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Day 201: After Death Communication - Part 50

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A History with Life After Death - Part 34


Now, in Testing people, in terms of their Effectiveness with Self Forgiveness and the Demons – although it was quite an Eye-Opener, it didn’t yield the Result I would have Liked. So, in the end, with Every Demon, I had to step in and assist the Demon – as we couldn’t get someone else to that Point where they could assist the Demon.

And that, yes, because it takes Years of Practice, Certainty, Stability, Walking Breath by Breath, Aware of Every Single Thing you Participate in, in Every Way, Calculating Exactly the Consequence of each Point, the Decisions to be made – so, One has got to be Very Specific. You cannot have a Single Point that is Hidden, you cannot have a Single Point about anything, that at ANY stage can be Revealed as in ANY way, where you have Acted in ANY form of Self-Interest Whatsoever – immediately, the Demon will See it. No Point to Justify. You have to be able to Show, specifically, into Eternity, that the Point that you are walking in its Consequence and Outflow: will be What is Best for All. Otherwise, the Demon simply wouldn’t Believe you – that you are, In Fact, someone that has Forgiven yourself. And that was Proven over, and over, and over, and over again – it was Quite Fascinating.

That, it shows on one side, that it is Possible to Take Responsibility for Everything and Stand with Self-Forgiveness Absolutely and obviously, within Self-Forgiveness - there is the term Self-Honesty. Self-Honesty is that which Define What is Best for All.

So, you have to Stand CLEARLY in Self-Honesty with Self-Forgiveness, if you want to Face the Demon. If you don’t do that – the Demon See the Secrets. The Demon Feed on the stuff that’s Hidden, on the Lies, the Deception.

So, in Time to come, and it is already happening: these Deceptions, Secrets, Thoughts, Lies, Backchat, Judgments, Gossips – all the stuff that’s going on in this Great Entertainment Centre called the “Hollow-Head”, a “Hollow Wood” = the “Hollow Head”, in this “Holly Head”: is going to Accumulate Energy, and eventually in time, just like one would Accumulate an Emotional-Body, you’re going to Accumulate a Demon Body. You’re going to accumulate Consequence.

Consequence is simply like a bag being filled with Water, and then eventually - the bag is too full and it BURSTS, and it goes EVERYWHERE. You can look at this, something like this - you’ll Accumulate, under the Impression and in the Belief that you can ‘Handle’ it, you’re ‘Strong’ and then Suddenly - the Bag of Lies will be Full, the Deception will be too much, there will be too much Energy, and the Bag…will Burst. And the Tricks you’ve been up to will come to Nothing, and there will be Consequence EVERYWHERE. Now, you’ll probably Then want to do Self-Forgiveness – it’s a good idea. But, it will not Change the Consequence.

Understand One Thing: Self-Forgiveness do not Stop Consequence. It only Shows that you Take Responsibility for the Consequence, which makes it Possible to face the Consequence, which makes it possible to Prevent the Consequence in the NEXT Event. So, you’re starting to Change your Future, but you can’t Change your Past. Remember that the Bag of Tricks, the Bag of Energy, the Demon-Body – All the Hidden Stuff, the Lies, the Deception, the Self-Interest: All of that – is your PAST. You carry it with you - can’t get away from it, ‘till you have in fact Faced it, Forgiven it and Proven that you will Not do it Again. That In Fact, you will Stand for What is Best for All Life.

I mean, after all, if you Believe ‘God is Good’, and you’re the ‘Image and Likeness of God’ – then, after all, you Should Be That which you Believe God is, which is ‘Good’, which is ‘What is Best for Life’.
A ‘Good Person’, and especially a ‘Good God’, after all, Look-after AAAALLLLLLLLL HIS CREATION. “Do what’s best for all is needed, you’re the image and likeness of God, God created you in His image and likeness” – then you’re supposed to be That Good, the same ‘Goodness’ you Claim God is. Otherwise, God becomes what you are - because, you are Creating God according to your Demon-Bag, and according to the Demon-Bag: ‘God’ is Not ‘Good’. ‘God’ is Evil – He only protects you. He doesn’t do it for EVERYONE, Equally…Strange God.

So, it’s going to be Necessary, for those that Dare to Hear the Message – of which there won’t be Many, ‘cause you first want ‘Evidence’, and the Evidence will be your Life, and the Collapse of your Life, and the Collapse of Society, and the Collapse of everything. I mean, that is the Evidence – the only Evidence you’re going to Accept. So, the Evidence has been in Creation for some Years Now. This has been Warned to happen many years ago. The Evidence is Accumulating. The Bags are Filling. And eventually, the Bags will BURST, and you’ll see them Burst. Not all at the same time, you See: you’re going to be Alone when your Bag Burst. ALONE, IN DEEP TROUBLE – your Own Trouble, Self-Created. No way out. EVERYTHING Contaminated, as you are Contaminated by yourself.

And, then Eventually you will Stand up – the Journey will be much tougher. But, seemingly, people only wanna move when they have No Choice, because they believe they have ‘Choice’, and the ‘Choices’ of people are Unfortunately, to Choose that which is Not Best for All, but That which is Self-Interest. Therefore, now Self-Interest must be Proven, to be that which is Not Best for All and especially, which is Not Best for the One that is Only interested in The Self.

I suggest, if you can Find it in you – you’re going to have to Look Very Deep to Find this: That you DO STOP, and Start your Process. It is Inevitable. You’re not going to get Away. There is No place to Hide. Every Single Energy, Every Single Thought, Every Single Thing you have EVER, in ANY WAY Conceived – leave a ‘Mark’, in your Book of Life. Make sure – it’s Worth Reading. Because, if it’s Not: There’s going to be a Consequence, and you can’t just ‘Wipe it Out’. You can Only take Responsibility for it through Self-Forgiveness, and from that perspective ‘Delete it’, in as much as, it will No Longer be the ‘You’ that will Create the Future - but, it will be the ‘You’ in the Past. And therefore you will Live in the ‘Present’, in every Moment – Living, Presenting, Being part of That which is Best for All, Always, which is what “Present” encompass, the HERE.

Join us. We will continue with this.

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