Monday 12 November 2012

Day 212: Demons in the News - ADC - Part 60

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 44

Demons in the News

So, with the Opening of the Portal - we got a Direct View of Demons in the Afterlife. You had, obviously, the more Serious, Committed Demons – aggressive, violent, abrasive, and vengeful. And then you had the more Sexual Demons, mainly Female, because Sex in an Expression that is more Erotic was not seen as ‘becoming of Heaven’. So, people that reached a certain Level of Sexual Freedom, becoming for example Prostitutes - was a threat to the Stability of Heaven, and therefore they were Outcasted to the Demon Dimension as well. Quite a fascinating thing, because – after all: Sex is the Act of Creation of another Life Form. And on Earth: Sex is happening All the time. There is Always one or another Specie busy with Sex, and Sex is just that: a Creation of Offspring, an Act of God, an Act of Creating another Life Form. In a way, the Act of “Where two or More is in My Name, there I Am as well”. Where the “I Am” means: “another Life Form”.

Unfortunately, with the Arrogance of Man, the “I Am” became the definition of a Lofty ‘Ghost-like Invisible-Creature Parasite’ that feeds on the Physical Body and continuously find ways to deceive and misrepresent the Physical World. This thing called “Consciousness” also misrepresented the I Am Principle, which is the Life Principle, which is Equal in All Beings and indicate the Emergence of a New Life Form.

If any Form of Compassion, Morality, Love existed at all: then Man would have Cared about Life. But this – Do Not Exist, because Man is No longer Life: Man is Consciousness and have Redefined “Life” as Living and Chasing the ‘Dream of Happiness’ – all kinds of Words that’s linked to the “I Am” that Seek so-called Fulfillment of this Fake Life as Consciousness. And in so doing - the Earth has become the Battle Ground, where Life is slowly but surely in every Form Disappearing, which will Lead to what one See in the Stars: Dead Planets. One should Wonder How those Planets became Dead. One should Wonder Why you can’t Remember where you came from. One should Wonder Why you make up a Fake Entity to Hide your True Nature: a Nature of Consuming, Greedfully Destroying All in the Name of very Deep, Dark, Desires which gives out a Fake Light, like Happiness. Happiness, being “that I must like what is Happening to me” – No Directive Will, No Presence of Life: just Greed, just Desire, just Justification. Making up Stories and Images to Hide Away the Gore Behind it All, that must Suffer to Produce this ‘Happiness’.

And this is the Nature of Man, and this has Always been the Nature of Man - and so: this is what has to be Stopped. And this is Why Earth was Created: to EARTH this Energetic Consciousness that is Insatiable, that Simply won’t Stop Consuming.

This will be a Very Tough Time for Each Individual, because: you Face your Nature and - you Knew the Day would Come, which will be the TIME to Face Reality. And as the Spiral Closes In, make Sure you do not Wait ‘till it’s too Late. Because when it is Too Late: there is Nothing you can do about the Consequence.
There is still a Window of Opportunity, a Window where Humanity can Realise and Change the Future of Life on Earth. And Many Desire this, in some way, but Few are Willing to Take the Action that it’ll Take to bring this about.

This is a Time to Read the News, not what Governments are doing, rather what is happening to Individual People on Earth. You’ll Note the Random Nature of these Events. You’ll Note the Extreme Nature of these Events, and then Realise: it could be You as well. Because virtually in every One of the stories in these Events, the Person did not Expect the Event, and it Changed their Lives Forever. And these Events, in virtually all cases now: is about Man Acting against Man - that is the Demonic nature that is becoming Physical, that will Accelerate.

Self-Forgiveness, in Self-Honesty, Realising that: Inevitably, one must be held Accountable by yourself because you are the Creator of Society on Earth.

The Price to Pay for Self-Interest is Always More than you Anticipate.

We’ll continue this
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