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Day 233: Speak System, Speak!!! - ADC - Part 80

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Speak System, Speak!!!

For those of you that Dared to Watch the YouTube Interviews from way back in the Early Days of Desteni, you may Remember an Interview that talked about the First Beings and their First Attempt to Speak or Form Sounds, through which to Communicate. They Found themselves in a Vastness, where any Expression they attempted in Reaching Out to Connect with each other – was Not Connecting, but was going All Over the Place. Everyone Wondered Why?

Here were these Newly Created Beings, Billions of Years ago, with No Understanding, No Structure – Only Able to Perceive themselves and others, but not even Able to Communicate with each other. That’s where this Journey Started.
What had to be Developed, was Ways and Means of Communication. And every other Relationship that Culminated throughout Time, in Uncountable Layers of Memory - that became the Manifested Existence, from which were Born, eventually, the Creatures that Now Walk the Earth as Human Beings. And, in Spite of All this Experience - the Fundamental thing that has Yet to Emerge, is: The Point that that Awareness Within, that Life Within – is In Fact Equal and the Same. Even with a Plant. Even with a Cockroach. Even with a Virus. Even with a Rock. The Form is Purely a Result of Time and Accumulated Consequence, for Not Considering That which is Best for All Life.

That is Why Earth Offered itself as the Original ‘Home of Sound’, to Become the Manifested Consequence of All Beings in the Universe, where they could Face Themselves. And, make the Final Decision: “Will I be Life, or Not?”
The Mess can only exist because of One Reason: you Always had Free Choice. But you Never Considered that No Choice is Free, because you’re Always Bound by the Consequence of your Choice. And Earth – is the Final Consequence.
We discuss in Great Detail, many facets of this Process and for many years to come – we will Continue doing so.

No-One is Special, because you are Free to Choose - whether you will be Life or Not. And, if you are Not Willing to Give Life, Equal to All - the Consequence is: that you Will Not be Life. This is the Consequence of your Equality, and will be your Oneness.
The Idea, that ‘somehow’ you’re Protected by Oneness, per se – while Consequence Clearly Indicate, that: All In this Particular Invention of Oneness, is Not Equal – should be Sufficient Truth to Wake you Up to Reality.

Realise, that for Words to Form – Words had to become a System. For you to be able to Hear the Words, you had to Develop a System. For Parents to Teach Children, they Teach them a System – a System of Language, a System of Behaviour, a System of Belief, a System of Faith, a System of Feeling, a System of Emotion, a System of Movement, a System of Government, a System of Money – Everything is a System. The Human Body is a System, Self-Functioning – without which you Cannot Exist, as - your System of Consciousness you call yourself as Personality/Spirit/Soul. Consciousness is the System within which, you are Currently Confined/Imprisoned by your Own Doing. Because, you don’t Understand even the most BASIC components of Systems. The Systems you Create on Earth to manage Humanity and the World, are So Dysfunctional – which only indicate the Level of Dysfunction you accept and allow within yourself.
You can Stop at any moment, put in the Time to Study and Learn how it Really Work, make New Decisions, Change yourself Systematically – until you’re a System, Functioning within a System, with other Systems, as the System that is Best for All Life, which is your Existence and everyone else’s Existence: Equally.

But, you Believe you are More than the Systems. While, you have your Being, your Life, your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Existence – through Systems. Systems in fact Created you. You are in fact, Less than the Systems. And as the Government, and the Banking, and the Money, and the Parenting and other Systems Show: they are the Authority – and you are Not Equal. Because you accept and allow these Systems to Treat you Unequally. But, You are the One that Choose this. You are the One that will have to Change your Choice.
Your Desire for Freedom, has Allowed you to Create a System called Consciousness –where you Alone are God within a Personalized Illusion. Where you can Imagine Anything, and on Rare Occasions – some of your Imagination may even happen in the Physical World, but Self Honestly you know: that Seldom Happens.

As long as you Continue to Not Pay Attention to the Detail of What Systems Create you, What Systems have Authority over you, What Systems Decide your Future: you will be Diverted through your own doing, into the Ultimate Trap – your Consciousness. Where you Believe, you are ‘Free’. Sadly though, when you Die: Consciousness ENDS. And what Remains of you, is but a Very Small Component of a System, you cannot even begin to Imagine.
You do have the Power to Change this, in the Physical World. To Accept the Gift that Earth Offers you, to Work within Space and Time and Assess Consequence, to See Where you must Change to Produce a Consequence that’s Best for you and All Life, Always. That is the Purpose. That is the Answer. That is the Reason for your Being.

But, will you Care Enough – about Yourself, never mind everyone else; to Actually Take Action and Create Yourself, as That which is Best for All Life? The Only Acceptable Oneness?

We Will Wait and See, because Time is Always against you. And Consequence is Always Showing Reality.

We will continue this in the next posts to come…
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