Friday 2 November 2012

Day 202: Ascension

Attention, Attention

This is Not an Intervention
But Maybe Ascension
Is just an Invention,
to Get some Attention
Before you Go on Pension.
A Moment of Fame,
in this Monopoly Game
Before you Realize it’s Insane
To do this Life again and again
When there is Nothing to Gain
But just a Life of Pain
and a Consciousness of Shame.

Forgive Me but I must Mention
That Life on Earth is Sanctioned
by your Daily Tension.
It would be Wise,
to look at the Disguise
that Energy Provide
for you to Always Hide
from the Other Side
of the Polarity Divide.
It is time to Decide
Whether Life on Earth is Light and the Future is Worth a Fight
Or is it a Matter of Out of Sight, Out of Mind?
Is this Really so Kind?
Or are you Just so Blind
to not be able to Find
the Compassion for other Kinds
of Life Not as Refined
as Who you are in Your Mind?

I suggest you Read the News
Which is Not just Another’s Views
but Shows the Lives in Trouble
So Please Do Not See Double
And Only Focus your Attention
On the Road to Ascension
Because you are going on Pension.
I am Sorry to Mention
that when there is No Money
Your Life won’t be very Funny
As you Would have Sold
the Land of Milk and Honey
As It has been Foretold.
Who will then take Care
of your Life you did not Share?
Have you even Tested Prayer
to See if God Really Care?

As Society Fall Apart
and We have to all Restart
What will it Help to See your Part
You Played from the Start
that Produced a FINISH
Which all Could See as Empathy DIMINISH
become a Major Infection
a Disease that Never Produce Peace
But only in a Way to Fleece
the Right of Life from Every Beast
So that you Can Live your Feast
This is a Philosophy from the East
that Like the Sun will Fall in the West
Imagine this is a Test
to See if you will Do your Best
For All of Life on Earth
from the Moment of Birth
to Share all the Turf
but All you Did was Serve
your Own Survival
Making Everyone Else a Rival

Please, it is Time, to STOP
Earth is Not just another Blob
on you TV Screen
that goes POP when
you Press the Remote to Stop
As Life Goes On Every Day
Breath by Breath as We Stay
Here on Earth Diminished to Play
a Role in a Play of Pay
as If We are Just a Body of Clay
great will be the Dismay
when it is FIND
that Thought was ALL in the MIND
while the Body that Breathe was Real
Pinch yourself so You Can Feel
the Body is Not just an Energy
that Looks for a Synergy
It is Really Made of Meat
Coming from an Egg and a Seed
to Form into a Tree of Life
that will have Fruit like a Plant
This is Really our Last Stand
and all we are in the Fruit of Knowledge
and we do not want to ActKnowledge
that We were Taught this in College

Running away from Our Mistakes
Just because the Life we Lived was Fake
is Hardly the Road to Take
as the Result of Love is always Hate
Two Sides of One Coin
the Stake
is the Prize the WINNER
will Take
It is time to Awake
for your Children’s Sake
for your Life it May be too Late

But you Can Save some Face
and Build a Better Life
for the Human Race
a New Desteni that
will Produce a Place
for all Future Generations
Is the Case
You be the Judge before it’s too Late.

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