Monday 19 November 2012

Day 219: Does God Exist in the Afterlife? - Part 4 - ADC - Part 67

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 51

Does God Exist in the Afterlife?

Let’s continue with the Conversation…and we Enter the Dimensions beyond Death.

Now, the general consensus of any Believer is, that: there is a Heaven with a God with amazing scenery and a lot of very, very Happy people that has escaped the Nightmare on Earth - has Woken up, back in Reality, in Heaven, under the Protection of God and His many Angels that ‘Love’ His Loyal Servants so much – that He Provides for them in Every Way, Eternally, in a State of Bliss. And in this State, it implies that – His Servants sing his Praise, All the Time.

One should Try this: Sing, Praise, All the Time – kneel all the time, sing Hallelujah…according to the Believers, this is a State of ‘Freedom’, you are going to do this out of your own ‘Free Will’, you are Never going to get Tired of it and that’s about All you’re going to do for Eternity - and that, apparently, Produce ‘Happiness’. If this is the ‘Magic Formula’ for ‘Happiness’, ‘Bliss’ and ‘Love’: one should do it 24/7 on Earth and Certainly, one should not try and prolong your Life, but rather see if you can get to Heaven as soon as possible. I mean, what’s the Point of being in this Nightmare on Earth – if you are so sure, that you’re going to Enter Heaven and Live in the Eternal Bliss of God, Praising God for Eternity. Why Wait?

There was a Time, when I was still under the Extreme Brainwashing of my Childhood and Education - where I Believed this, and had Great Experiences Praising God in Song, and not the Dance – those two don’t work so well together without extensive practice, I noticed. But, eventually, I Found a Way to Break the Brainwashing and to Develop some Reasonable Commonsense. For this, we have Developed Training Support through Desteni I Process LITE and other Programmes, which not only Break the Brainwashing – but also Prevent it from Happening. As Those can Profess that has Walked sufficiently their Process.
But, as they have Noticed – and as I have Noticed, when you Talk to a Brainwashed Person: they do Not Understand a Word you are saying. Because, Everything you Say – go through the Wash, and come out Totally Screwed-Up in the Understanding of a Brainwashed Person.

But, we are Straying a little bit here, let’s return to Beyond Death: I was Eventually Quite Certain, through a Multitude of Conversations I had with beings in the Afterlife, over an Extended period of time – that God existed and was a Being of ‘love and light’ that Always had ‘our Best Interest at Heart’. That was at about the Point where I eventually Approached the Problem of Demons, which I obviously also Believed didn’t Exist, but was All in someone’s Imagination – until I was Actually Faced by Demon Possession in other people, and through years Helped many that was Possessed in a Multitude of Ways.

Obviously, those that Profess that there are No Demons, would also make sure they Never Meet any person that could be Possessed – because, those people are simply seen as “Insane’ / ‘Negative” and “do not Deserve the light of day from the High Servants of ‘love and light’”, and “those afflicted by the Negative/Demons deserve it, they have denied God and love and light” – Nothing could be further from the Truth. And, as I would eventually Show: the Real Insanity on Earth is that Love and Light is the Greatest Negativity that can Exist. As it is the Denial of the Truth and it has the Effect of Complete Self-Interest, so Blindly Followed – that it has Produced a World of Extreme Suffering. But, the Brainwashing of Love and Light is So Effective, that it will take virtually a Miracle for the Dishonest to Realise the Problem they Actually face within their own Minds.

Remember – your Mind is your Domain, whatever you Believe in it, is True for You, because You are the God of that Domain, all Alone, by your Lonesome self, that make up your own Truth as you go along. Never Cross-referencing it with the Physical World of Consequence, to Make Sure you are Not Lost in your Own Insanity.

But, we strayed again – but these little strays are Necessary to Address the Little Distractions that becomes the Possession, the Ownership of the Believer to such an Extent: that Actual Reality is Blotted out in Favour of Faith and Belief.

So – tomorrow we will endeavour to Enter the Domain of the Great White Light, the God of ‘Love and Light’, ‘The One’ Set to Rule the Heavens…what will we Find? And - What will we Do with what we Find?
Imagine: you Die - and suddenly, you Face the Truth. And, as you’ve Noticed: no-one can come back and Actually give one Any Real Information about what Happens After Death, in Any Substantial Context. And even if they do – would we be able to Look beyond our Brainwashing, and Actually Consider: What is After Death? Or are we So Consumed by our own Creations in our own Minds, that we can Never Conceive that, maybe: Everything we Know – is Just One BIG Lie. If that’s So – Who will we Be? What will become of us? What if it is Too Late?

You See – the Physical World has got One Little Special Gift: it is Possible, to make Mistakes on Earth that cannot be Corrected, and thus – have a Consequence. THAT should be the Measurement of Truth, and that is the way we Run our Society to a Degree, by what we call ‘the Rule of Law’. But if that Law is Flawed, and is Not Ruling us as Individuals that are Each Endowed with an Equal thing, called ‘Life’: Life turns into an Hell of Inequality…and, we Lose our Way.

But, more Tomorrow…


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