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Day 235: Teachers are Gods - ADC - Part 82

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Teachers are Gods

Due to the Pressure on the Average Family, a Great Percentage of Parents are both working to maintain a certain Lifestyle, and here we should rather look at Lifestyle as a certain Level of Consumerism or as a certain Level of Reward for Loyalty to the System.
Within this, All Parts of our Life converts into some form of Consumptions and is Equated in a certain Money Value. And here, the Child is mostly left to their own Devices – with a peculiar tendency imprinted on the Child, that “they must find their own Truth”. Causing a Deepening of the Problem, because the Child ends up developing a very Personal Relationship with their Mind and Imagination, which you will Find as we Progress in the next few years – will Cause a lot of Mental Instability. We are already at a very High Level of Mental Instability, with Many people under the Care, if we Dare call it that, of either a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. It should really not be a Care, but rather a SCare. But, we tend to want to View things from a Positive Angle, and Pretend we don’t See Reality.

And therefore, Teachers are Entrusted with the Child’s Life by the Parent – simply based on the Fact, that they were Trained to Follow a Policy and Curriculum that will Ensure that the Child will be Equipped, to some degree, and Enabled – to find some form of Job, which will turn the Child’s Life in some form of Monetary Value, which will Ensure the Reward of a certain Level of Lifestyle; as the Parents, so the Children – Generation after Generation.
So, Teachers go to University – where they are Prepared to Handle a Group of Children in some particular Subject. In spite of what we all Know, that has been to School – that: whatever you Learn at School, will have very little Practical Application in your Life later on, we Continue with this Bizarre idea that School is necessary, and that somehow “the Teacher know what they’re doing”.

Let’s look at what the Teacher Know: the Teacher know a lot of Knowledge and Information, that comes from books and sources, which they do not have Direct-Access to in as much as, Ensuring that what they are Teaching, is in fact the Truth. It All Depends on your Culture, and where you Find yourself in the World, as to What you’ll be Taught and what the Teacher will be Teaching. This Knowledge and Information will be Aligned with the current Social-System, and All Critical Thinking will be Aligned to Justify the Current Social System. So, is it then really, actually, Critical Thinking? With using Religion as the Justification why All Men cannot be Equal, Blaming God for Creating Man Unequal – makes the whole Point easy, to Imprint a most Strange thing: the Point of Competition. In Sales, this is called: “the point to watch for”, which is in fact a Distraction, because – while the Person’s focusing on “the point to watch for”, which is the Distraction like for instance, Competing in some form of Sport or in the Academic World, or just looking at the Teacher Performing the Act of Teaching: the Actual Education is happening in the Background, which is Pacifying the Child to Submit Completely to Authority and Control, and Accept the Current System and their lot in Life.

This has been going on for a very long time, no-one taking part in this, Know what they’re really doing, because they don’t even Know the most basic components of their own Minds. They’re not Teachers, they’re just Parrots. And the Inherent Fear of not having an Income, to buy a home, buy food and live in the System – is so Big, that No One Dare Question the Authority. You See, because even at School, you’re not Allowed to Question the Curriculum, you have to Learn it, because it is Prescribed.
With the Advent of the Television, another Teacher was Added. Now, you’re Looking at the Classroom, which is the Television, being Distracted by the Entertainment – while in the Background, is placed all the Products that must Compete for a Position in your Lifestyle. Making sure that you focus on One Thing, and that is: to Consume, and Participate within the Realm of your Allowed Authority. Where even the points you Debate about, is Inserted, so that you can Practise your Critical Thinking Skills, that were Given to you, Taught to you in School. And so you can Feel like, you’re ‘making Choices’. But, how can you be making Choices, if you do not Know, where your Thoughts come from, how they are Created, how they are Energized, what happens to the Pictures that’s flashing in front of you on the Television box, what do your Quantum Physical Absorb, how does it Align – to come to a Point where it Presents you with a Feeling, that you will Agree with, Shaping and Moulding your World View. So that you are so Pacified, that will not Care about Anything else, but your own Self Interest.

The Role of the Teacher in this, is Essential. The Classroom is the Television Box, during that time, you are Inside the Television. When you get home, you’re outside the Television, looking at the Box. Not Realising, that: All that is Happening, is that you are just Transferring, from Inside to Outside the Box – so that All of your Thinking, Inside and Outside the Box, is In Fact – Controlled. But even the Controller don’t Realise That is what is Happening, because All the Controller want, the Authority want, is their Self Interest. And All Self-Interest is by Preprogrammed Design, in Quantum Time. It is like a Fibonacci Spiral, which is Time rolled into a little ball, that then turn and unfold. It looks like it’s happening, and that there is a certain degree of Freedom, but in fact – it was Programmed before it Started. And so it is all Synchronized as it Unfolds.

Only in the last few years, this Synchronicity has been ‘Interfered’ with, which may at last Produce an Opportunity of Actual Awareness. But, as long as you do not Understand your Actual Mind, in as much as – every Single Thought, in its Totality: you are Just a Robot. Controlled. And it’s not that Anyone specific is Controlling you, like the Teacher, or the Parent, or the Elite – or anyone else, you’re Controlled by the Self Interest in your Preprogrammed Design. And, to Break that – will be the most Difficult Journey you have ever Undertaken.
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