Wednesday 28 November 2012

Day 228: And then the Soul Matured… - ADC - Part 75

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And then the Soul Matured…

As Mankind Moved through the Industrial Age into the Technology Age, and being ‘Born in Sin’ became the Age of Debt – the Soul Matured to its Ultimate Role on Earth, the Role it was always Intended for: and it became a Commodity that you can Buy and Sell.

With the advent of the Soul becoming an Commodity, it was no longer being God as the only Commodity being Sold, but the Image and Likeness of God as the Soul as a centre piece within the Religion of Self, became a Commodity that could be dressed-up in all kinds of Colours, all kinds of Oils, all kinds of Incense, all kinds of Feelings, all kinds of Emotions – and it became one of the Greatest Inventions of the Capitalistic Age, where you could Sell the Invisible and Dress it up like a Product on a shop shelf, creating All Kinds of Experiences as apparent ‘Evidence’ that the Soul is ‘Real’. And, from the perspective of Consciousness, as a Reality created through Imagination – the Soul appeared to be ‘Real’. Just as ‘Real’ as all the Gods each Individual Created as Individual Gods – leaving the Universe filled with billions of Gods, All apparently the ‘Ultimate God’ and All apparently ‘better than Everyone else’s God’, and All apparently at an Individual level had Access to the One True God, which was ‘Their God’.

Now, we have already Explained the Technology that cause these Delusions to become so Intensely Profound, that you would Sell your Life, literally, for Imagination. And, I suppose – in the Evolution of Words, the fact that the Word ‘Magic’ forms part of the word ‘Imagination’ and with the Law of Attraction, filling the centre stage – Training everyone that they are Magicians that could Imagine Anything and Accomplish it: the Soul-God Commodities fit Right Into the Future’s Market. As each one, that Could Present the Best Magical Story that could be Experienced – would Sell a Different Future, ALL apparently, Amazingly, Fantastic…as it should be, because on Every Product on the Shelves, you could Read the Promises made about the Wonders these Products would do for you, and you become Convinced by it and Consume it.

The Whole Soul-thing was no Different: you could Consume each Message on your Journey, and when you had your Fill you Find the Next Message. It didn’t matter, and it still doesn’t matter, that the Very Message of the Soul and of Love: is Produced on the Living-Tissue of other Living Beings that share this World with you, because you are the ‘Soul’, you are ‘Special’, you are the ‘Divine Chosen One’s’, and it Matters Not – HOW it is Achieved, but only THAT it is Achieved. Because, this Physical World whose Blood is Sucked from under the ground, as Dark as Human Blood and Consumed in the Race to Inhumanity - is ‘apparently’, Just an ‘Illusion’. If Only you could fill your belly with Illusions. If only you could fill the tank of your car with Illusions. If Only you could dress your Body with Illusions. If Only you could Create your Home as an Illusion. If Only you could have Sex with Illusions. If Only you could fill your wallet with Illusions. If Only you could Realise: Reality, by Stopping eating to See if Illusions and Prayer and Meditation and ‘Love and Light’, will prevail or Not. If Only, after you have Realised the Truth of the Physical – you would Rise Up and make sure that every Belly is Filled, make sure that Every Being has a Home, make sure that Everyone has Effective, Decent Clothing – and ALL the other things that’s currently your ‘Illusions’ that you have to Buy. If Only – you would Dare to be Self-Honest, and let the Soul go and let God go to See if it will Really make a Difference. If Only you would Focus on That which In Fact make it Possible for you to Have your ‘Life’…

But – the Soul has made Man Inhumane. The Soul has made Man something that Cannot be Compassionate, because Compassion has become a Word of Imagination, a Form of ‘Magic’ which Disregard the Physical Rules of Life on Earth and Superimpose upon it – a Series of Justifications and Beliefs and Imaginations, that makes this Suffering on Earth seemingly ‘Filled with Glory’, ‘Lessons’. One Should not claim a Lesson to be so, if you cannot Live the Life you are Willing to let others live, while you live in Splendour.

I Understand that ‘Love and Light’ and ‘Feeling Good’ is ‘Wonderful’, it helps one Forget where you are, and let you live in your Own Created Imagination. It is so much Easier there, and one can Even Delude yourself to Believe that that is ‘Freedom’. But, it Only Feels like Freedom, because you have Disengaged yourself from your Responsibility to other Life-Forms on Earth, to such an Extent – that you would Stand By and let them Die, while you Live in your Imagination, Without Feeling anything, in essence: the Definition of a Psychopath.

The Situation on Earth is Extensively Serious. The Immune-System of Earth is Accelerating its Effectiveness, and Soon Man will No Longer have Any Protection against the Immune-System of Earth. What will Man do then? Can Man Blame the Earth, for taking Action to protect itself against the Massive Abuse? Do Mankind Deserve the Earth? Is the Human In fact an Advanced Being?
Currently, we have Reached the Time – where we are at the End of our Knowledge to Defend ourselves Against Bacteria. Our Antibiotics is being Surpassed by the Earth’s Immune-System, which is Bacteria and Viruses amongst others. We are One System, but if we Treat the System we’re part of as Unequal, and become a Cancer – we must Understand that we’ll face a Consequence. And within the Domain of the Earth: we are Not Dominant, we are but a speck of Dust of a Much Larger Organism.

Our Time to Correct these Obvious Atrocities - is Limited. The Children of Today, will Enter a Future that will be far less Certain than ours, if we do not Stop and Bring About a Different Way of Life on Earth, which is in Harmony with All other Life Forms Here on Earth. Theoretically, we can Do this – but will we take the Action Necessary to Produce a World that is Best for All Life?

This Answer will Be Certain: we Created this Answer. Our Daily Living, Show – in Stark terms, what we are Creating. And, in a way – the World and All of Humanity, Functions in a Rather Democratic Way: what the majority of Humans on Earth Accept and Allow, is what will Happen. History Shows this so Clearly. We Vote Democratically, Daily, in Thought, in Word, in Deed as we Participate in a World System that have No Compassion for Life, Whatsoever. And only have Pretend-Compassion in the Imaginations of a Delusional Mind.

We’ll continue this in Posts to come…

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