Tuesday 13 November 2012

Day 213: The End of the Demon Dimension - ADC - Part 61

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The History with Life After Death – Part 45

The End of the Demon Dimension

I have a lot of Respect for the work of Osho, as he had the knack of placing Considerations in Simple, Practical, Commonsense. For that Reason: one of the First Beings through the Portal I wanted to speak to was Osho. With the Obvious Question: “What the Hell is going on? Why is Earth is such a Mess? And Why is there No Direction or Intervention from Heaven, on Earth?”
At this Stage, Beings coming through the Portal was already Realised, in that they could Speak more Freely than has Ever been Allowed. For context here, one can look at the earlier videos from Desteni around Demons.

During the Conversation with Osho, my Son suddenly walked into the room and said: “Jesus will be coming through the Portal shortly. When he comes, please call me.” So, that was quite unexpected. And about 5 minutes later, Jesus arrived through the Portal. And, I called my Son and the two of them Greeted each other like Old Friends, which was like – quite interesting. At that stage, my Son was about 13 years old at the time. And he has Never been Exposed to Christianity, or the Bible, or a Bible School and has never been to Church in his life. So we had some Interesting Discussions with Jesus and this was shared in Extensive interviews on EQAFE, which will give one a Total Different Perspective than the Made-Up Story sold to Men through Faith and Religion.

But as we all Know: a Human Being is quite incapable of Assessing anything outside its Preprogrammed Reality. So – it will be a while, before More will come to Realise that they’ve been Brainwashed. And once they Realise that: Slowly, the Journey will Begin. And Many will first make the Mistake of Believing that they’re capable of Assessing Information with their Preprogrammed Knowledge and will Refuse to go through the Obvious Commonsense necessity of First Purifying EVERYTHING they consist of – Every Word, Every Part, Every Memory so that it can be Aligned to What is Best for All Life. Be that as it May – for Any Process to be Real: there is Uncertainty, because the Individual Movement of a Purified Awareness choosing Life, is only Possible with the Corresponding Labour within the Specificity of That which Forms the Foundation-Relationships of such Awareness. And That is compromised in every single Human on Earth, regardless of what they Claim. And anyone that ‘Claim’ to be Aware or Enlightened - must explain to you the Exact Mechanical Function of a Thought. That is why we Delayed publishing how these things function, for several years – to make sure we give those a Chance, that May Find it themselves to Realise they have been Misguided. Understand, that there is currently No Human on Earth that understand how this Functions, and these Specific Understandings / Blueprints will be Published over Time - and Still we will Find some that will try and abuse it and Pretend that they ‘had a Clue’.

So, here we had Jesus and Osho and Anton LaVey – seemingly different Aspects of Perceptual Realities on Earth. Yet – they were Working Together. And they, with the Help of Mykey and others of the Demons that already Transcended their Constriction through Self-Forgiveness and Self-Honesty: came Together and they Assisted Every Demon in Existence to Self-Forgiveness. And so came to an End an Era, that was Evidence of a Human Existence that has Never Cared about Life and only Ever Cared about Self-Interest. And a Process Started Moving that will Eventually Produce “As Above, So Below”: the ACTUAL Demons of Man-manifest, to be Faced. As it was clear already at that stage, that: the Human do not Regard Self-Honesty or the Consideration of Life as Important, and Only Regard Self-Interest as ‘Important’.

So, for Years to come – Man will be Afflicted by his own Demons at a Level Never Experienced Before. And this will slowly Drive Man to Re-look at What is Truth. And on a Planet of Oneness like Earth, where All Parts are Interconnected: What is Best for All parts of Life Always, is the Only Truth that can Stand the test of Time and Always be Acceptable by All Parts - as it is Best for All parts. And it Makes Life something Worth Living. This is REAL, SIMPLE COMMONSENSE.

If you find yourself in Conflict with this Point or trying to Deny it through Justification: you Have a Serious Problem on your hands – as you are not in Control of your own Reason and Senses. And you have already on-board – That which is your Shadow, which will Take Over your Life, if you Do Not Realise the Value of your Life. And it is Only when one Lose something that you Truly learn to Value it…Sadly.

We will continue with this
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