ‘their Point of View is Right’. This is called The Dunning-Kruger effect: “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes.[1]” QUOTE
This Effect is One of the Reasons Why it is Very Difficult to Communicate to the Self-Converted, and in this – everyone with a Very Strong Belief in something, for instance, the Bible or the Calorie Table, or in Buddha, or in any other Teaching - whether Religious or Scientific: is in fact Self-Converted. When one Study the Mind and How a Thought is Designed and Aligned with Imagination and the Idea and Ideals of Self to Create an Energetic-Experience that is So Convincing, that it is Believed to be Something that Must be Trusted: is One of the Facets of this Effect.

For the Calorie Counter, it becomes Necessary to Realise – before one Harms your Body Extensively, that: you are Not an Expert, and that Even the Information you are Basing your Expertise on are Not Necessarily Trustworthy. Therefore, One Must Reconsider what you Give Value to and Realise that: you Have One Life on Earth, which you can Live in a Way that is Not just Self-Centred, but that Consider that Life is Not about Images and Imagination, but Life is for Living. And thus, one can Stop the Quest for Individual Perfection – and rather Focus on Perfecting the Togetherness of All Parts Here on Earth. And Make the Experience of Life on Earth for Everyone, something Worth Living.

We have had Great Success with Solutions for the Anorexic Condition. Unfortunately, it is normally Created over a long period of time, and therefore the Correction takes time. But, what already exist in the Anorexic: is Discipline and an Ability to Focus. Yes, it may be Obsessive and Compulsive – but in it is the Ability to Focus on an Outcome that will, in the Imagination, Lead to some Perfection in some cases, or in others, some Satisfaction of Control, or any other Achievement the Imagination was Created into Believing to be the Reason Why there is something about the Person’s Body that can be Perfected or Controlled, through a Strict Regime, of Counted Calories.

For those Interested in Assisting themselves, Join DIP LITE, Joint he Desteni Forum – and Indicate your Interest for Support. And those that are already walking the Journey to Life for themselves, to bring about a World Perfected in Ways that Consider ALL Life, and not only themselves: will Step Up and be of Support.
Understand, that – when you are Trapped in your Imagination: the Physical Body also gets Addicted to the Energy that is Generated, and therefore, in a Way, you are Under the Influence of a Drug. In this, the Imagination that Stimulates the Physical Body to Release Chemicals that will make the Initial Break with your Compulsive Condition – quite Challenging. But, Creating the Condition in the first place was quite a Challenge, if you Look back. So, you have already Proven – that you can face Extreme Challenges. You just have to Change, the Fundamental Reason Why you have conditioned yourself to the Compulsion, to Something Tangible that do not only include you and those that agree with you, but Consider: the very Essence of That which Gives you Life as the Same as That which Gives Everyone else Life. And from That Starting Point of Equality: Reassess the Reason for your Being. 
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