Sunday 11 November 2012

Day 211: Creating Demons on Earth - ADC - Part 59

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 43

Creating Demons on Earth

It is Vital to Hear Me: there is Not a single Human on Earth that do not have a Framework of Reference as to What is Acceptable and What is Not and How Life should be Treated, whether it being Human, Animal, Plant or Whatever. Because, not a Single Human that is in a Favourable Position by Birth and by Money will be Willing to Swop their Lives with those in Poverty, Abusive / Constrictive Lives, Born with Defects, Lack of Opportunity, Lack of BASIC Decent Support – to Have a Life of Worth. Those in Favourable Positions on Earth, should consider Why they are in a Favourable Condition, because the Origin of Life on Earth in Form – did Not come from Earth, but came from Heaven. And for Heaven to Allow the type of Creation you See on Earth and having ‘Favourites’, specifically – would Indicate a Different kind of Evil: one that’s Deliberate, one that is by Design, one that is Preprogrammed as Control - and thus, One that will Favour those that are Aligned with such Abusive Approaches.

No One on Earth can Claim that they Do Not Understand what it is they would Not like to have in their Lives, like Abuse, Rape, Anxiety, Fear, Uncertainty – Every Form of Discomfort that is Produced by the Collective Relationships that exist between Humans, which we call ‘Society’. ‘Society’ itself, Exist as a Product of Human Endeavour, remove the Human and your remove Society = remove the Human and you remove Abuse. Therefore, One cannot blame Government, Politics, Economics, Religion – or Any Other Form of Entity Created to manage Human Society for What is Going On Here on Earth. Because, ALL these vehicles that represent Human Society, are the Creation of the Human Themselves – it is what is Inside the Human that manifest as That which is then Outside: simply a Mirror of the Actual Consciousness of the Human, where – Deliberately, Self-Interest is used, Regardless of the Harm it Cause.

Thus – Inner-Change or ‘Real Enlightenment’ is: to make Sure that there is Not a Single Life on Earth that you are Not Willing to Live Right Now, there is Not a Single Life you are Not willing to Swop yours with – Right Now. As Long as you are not Able to do that: you are Only Choosing not to do that, because you are Aware of the Suffering that is going on in another’s Life. That is REAL Awareness, REAL Self-Awareness – Not the CON that is being Spread as CONsciousness and Light and Love. That’s not Real Change. That is actually, deliberately, perpetrating Abuse in the Name of Self-Interest. And the Gurus and Masters that spread the messages of Love, we found them all in Heaven in the Favour of the Creator Gods, Serving them, Serving the Abuse – doing Nothing about it, Accepting it. All in TOTAL CONTRADICTION to the Message they were spreading on Earth when they were in the Flesh.

And this Idea, that Earth is the only ‘Free Choice Planet’, that the so-called Enlighten Ones Spread like a Disease: is One of the Greatest Scams EVER Imagined by the Human Race.

What is Best for All, Producing a Life that Everyone will be Willing to Live, and Swop into RIGHT NOW – is not a Life produced by Free Choice as it is been Presented by the so-called ‘Wise’. ‘Free Choice’ as it currently exist, is Simply the Justification of the Freedom to Choose Evil, which is the Freedom to Choose Self-Interest, which is the Freedom to unleash Forces that no human at this stage can Conceptualize – on Each Other, through MULTIPLE ways of Abuse. And Yet – deliberately, the Human Ignore their Awareness and Create in its Stead, a Fake Shiny Awareness, like little lights on a Christmas Tree, professing “I am Christ, I am Light, I am Love” – NO: you’re Ignorant and you’re deliberately Abusing Life, so that you can have a ‘better life’, while others Suffer. You are aware of this, but you deliberately create a Fake Awareness called ‘Consciousness’ in the Mind where you separate Life into a Picturized, Energized, Pixelated energetic vision to Hide from Reality, to Hide the Truth that you are in fact Choosing this, Deliberately. You are Choosing, deliberately, to participate in the Systems of Harm on Earth. You use the Excuse, funny enough, of Fear and then its Opposite side of the same coin, which you call ‘Love’ – but it’s really also just Fear. You use this to present an Image and Likeness of what You believe will ‘Save You’ from your Own Dishonesty. Nothing can ever Save you from your Dishonesty, because you are Aware, you are Accountable, you were Always Aware - you have always deliberately Chosen to Create a Group of Chosen Ones within which you can Hide from Responsibility and Enslave those that do not align with your Abusive Ways.

This Manner of Living on the Planet Earth, causing Horrendous Suffering over Millennia – have Produced virtually an uncountable amount of Demons. People so Ostracized and Outcasted, because they are not part of the ‘Favourite Ones’, that they were Left to their Own Demise with No-One ever Caring about Them.

You know – Love is, to go to the lowest point of Creation and from there - to lift it up, from there – to assist them with Self Forgiveness, from there - to Stand up in Self Honesty with them, one and equal. But, our Great ‘Favourite Ones’, the ‘Great Chosen Ones’ are too scared of Demons, because: Demons are the things that has been Created by your Deliberate Ignoring of your Responsibility. It is your Shadow and this Shadow is now upon Earth and will be visiting Each one of You – UNTIL YOU FACE IT.

There is nowhere to Hide from the Truth, and the Truth is who you are Inside you. The Truth is the Choices you made deliberately to Cause Harm, so that you can have Freedom and others could be Slaves so that you could be Free…THE COST OF IT in Life has been Astronomical.

We will continue with this.
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