Friday 23 November 2012

Day 223: Intelligence and God - ADC - Part 70

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Intelligence and God

And we continue. Before we get to ‘Is there a God in the afterlife?’ we have to look at the human part that created what we know about God, and that is: Intelligence. Our great philosophers claim that there is ‘life’, but life is not necessarily Intelligent. So therefore, they search the universe for ‘Intelligent’ life forms, as if Intelligence has proven itself to be something of worth.

Let’s explore this Intelligence which is apparently what the human race is endowed with. So this must come from our IntelliGenes that produce ‘Intelligence’ which, according to the history produced by the human as an ‘Intelligent being’, shows some very peculiar patterns of design - as reflected in the patterns of behaviour that is written in our history books: both the history used as propaganda and then obviously the real history, which can only be seen if you closely study ‘Human Behaviour’ - which is actually ‘Human Intelligence’.
It is said, and one can certainly confirm this, that: Intelligence is the ability to design systems that makes survival in a hostile world more ‘viable’. This certainly is what the human race did: developed, through generations, systems that emphasise the importance of ‘Intelligent’ life forms as ‘superior’ over other life forms. With this dominion so prominently pronounced that one can find Intelligence in every arena of human endeavour.

Let’s look at some of these points:
Intelligence is the central agent of war in the world.

Intelligence is the central agent that plans the deforestation of the world in favour of producing products purely to enhance the vanity of this Intelligence with, for instance - beauty products.

Intelligence is the central agent that manage to create both in religion and economics, a system of infinite debt – you are both born in sin infinitely, and born in debt infinitely. And because both systems religiously and economically depend on this debt – it is the Central Intelligence Agent that determines the Intelligent nature of relationships which represents both Divinity and Survival, both systems implying that if you do not adhere to the system: you will not benefit from the system. And with this is used probably the most bizarre form of ‘Intelligence’ which says, religiously: “You can never be without sin, and thus need a saviour Jesus Christ”. Similarly our economics say: “You can never be without debt, therefore you need a saviour which is the Banks.” And really, actually - the Central Banks acting as the Central Intelligence Agent, which decides the fiscal and monetary policy that must be followed and make sure that those that do not follow it: end up without the freedom that is produced by the product of these banks, which is – Money, Born in Debt.

Furthermore, the Central Intelligence Agent in Culture forms a deep division between life forms by focussing on the differences, emphasising the unique differences of each group - instead of focusing on that which is commonly found in All life forms, like Life for instance. And to use that Life in a way that is Best for All, which will then be a New Form of Intelligence because - this is Beyond the current ‘Intelligence’ available in the IntelliGenes of the human.

Another point is that each New Life Form that arrive on earth with the potential to be Intelligent, are incarcerated in the tradition of family - where the Life Force is traded for debt and sin, ensuring that the Central Intelligence Consideration for each maturing Life form will be the total acceptance of its enslavement to the systems - which the family subscribe to generation after generation, without any Actual Intelligent Questioning; which place All this Intelligence that is claimed in a category that indicate that the human race is yet to discover Intelligence. Because currently what we call ‘Intelligence’ certainly do not prove its worth in the world system as it exist.

Thus, Intelligence we should rename to ‘IntelliSense’ - where it implies: what we Intellectually place into action, should make Sense as it Produce, Commonsensically, that which is Best for All Life Forms - thus making Intelligence an actual step of Evolutionary Advancement.
But currently - Intelligence only justify the greatest possible negativity, both in economics and religion. But on the flip side - it can get all the Intelligent life forms that evolved around this negative sin / debt approach to Create a New Positive Pole based in Pure Illusion just to keep the Intelligent slaves in a state of perpetual ‘happiness’.

Be on the lookout for Many blogs by Journey to Life Bloggers that will Expose Human ‘Intelligence’ as the Foundational Illusion of Fear, from which Society is Formed by the Major Player that shape Every Child on Earth: the Family, which is the Greatest Vehicle for the Teaching of Fear – ever Invented.
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