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Day 250: Teeth and God - ADC - Part 97

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Teeth and God

Teeth is like God’s Death Warrant. Few people Realise the Important Role Teeth Play in the Life of an Animal, and even a Human.
The Human have the benefit of a Dentist – if you have Money. If you don’t have Money and you Lose your Teeth – your Life Expectancy Immediately Drops.

With Horses, for instance – their Teeth keep Growing throughout their Life and eventually become too long, which makes it Impossible for them to Eat and then they Starve to Death. Sheep and Goats for instance, Lose their Teeth as they Grow Older and once they’ve Lost all their Teeth – they Starve to Death.
So, in Nature – Starvation is one of the ways the Older Animals in a Herd will become Weaker, and thus Easier to Catch by Predators; causing a Natural Cycle which Prevents Starvation of the Animals and Providing Food for the Predators.

When Growing up on a Farm, where we had No Electricity or Modern Conveniences, the approach was to Slaughter the Old Animals when they Reach a Point where they can No Longer Support themselves and, in a way, Preventing their Starvation and yet – let their Life end with Value, they would become Food. In this way – Suffering is Prevented.
Unfortunately, Man has Moved away from the Natural Cycles and to make it work in a Functional Way, allowing beings a Full Life; and tend to Ignore the Guidelines that Nature Provide. Nowadays, Few Animals will Lead a Full Life, as Most will be Slaughtered while they are at their Prime.

Nevertheless – Starvation is very much part of Nature. Starvation within the Human Experience, is not a Natural Occurrence. It is something Induced by the Deliberate Withholding of Food and Resources from Parts of the World Population, simply because they have No Money. That is Unnatural, In Fact – Criminal.
You do not See a Sufficient Outcry about this, in Any of the Media that Determine and Influence the Way Society Function. You do not See, any form of Prevention as Part of Education or as Part of Religion – All you See, is that: Religion for instance, try to Benefit from the fact that People are made to Starve by Creating Charitable Work, which is Not Preventive Measures in any way whatsoever. It is in fact to say, that – Religion Agree that it is Acceptable to let People Starve, just because they don’t have Money. In Fact, Religion in this – become Part of the Justification of Horror and Terror. Because, if you Want to Understand the Horror and Terror you go through when you Starve – you should place yourself in a Position to Experience Starvation. Unfortunately – the Moral Compass of Humanity, is Simply Inadequate and Only Justify Self-Interest in Every Way Possible.

In an Equal Money System for instance, we would Propose a More Symbiotic Relationship with Nature. Allowing All Animals a Full Life, only Eating the Animals that reach the age where they will end up Starving, because their Physical Functionality are no longer able to Support them Effectively.
Symbiosis is, in essence, a Giving and a Receiving - a Form of Value Exchange. In many cases, this Value Exchange have very Clear Benefits. Parasites for instance, tend to have No Benefit for the Host. At the moment, the Human Race – Act like Parasites. There is No Benefit to Nature, or Earth or Any of the Kingdoms from their Interaction with the Human Race. All Life Value that any Form on Earth has – is Replaced by a Value System the Human Concocted, that is Based on Self-Interest Only. This Indicate – a Severe Mental Disorder that Exist in each Individual that Form Part of the Global Society.

I would Say that, All Must Hope, fervently – that No God Exist. Because, if you Ever have to Face God and Explain to God: “How come, Life on Earth were not Valued?” – you will have No Excuse. And, if God is such an ‘Angry God’ as he is Portrayed – God will feel Betrayed, for what Man did with the Gift of Life and the Gift of Choice. And Betrayal, is where Reason Fail – and that’s why it’s call Treason.

From this Perspective – Damnation is Certain for Every Human. And No Amount of Prayer, or Forgiveness – will Save Man, unless Man Change How Man Live, in Symbiosis on Earth.
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