Tuesday 6 November 2012

Day 206: The Relationship between Pain and the Body - ADC - Part 54

This blog is part of the After Death Communication series

The History with Life After Death – Part 38

 An Important Point to consider in this Research on the Afterlife and the Multiple Dimensions that existed, is to Look at the Role the Physical Body and Pain specifically, play within this - as an Indicator of the specific points that occur and their specific movement and/or removal.

One of the First significant points I experienced with doing Self Forgiveness, was: something one can describe as a ‘Heightened Sensibility / Sensitivity’ over the whole Body, of Energy, in a Form that the Mind would normally interpret as ‘Excitement’. What it really was: was actually Relief. And therefore, the Body felt ‘Lighter’, virtually in a state of Bliss – and this is very easily misinterpreted and aligned to the Mind, through giving the experience some Spiritual Value when it is in fact simply a Physical Response, just a Letting Go.

From this emerged a Fascinating Point, because I took the Point of Living Moment-to-Moment to a Practical Living Way as a PHYSICAL Walk as Breath-by-Breath, because the Real Moment of the Human Body as the Real Self is: the Breath. And, one’s Total Presence as the Physical Self is during the Breath. The Breath that’s gone – is the Past, the Breath yet to come – is the Future, and what occur During a Breath – is the Current-Present of this World, of your Life, of ‘where you are’ within the current accepted and allowed System. The very moment you view the Breath-Moment through the Mind, you start with Interpretation and immediately form a Value-System through your Mind, which is Subjective and which will Judge something as either ‘Good’ / ‘Bad’. And, Remember Here: Any Judgment, immediately, is Separation – and have Consequence, because your Present-Awareness is no longer Present, it has moved into the Presence of the Mind as Interpretation, which immediately takes you into a Different Time-Zone of your own Making, in your own Mind as a Dimension, which is immediately converted through the Quantum Physical into a Memory – where you are then Characterized as a Character in the Memory and ALL that happened in the past-moment, becomes Characters and Props which takes-on definitions as per your Interpretation, and you have Completely Lost Touch with Reality.

As I was Walking this Moment-to-Moment Breath, I noticed a peculiar feedback from the Body, because the Body was relaxed and flowing as Breath as the Present-Breath, as the Present-Moment, as the ACTUAL Presence, Here, as Myself, as the Physical Body in this Physical World – observing what we have Done to our Reality - and, the Moment I go into the Mind to Interpret it: the Body would constrict and there would be Pain.

Obviously, due to the Extensive Self Forgiveness I did in the Beginning, and my Absolute Decision to be Self Honest and to have no more Secrets and Hide Nothing: caused an Extensive Relief, as it was the Letting-go of the Burden of the Life I lived in the Mind, which had to be fed by Energy from the Physical, Constantly, in a level of Awareness about Interpretations, while Never being Aware about the Actual Physical Reality of this World.

So, this State of Relaxation was Significant – as was the sudden Reward of going into the Mind as constriction, pain, discomfort, disease, headache – all depending on a very interesting thing, something I Realised through Extensive Testing of the Relationship between Thought, Memory and the Physical Body, that: Memories were stored throughout the Physical Body. And thus Pain – whenever it arise in the Body, would be specific to a particular area in the Body. And that according to that Area of the Body, one could actually Look at the type of Memory that was, for instance, producing a particular Thought to be Shown on the Screen of Interpretation of the Mind – taking one away from your Present-Breath Moment, into your Own Illusionary Production-House of Self-Delusion as Thought.
I realised, that: if I would Entertain these Thoughts, the only One that in the End, would suffer the Consequence of Missing Actual Reality, Here in the Physical: would be Me.

A more peculiar thing though, was: when I Spoke to Anyone from this Breath-Moment as the Physical, they couldn’t Understand a Word I was saying or Hear what I was explaining. I Found myself, Suddenly, Completely Alone; as I could no longer Entertain the Constant-Production of Bullshit as Thought and Mind.

In this though, started a fascinating Journey, in terms of the Relationship between Pain and the Body, and Memory and Thought, and the Interpretation one would Give To these Thoughts based on your Education from Birth through the Family, the Media, the School, the University and how that would Shape, Multi-Dimensions of the Mind, within which one – if you would Embrace it: would become Trapped to such a Degree, that you could Completely end-up believing, that what you are Interpreting through the Mind is in fact ‘You’. When, in fact, ALL of it – everything that you were Aware of through the Mind, even as the point that was Aware – was not in fact REAL. And in moving into the Mind, as this, which eventually became termed ‘Consciousness’, and ‘Presence’ – one, in fact, Abdicate the Life-Force that will continue After Death and will leave one at a Great Disadvantage; as the Influence of the Energy you eventually Produce through the Mind as Emotion and Feeling, would become So Descriptively Energized and Animated - that it would Even Determine what will Emerge from the Physical Body upon Death.

For instance: we have Observed, in Extreme Situations, emerging from the Physical Body, for instance, at Death – in the case of an Obsessive Gamer: a Gaming system with screen and all emerging from the Body, as the being completely transformed themselves into such a Device, completely Lost. And in cases, before the Soul System was Removed - such a being would immediately be discarded to the Demon Dimension. Since the Soul System has been Removed - the being is now assisted to see what they have done with their Life, with a Life Review. But, Many Beings, throughout time, Ended up in the Demon Dimension, simply because – even at the level of the Creator Gods, they did not Know what they actually Walked into, when they started Creating Life on Earth and what Earth itself as Life-Force actually represented, and to what Extent the Creativity of a Mind within a Physical Body could Demonize a Being.

So, we will continue with the point of Pain in the next post, as we Touch on various points, that throughout this Series will all be relevant, so that one can grasp the Extent of the problem of Ignorance that exist on Earth in terms of All current Knowledge of Spirituality and Philosophy and whatever has been Valued.
Certainly – no one has a clue of even the Most Basic Mechanics of their Own Consciousness, yet they act with Arrogance and Ego, pretending to ‘Know it All’.

Best be Humble when the Door of Death opens, because you don’t know when that will happen – and that is a Line, from which you do Not return.

Spend your Breath well.

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