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Day 224: Does God Exist in the Afterlife? Part 6 - ADC - Part 71

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The History with Life After Death – Part 55

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 6

Throughout my Communication with the Other Side, through a Deep Trance Medium in the 1980’s – I was Introduced to God, from the Perspective of those that have Passed Over. They Called ‘God’, with Great Reverence: The Great White Light – in Who’s Face, you couldn’t Stand.

One of the Interesting Points within this Communication with the Other Side, was a Particular Signature – One Not Immediately Visible, but through Time it Emerged as a Critical Factor that Shape what we Understand About the Other Side. And this Factor was: Information Control. Again – the “as above, so below” point, and “as below, so above” coming through, Information Control: “He who Controls Information, Controls the Narrative, Controls the Choices, Controls the Nature of Intelligence, Controls the Nature of Society”. And, strange enough – at that stage, I accepted this Control quite Readily – without Question.

The Brainwashing I have undergone during my Childhood and Education at School and University, prepared me Extremely Well to Accept the Authority implied by the Reference to ‘God’ as Absolute, Unquestionable. It took me some years before I got to Questioning this, and we will go into that in Detail.

What was fascinating about the Communication, was How Often the Different Dead Beings would refer to God, and if I asked a Question that was outside their Authority – they had to Excuse themselves to first go and Ask what they may tell me. Initially, I just saw that as ‘the way things work’ – very much how we Accept the same way of Authority on Earth. One don’t want to step outside your Authority, and therefore – you want to Prevent Conflict and Ridicule and rather stick to the Narrative and the Story that everyone else is Sticking to. Even if it’s a Ticking Time-Bomb that Exterminate the Human Race: “Let’s not question the Story, let’s not question the Narrative. Let’s Accept that the Authorities ‘Know Best’, even if the Evidence of How Life on Earth is Treated – clearly Indicate that the Authority in All its Forms is certainly Not Benevolent, and in fact Downright Destructive and Deliberate.”

But, as you have All Experienced yourself: I found myself initially Incapable on putting my finger in anything out of place, because the Narrative from the Other Side fit Perfectly with the Narrative we were Taught.
Fortunately, the Deep Trance Medium was Not a ‘Willing Medium’. He was a Healer, and that was his way of making a Living. So – the Deep Trancing was a Side-Effect, he could not just ‘Switch it Off’ – he was Born with this, what he called: “a Curse”. And he continuously Reminded me Not to Trust Anything – he said, Directly: “These Fuckers are Lying to you”. And in Time – due to Actions he took, certain Points Revealed that Showed the Extent of Control. First, for instance – someone would suddenly come through the Medium’s Body with a Message to their Family saying: “Please contact my Family and tell them I am Not Dead”, but before they could say much more – the Doorkeeper, which were always an Angel with Authority, would Yank the chain and pull the being out of the Medium’s Body and come and tell me they were speaking out of turn, I must not concern myself with what they said and that they must wait in line for their turn, only one at a time may speak. That made Perfect Sense to me, I mean – I’ve been standing in line from Childhood, ‘waiting my turn’, Accepting that as ‘the way things are’ – that the Authority upfront knows ‘more’ than me. And normally the Authority would explain any Disharmony or Point that do not fit the Narrative, as: “that’s just the way things are, sometimes things go wrong.”

But, in Time – the Deep Trance Medium got more ‘Unhappy’ about Life in general and tried to leave the Body while in Trance. That caused quite a stir, because that was not supposed to happen. You had to wait in line for your time to die – you couldn’t just Decide to Leave the Body, it’s just Not Acceptable. But, an Interesting thing became apparent: Those on the Other Side, couldn’t get the Medium back in his Body – he used Bolts of Light, the very Weapon of Heaven, and of the Great White Light – to Protect himself from those that wanted to get him back in the Body. So – they had to show me what to do, to Pull him back into his Body, which I then duly did and…it worked, he was Back in his Body.

This would become a Very Important Point later on in the Opening of the Portal, because this was Actual, Real, Evidence that one could leave your Body without Dying, that your Body remains Alive…unless you have Fear or are in Complete Separation with your Body. But a Deep Trance Medium – with No Fear of Death, didn’t have these Issues.

Through the many years of Communication with the Other Side, One Point was Regular: someone would come and Pray to God for Humanity. To me, that seemed like a ‘Good Thing’, although through Time – I started Noticing that it was only Words going Nowhere and that – the fervent Belief that ‘somehow’, these Prayers are accumulating some form of Value that is ‘somehow’, mysteriously, going to change the world into a Better Place: is Just not Happening. This has been Growing, these ‘Prayers’, from the 1980’s to now in 2012 – without any Effect, whatsoever. In fact, self-honestly, if one Study History – will Notice a Distinct Deterioration on Earth with the level of People Not taken Care of, in Appropriate Ways, as at the very Least – an Equal Creation of God, but more Appropriately, Equals as Life. There is Simply No Improvement in the Human Condition. To Understand this – we have to Understand a Little Bit More about what we Believe God to be, and whether, in fact, there is a God, and whatever it is we call God – what could that possibly be? Because – The Great White Light, referred to by the Dead Souls through the Deep Trance Medium, was certainly not anyone’s Figment of Imagination, but…was That God? The Dead Ones certainly believed so. Why did they believe that they were Actually able to be in the Presence of God in Heaven?

We will continue this Discussion
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