Tuesday 20 November 2012

Day 220: The Greatest Cult in History

*Watch Curiosity Season 2 Episode 4 ‘Brainwashed’ (or read this blog) to See the Devastating effects of Brainwashing

The Greatest Cult in History

I am Bernard Poolman, the NUMBER 2 Cult Leader in the World by my own Admission. Some claim I am Number 1, but that I Disagree with. The Cult Leader with a HEAD start on Me is GOD and I will never be able to Influence the Culture of So Many People as God did, but I will Do My Damndest.

When You study the Framework of Cults, you will Notice that ALL GROUPS formed by Humans are CULTS with a Prescribed CULTURE. We at Desteni claim and ASSERT that we Are the BEST CULT ever, as the CULTURE we LIVE is based on the FOUNDATION PRINCIPLE of the Greatest Happiness for ALL, Namely to Install on Earth a CULTURE of Behaviour that is Best FOR ALL LIFE ALWAYS.

Let ME Prove my Statement here - and I Dare Any other CULT to Prove that they OFFER a HIGHER or Better CULTURE for Life on Earth. There is SIMPLY NO better or HIGHER PRINCIPLE or DISCIPLINE or PRESCRIPTION to Live as CULTURE as that which is BEST FOR ALL LIFE, and with this CULTURE we are the ONLY ONES that FOLLOW this Principle. All other CULTS on Earth FOLLOW a LESSER, DIVISIVE, SEPARATING, DESTRUCTIVE, SELF-INTERESTED CULTURE that throughout History Led to BLOODBATHS, WAR, POVERTY, DISHONESTY, LIES, DECEPTION, DISHONOUR, MURDER, CRUELTY, ABUSE, FEAR and Every other HUMAN BEHAVIOUR that PREYS on Life and Disregard the EQUALITY PRINCIPLE that the Life in ALL is the Same Life, and thus is the Only Value that is Real, and that must be Protected. All CULTS that Oppose the DESTENI CULT follows some form of Abusive Behaviour that Leads to LIFE NOT being HONOURED Always.

Hate Speech is where one Hate Some forms of Life Purely because it opposes one CULTURE, and thus Hate Speech is in Fact the Hate of Some forms of LIFE simply because one Sees them as NOT EQUAL as Life, thus - the only Culture that DO NOT Participate in HATE Speech is DESTENI, as WE LOVE all Life as Equal, and thus INSIST that: because Life Is Equal in All, the World System Must Reflect Such Equality, or the Inequality Produced by LESSER CULTS – whether Political, Religious, Economic or Any Other, No Matter by which Name or Faith or Conviction it Goes – Will End up in Life Suffering in Some Way because it is treated as UNEQUAL, leading to Some benefiting UNFAIRLY from Resources Provided by Earth for FREE for ALL Life from BIRTH to Death.

Desteni, is also the ONLY CULT that use NO BRAINwashing, as Brainwashing is the Process of establishing a Faith or Belief of Inferiority or Superiority Simply for the Sake of justifying Inequality, so that Some May be Able to Inappropriately take advantage of others, which has Led to a Society where 1% NOW Controls the CULTURE of 99%, forcing the 99% to Accept a Lesser Value as Life - even unto the Point of Extreme Poverty, Slavery, Starvation, Crucifixion, War, Crime, Mental Disorder, Disease, and any other Affliction that Results from following CULTS based on Principles of Inequality and Division.

The Evidence of Brainwashing is Clear as 99% of the World Population are Controlled by Dominant CULTS based on Inequality in some form, and this is so effective that the 99% have been Unable to Escape the GRIP of the CULTURE of Brainwashing for GENERATIONS. The Brainwashed Lack Common Sense Reasoning to such a DEGREE that NONE Can See that the Problem is the CULT PRINCIPLES of INEQUALITY, and that to FOLLOW INEQUALITY - Always Lead to some form of Abuse of Life: whether it be Abuse of the Earth, of Plants, of Animals, or of Fellow Humans.

In the Whole CULT Leader Stakes, I MUST Say I MUST climb Down the LADDER one More Spot at least, as there was One CULT LEADER who Had the Practical Principles of Equality as what is Best for All Life Placed in REAL SIMPLICITY. This Great CULT Leader was JESUS, who Placed the following CULT PRINCIPLES as ABSOLUTE if We are to Create a World of Peace and Harmony.

They ARE:
Cult Principle 1:
Love They Neighbor as Thyself.

Cult Principle 2:
Give as You Would Like to Receive.

Cult Principle 3:
Do unto Another as You Would Like to be done unto.

Cult Principle 4:
Investigate all things and keep what is GOOD, and what is GOOD can only Ever Be what is Best for All Life Equally Always.

Cult Principle 5:
Forgive that You May be Forgiven.

We at Desteni follow these Principles as the Basic Rights of Life that is the RULE of LAW of the Universe and we Only ADDED Self Responsibility by adjusting CULT Principle 5 to Include SELF-FORGIVENESS in SELF-Honesty, Something already More and More Accepted in Psychology to be the Foundation of Self-Healing and Self-Transformation to a being of Self-Respect. Obviously Self-Respect Cannot Exist where Inequality exists, as Inequality is the Description of the Relationship between ABUSER and ABUSED.

If we look at CULTS throughout History and what the CULTURES Produced as LIFE on Earth, History Reads like a HORROR Story - and In Spite of the INADEQUATE Nature of all Historical Cults based on HISTORICAL EVIDENCE: the Brainwashed Failed to See that INEQUALITY is IN FACT FEAR as the BrainWashed Human Psyche. FEAR is the Definition and Justification of INEQUALITY.

Fascinatingly Enough, those that find their Brainwashing too Much to Overcome - will attack the Desteni Principles instead of asking for Help to face the Brainwashing and to Free themselves to Become EXPRESSIONS of Life Worthy of Life, so that Life can Support Life and Peace and Harmony Can Rule in their Lives. For Help, Freely available - we have Released our BrainWashing Breaker Program as Desteni Lite. This Program both Breaks the Brainwashing and Prevents One to Fall again back into Inequality and the Zombie-like state Necessary for Inequality to Exist. Many Have Freed themselves already.
Isn’t it TIME you find out WHO you will be WITHOUT Fear, and Control through fear? To FEAR what is Best for All Life can be NOTHING Else but a Serious Mental DISORDER of extreme Irrational Nature.

I Dare you to Shake off the Shackles of Inequality and to Live by Principles that is Best for All Life Always, even when you KNOW the Abusers will Do everything Possible to Activate your FEAR Program to keep you Brainwashed and Controlled. We are the DESTENI of the World. Whether you Live by Principles of Equality or Inequality, it all Fits the Definition of a CULT. Set yourself Free from the FEAR of this WORD so that we Can Produce a WORLD CULTURE that is Best for All Life Always.

And YES, we are a MONEY CULT as NO GROUP Can Currently exist without MONEY and we Require Money to Support as Many People as Possible to break the Brainwashing of Fear and to become REAL LIVING BEINGS of Actual Love as Equality, and for that We Stand for the Basic Human Right of Equal Money for All from Birth to Death until we can Co-Exist WITHOUT needing Money to Define the Value of Life. After All, All Resources on Earth is Provided Free and is thus by BIRTHRIGHT Equally available to ALL.

One Character, the Only Strong Character - is One based on the Principles as Life Equal as what is Best for All. All other characters are WEAK and Need Some form of Abuse to Exist for these Inadequate Characters to Exist.

There will still be Abusers that will take the Desteni Message out of Context to PREY on the FEARS of those IGNORANT enough to NOT investigate the Principles of Equality for All Life. Do Not be So Foolish as to Believe that Anyone that Defend Inequality can ever be trusted with Life. Stand up for the Equal Rights for All Life, and Remember – you are Part of All Life on Earth.


  1. Yes, I am definitely part of this cult that praises Life in Equality. What an Honor.

  2. Yep - I pledge allegiance to this cult, for Life.

  3. I also am defintely a supporter of all life and would not accept inferior cults that do not support ALL LIFE EQUALLY. Im grateful this message exists for All to hear.

  4. I worship the cult that inhabits all.

  5. Agreed! Let's CULTivate a culture of life that support all life equally as one - and manifest a world free of fear, free from inequality, free from abuse!

  6. I am a follower of the Desteni Cult

  7. Indeed. There can be no greater honor than to participate within the only cult in the history of mankind that supports All Life Equally and is dedicated to creating a world that is Best for All in All ways...