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Day 238: The Bigger Picture - ADC - Part 85

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The Bigger Picture 

We are now in the Process of Walking The Bigger Picture, but it isn't ‘The Big Picture’ yet.

As we have Indicated many times throughout the Years: the Human is, in essence, a Consciousness – that Resulted from a Preprogrammed Design. And that, within this – That which is Programmed, is Never Aware of That which Programmed it.
Within this, the Human is Extremely Susceptible to Accept and Allow Influence, which Follows Survival, which in essence, is: Self-Interest. Self-Interest Develops once the Self-Interest of Survival has been Overcome, but it is Purely the Same Thing. And, whether at a Level of Survival, or at a Level of Extreme Profitable Self-Interest, in Both Events: the Human will Experience ‘Happiness’. As an Example of Susceptibility, one must Understand the History of Feral Children. In this, you will Note that: the Child is Extremely Programmable and would, in the case of a Child that is Parented by Wolves, will essentially become like a Wolf. And there is No Mechanism of Any Higher Form whatsoever, that kicks in and Prevent this from Happening. The Child, will become Influenced and Formed by the Environment. And will Continue this Pattern of Accepting and Allowing Influence, throughout its Life, and Only Develop a very Peculiar form of Intelligence, which will in All Cases – Seek to Justify the Bizarre Behaviour, in the Face of Reality - which is Focused on Self-Interest.
To get another Glimpse of the Programmability of the Human, it is suggested to watch Apocalypse by Derren Brown, where this is Demonstrated - with what ease the Human will Become what it Believe is ‘True’.

From a perspective of this World, the Human is not even yet Living in a Reaction-Mode, to try and Stop what is Being Created. Never mind Considering Preventing it. This Evidence is Presented, and Known, and Certain, as the Extinction of Multiple Species, now Virtually on a Daily Basis, due to the Encroachment of the Human Self-Interest in the Environment-Support of Other Species. In Spite of the Human Understanding, that it is In Fact Enforcing an Apocalyptic Event in the Existence of Thousands of Species: there is Simply No Remorse, there is Simply No Compassion, there is Simply No Empathy, there is Simply No Consideration. In Fact: the Human have Adjusted Empathy and Compassion to be Only Protective of the Self-Interest and Happiness of the Human Species within a peculiar Strange Realm of That which is Economic Deliverance. Where, a Paper Valued System has been Given the Power to Decide ‘Who Win the Race, the Human Compete in’ – and, the Human has been Influenced to Accept and Allow that the ‘Winner Takes All’, and that it is ‘Graceful to Accept such a Thing, as a Loser’, because apparently ‘Everyone has Equal Opportunity’. This Fallacy is so Extreme, that – it is Actually a Joke.

And, in Spite of so much being Known about How Easily the Human is Influenced: Nothing Constructive is being done, to Utilize what we Know, to Actually Build a Society that is Best for All Life. Instead – the Proliferation of Conspiracy is Allowed, simply because that Distract Those that are Part of the Group of Man that will take their Influence through a Process of Friction, to come to their Own Conclusion, which Inevitably will Serve the Self-Interest of those that programmed everything in the First Place.
So, you’ll have the Easily Influenced and you’ll have Those that will Form a Debate within the Mind about What they are going to Allow. But the Options Available, are Always of the Making of the Programming. So, No Matter What Those that Believe they are Beyond Programming ‘Think” – All their Choices are within the Design of the Preprogramming. And therefore, As we are Demonstrating with Desteni over many years now: the Human Cannot Change, without Apocalyptic Events taking Place. Very Few are Able to Actually Realise the Importance of What is Best for All, without first Losing Everything. We do suggest it is Not Necessary, but we do Understand that it may be Essential for Change. And sometimes, a person will have to Lose Everything Many times. The More one Resist Change for What is Best for All, the More Traumatic the Losing of That which one Value will become.

So, in a way – one can Assess your Stubbornness. The Wonderful thing about Losing Everything, is that you actually Lose all your Relationship Definitions. And must Start from Scratch to Construct your Life. We Suggest that when this Happen: that you Construct a Life, where all your Relationships are Based on What is Best for All Life. Because, if you don’t – whatever you construct, will Again be Deconstructed: until you Submit to the Only Value that is Real, and that is LIFE. Anything else is only the Illusion of Self-Interest. So, to Submit to the Illusion, will cause Harm to others, to Submit to Life – will Bring about Harmony on Earth.

Which One is Best for All? 
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