Friday 16 November 2012

Day 216: Does God Exist in the Afterlife? - ADC - Part 64

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 48

Does God Exist in the Afterlife?

This is a very Controversial Subject, as there are Many Opinions and Ideas - some say “God Exist”, some claim “they are God”, some claim “Divinity exist”, some claim “Creation is Science”, some claim it was “a Big Bang”, some claim “they talk to God”, some claim they “See God”, some claim they “Hear God”, some claim “they have Conversations with God” and Most claim that, when they do not Understand something or can’t Conceive it – that it is “the handiwork of a Higher Force or God”.

Those that claim that “God Created Everything” – also claim, and they have to claim, that “God moves in Mysterious” ways because - there are so many Contradictions of what Divinity implies, that are seemingly rather Evil than Divine. And for That, many claim, God Created the being called Satan or the Devil, that Create all these Evil Things. Nowhere in this, obviously, Man is Responsible for Anything, because – the Free Choice Version of Man: is No Responsibility and only Self-Interest. So, having God and the Devil as scapegoats for the Justification of Free Choice is one of the cornerstones of Religion.

Here, when we remark ‘Religion’, we include Every variation of Religion that exist and, in a way, we have Eight Billion Religions on Earth – because whether you are an Atheist or a God Believer: you have your own Version of a Creation Story. And in this – Science is just another word for God, because even the Great Scientific Minds must take a ‘Leap of Faith’ when it comes to even the Big Bang. Because, they’re observing the Big Bang with very limited senses and sensors and then must make assumptions based on Faith, that – somehow, this all just Started rather suddenly…KABOOM!

Obviously, through the Portal, we Investigated this Question in-Depth: Every Theory about Creation, Every Movement that Ever existed and that was ever going to exist. We Investigated All of Everything to only Find a Fascinating thing: Infinity is Limited.
We did Find Creator Gods; they are featured in the Sumerian Tablets and even in the Bible. We did Find Many Heavens, we did Find many Universes, Parallel Universes – whatever one can Conceive, Underverses – there were All Kinds of Stuff.

So, in Answering this Question – “Does God Exist?” Or – “Where do we come from?” We have to Once and for All answer All the Angles to this Question, because: having Clarity on this – makes the Journey to Life so much easier. Because, one start to Understand your Position in All of this.
Obviously – it is Quite Important though, to Investigate all that we have Shared thus far as that will Assist with much Understanding about the Mechanics of How things Actually Work.
In this, the Most Powerful Religion – is the Religion of Self. It’s in a way, the Deification of Individuality which is Purely a Product of the Mind. And those that Profess to be Experts at this, will use the Mind to try and explain Everything. Those that Follow a Spiritual Form of Individuality – will use ‘Spirit’ to Explain Everything. Those that Believe they are Born in Sin, and thus definitely Genetically Faulty – will believe in some form of Blood Offering that will somehow ‘wash them clean’ – they should get some blood at the butcher and try it out for real. Obviously, the whole Blood-Offering thing has been around since the Cave Man Age – it’s just now more Symbolism than Actuality. In a Way – the Wine, like in a Cosmic Joke, is ‘Spirits’.
From All of this –we also have the Great Enlightenment Age where the Religion of Self REALLY got onto the Dale Carnegie and other’s / Einstein’s theory of “whatever you can Imagine you can Create”, “whatever you can Conceive and Believe you can Achieve” or the whole Law Of Attraction thing, where you Imagine and Envision things and Attract it to you. Obviously, here – you do it in the Mind, using your limited senses, imagining Divinity and then Attract it to you – and then Divinity must Produce a Life of Happiness, Love and Peace and Wealth…but only for You. And it’s got nothing to do with Money – you somehow just Imagine the Money and it Grows in your Pocket – quite Bizarre. So, everyone should be taught how to Imagine Money and the World will be Filled with Millionaires, all Equally, and Nobody will Ever need to work again, or produce food or clean houses…you know – all the things that’s Outside the Imagination.

Be it as it May – we do Live on Earth, rather Bizarre Planet, represented by rather Bizarre Inhabitants that Manage to Create their own Reality in a Bubble in their Mind based on an Infinity Principle, Imagining that this is going to ‘Last Forever’ and that they have found the Truth. Nothing can be further from the Truth.
And Those that are Enlightened are in fact at a point where they have Not Yet Even Begun with their Process of Self Conception from which eventually they must Birth As Life. And where they Claim they’re ‘Old Souls’ – they miss the Boat, because the Soul has Nothing to do with Creation, it was Created by the Creator Gods and came about looooonnnnggg, looooonnnngggg after the Universe Emerged.

So, in the Blogs to follow we will take this apart, Piece by Piece, and Share what we Actually Found, How that Relate to the Message of Equality and Oneness and Why the Message of Desteni, as the Message that is Best for All Life - is in fact the Most Advanced Message that exist. And as it implies – Most Advanced, means: there is No Other Message Possible that can Produce the Result that is Necessary within the context of what is Here in Existence.
And those that cannot Conceive this, are in fact Trapped in their own Religion of Self, where their Self-Interest Dictates like a Dictator - all of their Imaginings, which is the only part they are - as Nothing that they are Imagining is in fact Real, and it is only Temporary and will thus return from whence it come…to Nothing.


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